FEBRUARY 14, 2017


     The following is a non-verbatim transcript of the BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING OF SEMINOLE COUNTY, FLORIDA, held at 9:30 a.m., on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, in Room 1028 of the SEMINOLE COUNTY SERVICES BUILDING at SANFORD, FLORIDA, the usual place of meeting of said Board.


Chairman John Horan (District 2)

Vice Chairman Brenda Carey (District 5)

Commissioner Lee Constantine (District 3)

     Commissioner Carlton Henley (District 4)

     County Manager Nicole Guillet

     County Attorney Bryant Applegate

     Deputy Clerk Kyla Spencer



     Commissioner Robert Dallari (District 1)



     Pastor Tim Iamaio, Grace Fellowship Congregational Church, Sanford, gave the Invocation and Commissioner Henley led the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Business Spotlight video for OptiGrate was presented.


Agenda Item #1 – 2016-528

     Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Constantine, to adopt a Proclamation declaring February 2017, as Black History Month.

     Commissioner Constantine requested to amend the Proclamation to include Bethune-Cookman University.  No objections were voiced.

     Districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

     Pasha Baker and Rosalie Cook addressed the Board to express their appreciation.

     Commissioner Constantine noted Ms. Cook has been working very hard to get historic markers for the Winwood and Rosenwald areas.  He presented a check to the County Manager from Picerne Management Corporation for the purchase of a historic marker for Merritt Street.


     Chairman Horan recessed the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners at 9:46 a.m., and convened as the U.S. Hwy 17-92 Community Redevelopment Agency.

U.S. 17-92 CRA

Agenda Item #2 – A-2825-16

     Nicole Guillet, County Manager, stated staff is pulling the request for approval of a Redevelopment and Construction Grant to 17-92 Five Points, LLC, in the amount of $740,000, for demolition needed in preparation of redevelopment of the former Flea World site, located at 4311 South U.S. Highway 17-92, Sanford, to be reimbursed at 20% upon completion of the demolition, and the 80% balance of demolition costs to be reimbursed as contemplated in the associated Grant Agreement; and (2) adoption of the associated Resolution implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #17-009 appropriating funding from the U.S. 17-92 CRA Trust Fund, Reserve for Capital Improvements.  Staff intends to bring this item back for consideration by the CRA Board at the first meeting in March.

     Chairman Horan noted he received a Speaker Request Form from David Leavitt; however, since the Board is not hearing this item, they will not hear public comments at this time.

     Speaker Request Form received and filed.


     Chairman Horan adjourned the meeting of the U.S. 17-92 Community Redevelopment Agency at 9:49 a.m., and reconvened the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners.


     Ms. Guillet stated there are three deletions.  Item #11 is related to the Investment Policy, and it is staff’s expectation that they will bring that item to the Board at the February 28th meeting.  Items #14 and #19 are both related to the purchase of an emergency generator at the Training Center, and staff needs to do some more work on those two items. 

Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to authorize and approve the following:

County Manager’s Office

Economic Development Division

3.  Adopt the amended Qualified Target Industry Business (QTI) Job Creation Schedule for Jeteezy, Inc., extending the date of completion from December 31, 2017, to December 31, 2018. (A-3175-17)


Community Services

Business Office

4.  Approve and execute the First Amendment to the State Housing Initiatives Program (SHIP) Subrecipient Agreement with American Living, Inc. and the Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure in order to convey the property located at 3023 Moss Valley Place, Winter Park, to Seminole County in order to meet the affordability period. (A-3213-17)

Community Assistance Division

5.  Approve and authorize the Community Services Director to award and execute the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) “Mini” Grants in the amount not to exceed $5,000 to eligible entities and/or nonprofit organizations serving low income seniors. (A-3202-17)





Development Services

Planning & Development Division

 6.  Approve the plat for the Lukas Landing subdivision containing fifty-five (55) lots on approximately 14.50 acres zoned PD (Planned Development), located on the east side of SR 426, approximately 400 feet south of Duda Road; Diana Cabrera, Applicant.  (A-3184-17) 

 7.  Approve the plat for the Alexander at Sabal Point subdivision containing one (1) lot on approximately 23.83 acres zoned PD (Planned Development), located on the north side of Sabal Palm Drive, approximately 1,000 feet east of Wekiva Springs Road; Kyle Riva, Applicant.  (A-3182-17)

 8.  Approve the plat for the Frost Estates subdivision containing three (3) lots on 16.28 acres zoned A-5 (Agriculture), located on the west side of Coffee Trail, north of Lake Geneva Road; Jeremiah Frost, Applicant.  (A-3018-16)


Fire Department

Business Office

 9.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute the First Amendment to the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Interlocal Agreement between Seminole County and the City of Casselberry. (A-3177-17)


Resource Management

Business Office

10.  Approve submittal of an application to the U.S. Department of Justice through its FY 2017 Adult Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program requesting up to $400,000 in grant funding for the enhancement of Adult Drug Court and Mental Health Court, and authorize the County Manager to execute any documents and agreements associated with the grant application. (A-3179-17)

Budget & Fiscal Management Division

11.  Pulled from the Agenda request to adopt a Resolution amending Section 3.35 of the Seminole County Administrative Code by establishing that the County's Financial Advisor is to implement the County's Investment Policy by determining how the County's public funds are to be invested and to develop strategies related thereto; requiring the Financial Advisor to submit quarterly reports to the County; establishing criteria for the selection of the County Investment Advisor; establishing protocols with the County Clerk's Office as custodian of the County's funds; providing for an effective date.  (A-3229-17)

12.  Approve submittal of an application to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) through its FY 2017, Section 319(h), Nonpoint Source (NPS), Education Grant requesting up to $90,000 in grant funding for the development and implementation of a countywide fertilizer education campaign, and authorize the County Manager to execute any documents associated with the grant application. (A-3198-17)

13.  Approve the reclassification of seven temporary part-time (.5 FTE) positions in the Mosquito Control program to full-time grant status and create three (3) new full-time grant-funded temporary positions for a total of nine (9) additional FTEs (upon conclusion of the Grant, these positions will revert back to the original status in the FY 2016/17 Adopted Budget); and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2017-R-19 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #17-034 for $10,000 using savings from the Zika Grant for a water quality air boat approved in the FY 2016/17 Adopted Budget. (A-3180-17)

14.  Pulled from the Agenda request to approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Resolution implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #17-028 through the Fire Protection Fund to appropriate budget of $45,090 from reserves for a generator at the Fire Training Center/Logistical Support Center. (A-3139-17)

15.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2017-R-20 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #17-031 in the amount of $835,750 through the Economic Development Fund to carryforward the Job Growth Incentive (JGI) and Qualified Target Industry (QTI) unexpended project funds from the FY 2015/16 Budget to the FY 2016/17 Budget.  (A-3158-17)

16.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2017-R-21 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #17-033 through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Fund in the amount of $20,000 for appropriation of program income through grant assistance payoff. (A-3196-17)

17.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2017-R-22 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #17-035 through the 2014 Infrastructure Sales Tax Fund to appropriate budget of $1,052,661 from reserves for the Project Management – General Engineering Consultants (GEC) project (CIP# 99999906). (A-3220-17)

Purchasing & Contracts Division

18.  Approve Work Order #2 under PS-9983-15/RTB, Master Services Agreement (MSA) for Northwestern Avenue bridge replacement design, structural engineering services with Infrastructure Engineers, Inc. of Oviedo, in the amount of $246,006.49; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the Work Order. (A-3200-17)

19.  Pulled from the Agenda request to award CC-1094-16/MAE in the amount of $288,572 to Zabatt Engine Services, Inc. d/b/a Zabatt Power Systems of Jacksonville, for purchase and installation of emergency power backup generators; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the Agreement. (A-3214-17)


Districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Clerk’s Office

     Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to authorize and approve the following:

20.  Approve Expenditure Approval Lists dated January 9 and 17, 2017; Payroll Approval List dated January 12, 2017; and the BCC Official Minutes dated December 13, 2016.  (A-3204-17)


Districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


The Board noted, for information only, the following Clerk’s “Received and Filed”:

1.    Letter from David Johnson, Seminole County Property Appraiser, to Jane Spencer, Deputy Clerk, re:  Request for confirmation of zoning and land use changes from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016.

2.    Memorandum dated January 11, 2017, from Meloney Lung, Assistant County Manager, to Jenny Spencer, County Finance Director, re:  Authorization to charge documents to the appropriate BCC account number when recording in Land Records.


3.    Maintenance Bond #106564941 for water and sewer facilities in the amount of $18,871.01 for the project known as 500 TownPark office building.


4.    Maintenance Bond #59BSBHN2859 for right-of-way utilization permit (streets, curbs, storm drains) in the amount of $6,113.12 for the project known as Tuscawilla Estates.


5.    Maintenance Bond #59BSBHN2857 for private road maintenance in the amount of $176,632.35 for the project known as Tuscawilla Estates.


6.    Conditional Utility Agreement for Water, Wastewater or Reclaimed Water Services with Elevation Development LLC for the project known as AutoZone/Care One.


7.    Bill of Sale, Acceptance of Water and Sewer Systems within the project known as 500 TownPark office building.


8.    Recording of Plats and Title Opinion for the project known as Hidden Creek Reserve Phase 2.


9.    Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Subrecipient Agreement for Program Year 2016-2017 with Rescue Outreach Mission of Central Florida, Inc.; as approved by the BCC on 8/9/16.


10.  Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Subrecipient Agreement for Program Year 2016-2017 with Seminole County Victims’ Rights Coalition, Inc.; as approved by the BCC on 8/9/16.


11.  Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Subrecipient Agreement for Program Year 2016-2107 with Homeless Services Network of Central Florida, Inc. (HSN); as approved by the BCC on 8/9/16.


12.  Pet Rescue Cooperative Service Agreement with SAFE Pet Rescue.


13.  Approval Development Orders as follows: #16-30000082, Lauren Stitz, 4408 Steed Terrace; #16-30000083, Grace C. Hennessy, 219 Lake Seminary Circle; #16-30000075, David Veliz, 2925 Waumpi Trail; #16-30000081, Charles and Danielle Dobbs, 2945 Waumpi Trail; #16-30000076, Michael and Lan-Anh Le, 710 Gladwin Avenue; #16-30000077, Thomas and Cynthia Haller, 1701 Beacon Drive; #16-30000079, Donald B. Chapman, 437 Center Street; #16-30000080, Next Step Investment Inc., 444 Riverview Avenue; #16-30000084, Kenneth J. and Emily Jorgensen, 201 Avenue C; #16-32000011, Alluvion Advisors 1 LLC, La Granja Chicken Steak and Seafood; #16-32000007, Jeanette Argentine Trust FBO and Timothy Argentine, Enver’s European Auto; and #16-32000010, Civic Association of West Lake Brantley Inc., 2080 Terrace Boulevard.


14.  Tourist Tax Funding Agreement for January Series of Events with Nations Baseball of Greater Orlando.


15.  Tourist Tax Funding Agreement for GSL Slowpitch Winter Nationals with United States Specialty Sports Association Inc. (USSSA).


16.  Parks Contract for Services with Ashley Richow, Christopher Taylor, Mariella Dorr, and Daneen L. Botsko; Head Tennis Pro Agreement with Stan P. Aranda, and Michael Koslik; Associate Tennis Pro Agreement with Robyn Noel Suto, Brian Morrissey, and Sarah Harkins; and Tennis Developmental Instructor Agreement with Heather Walton.


17.  Work Orders #4 and #5 to PS-0157-15 with S2L, Inc.


18.  Work Order #2 to RFP-0532-15 with Connect Consulting, Inc.


19.  Change Order #2 to Work Order #2 to CC-0559-15 with Southland Construction, Inc.


20.  Closeout to Work Order #2 to CC-0559-15 with Southland Construction, Inc.


21.  Change Order #2 to CC-0664-16 with Florida Safety Contractors, Inc.


22.  Notice to Proceed for CC-0892-16 with PAC Comm, Inc.


23.  PS-0939-16 with Tierra, Inc., as approved by the BCC on 11-15-16.


24.  Work Order #27 to PS-7643-12 with Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corp.


25.  Work Order #17 to PS-8146-12 with E Sciences, Inc.


26.  Amendment #2 to Work Order #51 to PS-8148-12 with CDM Smith, Inc.


27.  Amendment #1 to Work Order #64 to PS-8148-12 with CDM Smith, Inc.


28.  Amendment #1 to Work Order #65 to PS-8148-12 with CDM Smith, Inc.


29.  Amendment #1 to Work Order #68 to PS-8148-12 with CDM Smith, Inc.


30.  Work Order #10 to CC-9072-13 with BSE Construction Group.


31.  Work Order #2 to PS-9464-14 with Bellomo-Herbert and Company, Inc.


32.  First Amendment to IFB-601415-12 with Absolute Sparkle, Inc.


33.  Tenth Amendment to IFB-601656-13 with Bound Tree Medical, LLC.


34.  Bids as follows:


PS-0801-16 from Atkins; Geosyntec Consultants; Cribb Philbeck Weaver Group, Tetra Tech;


IFB-602749-17 from Champion Services of Florida, LLC; Samsula Waste, Inc. d/b/a Samsula Demolition; Simpson Environmental Services, Inc.; Onopa Services, LLC; D&A Construction Group, Inc.; and Pac Comm, Inc.



Agenda Item #21 - A-3138-17

     Patt Hughes, Planning & Development, addressed the Board to present the request as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum.  Ms. _%_Hughes stated Selene _%_Finance _%_LP, _%_Applicant, submitted the request for a reduction of the lien from $258,750 to $10,000 on behalf of the respondents on  _#K1_December _#L1_13_#M1_, 2016_%_.  Staff recommends the Board deny a reduction to the Code Enforcement Board lien for Case No. 09-162-CEB, on the property located at 359 Chaucer Court, Lake Mary; Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, Owner.

     Commissioner Carey pointed out it has been over three years since they came into compliance and asked if there is a particular reason why it is just now coming to the Board.  Ms. Hughes answered she does not know why they didn't apply earlier.  Commissioner Carey confirmed with Ms. Hughes that the property was bank owned the whole time.  Ms. Hughes added the Certificate of Title was issued on August 4th, 2009.

     Nathan Kelvy, Greenstein & Lubliner, LLP, 1655 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, West Palm Beach, addressed the Board and stated he is here on behalf of Selene Finance LP.  Mr. Kelvy explained how Selene Finance LP became the servicer for the property and gave an overview of the property’s history.  He stated the current property value is around $54,000 for working value and around $57,000 for market value; but when they applied for the reduction, the value was $48,000.  He noted Selene Finance LP has spent about $30,000 in maintaining the taxes and insurance on the property.

     Mr. Kelvy stated Ginnie Mae is the entity that authorized Mr. Kelvy to make the $10,000 request.  He was informed by Selene Finance LP that it is unlikely that Ginnie Mae would increase the request, but Mr. Kelvy went ahead and put it in.  He explained once they factor in the amount of money they have spent maintaining the property and attorney fees, there would not be a profit made on the property.  He stated he is requesting that the lien be reduced to $10,000 so they can pay that, get the property marketed and sold so a new owner can take over maintaining the taxes and insurance.

     Commissioner Carey confirmed with Mr. Kelvy that Taylor, Bean & Whitaker owns this property because they foreclosed on someone that they were holding a mortgage for.  Upon inquiry by Commissioner Carey, Mr. Kelvy explained the actual homeowners at the time retiled the roof with asphalt tiles but failed to get a permit, so that is what caused the violation that continued to accrue.  He pointed out that Taylor, Bean & Whitaker fixed it before his current client got involved; but as for the delay in applying for the reduction, he doesn’t know. 

     Upon Chairman Horan’s inquiry, Commissioner Carey stated that this property is a unit in The Crossings in Lake Mary.

     With regard to public participation, no one in the audience spoke in support or in opposition to Agenda Item #21 and public input was closed.

     Speaker Request Form was received and filed.  

     Commissioner Henley stated Taylor, Bean & Whitaker took possession four years ago and they were represented at each of the hearings and requested three continuances.  Commissioner Henley stated this is not the first time that the County has had to deal with banks that take possession of property and then sit on it without solving the problem.  The fact that other governmental agents, such as Ginnie Mae, get involved is no reason to ignore local government codes.

     Motion by Commissioner Henley, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to approve a reduction to the Code Enforcement Board lien from $258,750 to $20,000, for Code Enforcement Board Case No. 09-162-CEB, on the property located at 359 Chaucer Court, Lake Mary, Tax Parcel #17-20-30-502-0000-0270; Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, Owner; and require the reduced amount to be paid within 30 days, or the lien will revert to its original total amount of $258,750; and authorize the Chairman to execute the Release of Lien upon payment in full.

     Commissioner Carey asked Mr. Kelvy, since he is dealing with Ginnie Mae, if the $20,000 could be paid in 30 days.  Mr. Kelvy answered he has already made the request for $20,000 to Ginnie Mae, and he is confident he should be able to hear back from them within the 30 days whether the lien will be satisfied or if it will revert back.

     Commissioner Henley stated he understands their concern about profit, but it is not the Board’s responsibility to see that an agency is profitable; it is their responsibility to enforce codes. 

     Districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


     Commissioner Henley commended the County Manager, staff and Chairman Horan for all of their work on the Rolling Hills project.


     The Board recessed the meeting at 10:12 a.m., reconvening at 1:30 p.m. reconvening at 1:30 p.m., with all Commissioners and all other Officials with the exception of Deputy Clerk Kyla Spencer, who was replaced by Deputy Clerk Jane Spencer, who were present at the Opening Session.


     Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to authorize the filing of the proofs of publication for this meeting's scheduled public hearings into the Official Record.

     Districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.



PHASES I AND II/Doug Hoffman


Agenda Item #22 – PH-2016-518

     Proof of publication calling for a public hearing to consider enacting a Rezone from A‑1 (Agriculture) and PD (Planned Development) to PD (Planned Development) and approval of the associated Development Order and Master Development Plan for approximately 28.27 acres, located on the north side of Chapman Road, approximately 4,000 feet west of Alafaya Trail, Doug Hoffman, received and filed.

     Brian Walker, Planning & Development Division, addressed the Board to present the request as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum.  Mr. Walker stated the Applicant is requesting a Major Amendment and Rezone in order to develop the subject property as a single‑family residential subdivision with a density of 2.49 dwelling units per net buildable acre and a maximum of 54 residential lots with a minimum lot size of 7,700 square feet.  The current PD zoning allows a maximum density of 2.51 dwelling units per net buildable acre and the A‑1 zoned property requires a minimum lot area of one acre, and a minimum lot width of 150 feet.

     Mr. Walker pointed out that the subject property has a Low Density Residential Future Land Use designation, which allows a maximum net density of four dwelling units per net buildable acre.  He stated the future land uses, the zoning surrounding the property, and the site analysis are included in the Agenda Memorandum.

     Mr. Walker advised the BCC approved the Brookmore Estates PD consisting of 14.36 acres and 36 single‑family homes on October 11, 2016.  The purpose of this Major Amendment and Rezone is to add approximately 14 acres to the Brookmore PD and an additional 18 lots. The currently approved 36 lots will be known as Phase I and the previously approved conditions have not changed. The additional land consisting of approximately 14 acres and up to 18 additional lots will be developed as Brookmore Estates Phase II. The new PD will consist of 28.27 acres and up to 54 single‑family lots.

     Mr. Walker stated the request is consistent with the Land Development Code of Seminole County and the proposed project supports the objectives of the PD zoning designation in that it provides the required minimum of 15% open space and provides adequate buffering to maintain compatibility between the proposed 7,700-square‑foot minimum lot sizes and the surrounding home-sites.  The proposed Planned Development zoning classification is compatible with the surrounding trend of development in the area and is consistent with both the allowable use and density provisions of the Low Density Residential Future Land Use designation.  Mr. Walker stated staff recommends the Board approve this request.

     Charlie Madden, Madden Moorhead & Stokes, addressed the Board to advise he did speak with Commissioner Dallari today and he was fine with the application.  Mr. Madden noted they did reach out to the neighbors and the neighbors did not have a problem with the application.  He stated he is available to answer any questions.

     With regard to public participation, no one in the audience spoke in support or in opposition and public input was closed.

     Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to adopt Ordinance 2017-4 enacting a Rezone from A‑1 (Agriculture) and PD (Planned Development) to PD (Planned Development); and approve the associated Development Order and Master Development Plan for approximately 28.27 acres, located on the north side of Chapman Road, approximately 4,000 feet west of Alafaya Trail, as described in the proof of publication, Doug Hoffman.

     Districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.



Agenda Item #23 – PH-2016-527

     Proof of publication calling for a public hearing to consider enacting a Rezone from A‑1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development) on 4.73 acres, located on the south side of E.E. Williamson Road, one-quarter mile east of Markham Woods Road, Glen Pawlowski, received and filed.

     Joy Giles, Planning & Development Division, addressed the Board to present the request as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum.  Ms. Giles stated that the Applicant proposes to develop the subject site as an assisted living facility for seniors consisting of 64 beds with a maximum building size of 43,200 square feet.  Access will be from a shared access easement adjacent on the west, and a sidewalk will be required along the road frontage of E.E. Williamson Road.  A 15-foot landscape buffer will be provided on the north and a 10-foot buffer will be provided on the west, east, and south perimeters.  Ms. Giles pointed out that the site has a Suburban Estates Future Land Use designation which permits the use of an assisted living facility.

     Ms. Giles advised that the Planning & Zoning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval and staff is also recommending approval. 

     Upon inquiry by Commissioner Carey, Ms. Giles explained that a cell tower is located in the southeastern portion of the property by the proposed pond and will remain there.

     The Applicant was present but did not make a presentation.

     John Pentek, Jr., 1645 E.E. Williamson Road, addressed the Board to state he is the manager of Markham Woods Animal Hospital and his wife is the veterinarian and owner of the hospital.  Mr. Pentek advised that his business is directly adjacent to the subject property to the east; and his office window overlooks the abandoned pool, which is on the property now.  He has monitored that pool every day for the last 11 years.  Mr. Pentek discussed the state of the property’s disrepair.  He requested that the Board move forward with the approval of the zone change.

     James Peterson, 102 Foxridge Run, addressed the Board to state he lives in the Woodlands, which is across the street from the animal hospital.  He believes this project is a perfect idea and would promote commerce for the elderly and aged.  He discussed the people in the Woodlands who are ready for a retirement home and stated it would perfect if they could transition into the same neighborhood.

     Theresa Barton, 1201 Homosassa Court, addressed the Board to state she has lived directly across the street from the subject property for 25 years.  Ms. Barton hates that there are mosquitoes in the pond and everything about the mess but she has been “bugging” the County for 25 years to recognize that the purpose of that property is a community-sports situation.  She stated she has worked in the assisted living facility industry as a caregiver and guardian and has been in every assisted living facility within a two‑hour drive.  She does not believe that is the purpose of that property.  The best use of that property for the county and all of the residents is a sports environment for adaptive and special needs kids. 

     Ms. Barton pointed out there is a bike trail and a pool that may be savable.  She explained why she believes the property should be a community‑based property, not a private enterprise property.  Ms. Barton discussed her concerns regarding traffic. 

     With regard to public participation, no one else in the audience spoke in support or in opposition and public input was closed.

     Speaker Request Forms for Mr. Pentek and Ms. Barton were received and filed.

     Commissioner Carey stated this property has been a topic of discussion by the Markham Woods Homeowners Association many times over the last number of years.  It has been an eyesore and a safety concern.  She discussed the attempts to turn the property back into a sports facility to no avail.  She believes an assisted living facility is a great idea and having these types of facilities in the neighborhoods in close proximity to where people are aging out and want to stay in the community is a good idea.

     Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to adopt Ordinance #2017-5 enacting a Rezone from A‑1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development); and approve the associated Development Order and Master Development Plan for approximately 4.73 acres, located on the south side of E.E. Williamson Road, one-quarter mile east of Markham Woods Road, as described in the proof of publication, Glen Pawlowski.

     Districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


     Chairman Horan announced that Commissioner Dallari is not present today as he is the president of the National Association of Regional Councils and is presiding over their national meeting this week.


District 3

     Commissioner Constantine reported that on February 2 he attended a Public Service Commission public hearing in Altamonte Springs.  There were over 200 people in attendance and over 50 speakers, including two of the state representatives.  The level of concern of the citizens in this area that is serviced by Utilities, Inc. is very high but just as important as each and every one of those citizens is the fact that it will also greatly affect Seminole County and the cost of providing services to their citizens.  He stated he thinks that even though they don't have a direct say in this, this is something they should monitor very closely and lend support.  The fact of the matter is that Utilities, Inc. is trying to increase the water and sewer costs by combining the cost of everybody into the same price.  Three members of the Public Service Commission heard the citizens' concerns and will go back to Tallahassee.  The decision will be made up there on May 8.  Commissioner Constantine stated he believes that all of the Commissioners are very concerned and he knows that staff is concerned.  They will be monitoring this very closely and doing everything they can to support the citizens' concerns and certainly the concerns that the County has with these increases, which are exorbitant.


     Commissioner Constantine reported that tomorrow is the biannual meeting of CareerSource.  He, along with the County Manager, will be attending.  He reminded everyone of the event tomorrow night from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Seminole County Historic Museum highlighting many of Seminole County's African American citizens and what they have given to the state and community.  He announced that Leadership Seminole will meet on February 17 with its new executive director, Dawn Kraus.  Commissioner Constantine reminded everyone that the Wekiva Paint Out will take place from February 26 through March 4.  Because of that event, the Wekiva Basin Commission will have their meeting on February 27 at Wekiva Island so they can enjoy the event and also do their civic duty.


     Commissioner Constantine stated that after compensation, the second biggest cost for the County is energy consumption.  With regard specifically to the County Services Building, they saved last year nearly $20,000 in energy savings.  He congratulated Tim Marcopulos, the Facilities Manager.  It is nice to know as they move forward that they are putting in cost‑saving and cost‑effective energy reducing devices to reduce the County's energy consumption.  Chairman Horan stated they all join Commissioner Constantine in the notion that the Facilities maintenance people are top notch and keep all of the County's buildings in top rate condition.

     With regard to Utilities, Inc., Chairman Horan asked if the Board would like him to pen a letter for the May 8 hearing.  Commissioner Carey discussed how the increase will impact Seminole County.  She stated that when talking to staff yesterday, her suggestion was that they put something in writing from the department director.  They have to object because it will impact the County.  Ms. Guillet advised they did testify at the last hearing and did submit written comments.  She added they will certainly do that at the next hearing.  She encouraged the Board to also send a letter.  Commissioner Carey agreed that is a good idea but she believes staff needs to be “front and center” on this matter because it does impact the County.  Discussion ensued with regard to the rate increase for Seminole County and the fact that Seminole County covers the cost of maintaining the lines. 

     Commissioner Constantine pointed out that when asked what the increase was being used for, it wasn’t for an increase in services or for the betterment of the lines.  The increase was more for increases in compensation and to consolidate the cost so it is simpler in the billing process than they have currently because they are charging so many different rates at so many different facilities.  Commissioner Carey stated that some of the rates go down for some of the consumers a slight, little bit and there is just the one area that goes up substantially; that happens to be the area that the County is buying water from as well.  She added it is a complex situation and she believes staff can provide the Chairman with all of the information needed to properly pen the letter.  It is important that they get that letter up to Tallahassee and very important that staff be there to testify when they have the full hearing. 

     Chairman Horan advised that if staff will get that letter to him for his signature, he will get it up to Tallahassee.  Commissioner Constantine noted that each of them may or may not have personal relationships with the Public Service Commissioners.  They are an independent body.  He, like everybody else, is going to do everything that he can to try to convince them they need to lower the rates or at the very least show the reason for certain increases.  There were some increases that would be 158%.

District 4

Commissioner Henley stated there is a vacancy for a hotelier on the Tourist Development Council and is recommending that the Board appoint Frank Cirrincione to the unexpired term which will end in January 2018.  Commissioner Henley stated in 2018, Mr. Cirrincione will be eligible for reappointment for a full term.  He pointed out that Mr. Cirrincione has served and done an excellent job.

Motion by Commissioner Henley, seconded by Commissioner Constantine, to appoint Frank Cirrincione to the Tourist Development Council (hotelier) for the unexpired term ending January 2018.

Districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

District 5

Commissioner Carey reported that Sanford Paw Park reopened on Saturday after being closed a long time.  The park is looking good and people should get out and enjoy it.  She announced that on Thursday, February 16, they will be having the State of the County.  The annual Seminole County Boy Scout Dinner will be on April 6.  The goal this year is $250,000 with the funds staying in Seminole County and used to provide scholarships for children who would not otherwise be able to be engaged in scouting.  Commissioner Carey noted the honoree this year is John Ritenour, the president of Insurance of America.


With regard to the Sanford Airport Authority, Commissioner Carey advised that international passengers are currently up 22% over last year and domestic passengers are up 14% over this time last year.  Beginning on April 3, Surinam Airways has announced scheduled non‑stop service from Sanford to Aruba. 


Commissioner Carey stated that at the February 9 meeting of the Central Florida Expressway Authority, there was a scheduled toll increase that was scheduled to occur.  This was a toll policy that had been adopted by the previous board when it was the Orlando‑Orange County Expressway Authority.  It would have been a 15% increase to the toll‑paying citizens.  They have had great revenues in that system.  They have been talking for quite some time about the toll increases, and it would have automatically taken effect on July 27.  The board made a decision to not have that increase occur and any increase will not be considered until July of 2018.  The policy has been changed to 1.5% or CPI, whichever is greater.  The board agreed to continue to monitor this annually based on cash flow in and out of the system and what the demands are.  She emphasized that was great news for the traveling public.

Commissioner Carey stated they continue to have discussions about the acquisition of SR 417.  Right before Secretary Boxold resigned, she had talked to him about that particular acquisition.  He came in with a number and she is still waiting for Ms. Scaccetti, the director of the Turnpike Authority, to get back with her with a confirmation number on what they would be willing to sell SR 417 to the Expressway Authority for.  It would be all sections of SR 417.  Secretary Boxold indicated they had no interest in breaking it up.  It would be all of Seminole County as well as the sections in Osceola and Orange counties.  Commissioner Carey stated they plan to continue that discussion now that Secretary Cone is in as the interim secretary and she looks forward to trying to move this forward in the next six months if at all possible. 


     Chairman Horan stated that they set the budget calendar several meetings ago.  He distributed a proposed BCC Meeting calendar (copy received and filed) for the year, which has the budget calendar inserted into it as well.  He is not asking for adoption of this today but suggested that if anyone has a problem with the dates, bring it up at the next meeting and they will adjust the schedule accordingly.  There will be one meeting in July, November and December.  Commissioner Carey stated she does not believe that they need to formally adopt it.  They usually place the calendar out on their website for the public.  Chairman Horan agreed that they don't have to adopt it.  He suggested that if anyone has a problem, tell the County Manager and Chairman and they will figure it out.


     Chairman Horan reported that Donna Walsh is the new Health Officer.  He noted that the Surgeon General of Florida followed the County's recommendation and appointed Ms. Walsh. 


     Chairman Horan stated that, as the Board knows, he is the representative on the Homeless Commission.  The Homeless Commission has been pursuing some options with regard to regional governance.  In furtherance of those options, they had some input from HSN and the Continuum of Care.  He stated the two governance structures that have been considered are 1) consolidating the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness (which is formed by the jurisdictions) and the CoC with a realignment of its membership basically putting the jurisdictions in policy control; and 2) to keep the current structure with a more clear definition of roles and responsibilities.   

     Chairman Horan reported that after meeting with the CoC, HSN, and some specific meetings he had with other leaders in the region, specifically Orange County and the City of Orlando, it does not look like consolidating the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, CoC, and HSN is going to be palatable; so it consequently looks like they may have to be looking at their options in terms of the homelessness structure and how to interface with the CoC and the commission in the future.  The Chairman advised there is an executive committee meeting tomorrow; but with regard to expecting a regional governance structure that has the jurisdictions in control, there does not look like there is going to be enough support for that at the Orange County and City of Orlando level.


Chairman Horan advised that he met with Mayor Jacobs several weeks ago with regard to an interlocal agreement on land planning issues.  He thinks the bottom line is that Orange County sees the eastern part of their county as developing at a pace, primary from the north to the south, and building their infrastructure consistent with densities that are already being established by the normal progress of growth.  He explained that they did identify some particular areas where they can cooperate; but with regard to the actual joint planning of densities and the joint planning of different types of public health and public safety metrics concerning traffic and things like that, there was more of an appetite for notice rather than cooperation and joint planning.  He added that they do understand they have an infrastructure deficit out there that they are trying to fund through development and having developers pay for it; and consequently, density is going to be a natural evolution of that.

Commissioner Carey pointed out that when she was the chairman, she met with Mayor Jacobs; and one of the things that she thought they had agreed to, with the county managers, was to look at not a joint planning agreement or interlocal agreement but rather to look at their comprehensive land plans and how they align next to each other to try to make sure that they at least have something palatable next to something palatable.  Commissioner Carey stated she has always said that she believes that should be the role the Regional Planning Council plays in the region, to make sure that the fringes of every city to county or county to county are compatible because compatibility really is the test here.  She asked the Chairman if he is saying that there was not even an appetite to look at the comp plan and the language in the comp plan to make sure that they were compatible boundary to boundary.

Chairman Horan stated that Tina Williamson was with him at the meeting.  He believes they look at what Seminole County has done with its eastern rural boundary as something that is incompatible with the natural evolution of growth in that area.  Upon inquiry by Chairman Horan, Tina Williamson, Director of Development Services, agreed that was her impression from the meeting.  Ms. Williamson stated the term "doughnut hole" was used and their belief was the "hole in the doughnut” should be filled.

Chairman Horan stated that one of the things that they tried to impress upon Mayor Jacobs and the Orange County staff who were at the meeting is that certain established patterns of growth have occurred in the eastern part of Seminole County that can't be replicated in the eastern part of Orange County.  Orange County can amass enough acres to put together a Grow or a Sustany and thus amass enough density.  If you look at the natural evolution of how Seminole County's eastern rural areas have grown, it would be very difficult to amass that much land for a mega development and you wouldn't have to go too far before you would run into the natural elements on the eastern side.  Consequently, those are the certain kinds of incompatibilities that have to be accommodated for in this, which was the point he was trying to make to Orange County.  Chairman Horan remarked that probably one of the most interesting comments that came out of the meeting was with regard to the Grow project.  Mayor Jacobs said they could actually make an argument that the project should have been “more dense.”  He reiterated that they can probably see why there is not a lot of appetite for an interlocal agreement. 

Commissioner Carey stated she was more concerned about transitions, some agreement regarding transitions.  She has said this before but, obviously, what Orange County chooses to do, just like what Seminole County chooses to do, is up to their Board of County Commissioners.  At some point with regard to the will of the people, they have got to listen to what is being said out there.  It was evident in their election process that the will of the people overruled what the elected people who weren't listening to them wanted to do.  Commissioner Carey emphasized that their job is to try to protect their eastern rural boundary.  The best that she thinks they can hope for is to just have some kind of buffer or some kind of transition that doesn't bring the pressure down on Seminole County's rural boundary.  She stated she did not believe that was undoable at the meeting that she and Ms. Guillet had with Mayor Jacobs and the county manager but maybe things have changed. 

Commissioner Constantine stated that as these border skirmishes continue to arise (and they are happening throughout the state), there has to be a recognition by the county that is in charge of deciding what is going to happen that their actions, if they cause another county's or city's taxpayers to have to pay additional money, have to be addressed.  That is essentially the problem.  They are looking at Orange County in this case making decisions that are going to cost Seminole County's taxpayers money and that in essence is taxation without representation.  Commissioner Constantine emphasized that there has to be a mechanism.  He stated several weeks ago, he was in Tallahassee representing the Florida Association of Counties and others concerning that issue at the Senate Community Affairs Committee.  There has to be a recognition in law that there is a trigger mechanism that allows those affected counties and/or cities that are financially affected by the actions of another the ability to get in and have a seat at the table to help make the decisions that are going to affect them.  He reiterated that this is not an isolated problem and if a jurisdiction is going to cost another jurisdiction dollars, there has got to be a mechanism at the table to address what it is going to cost them financially.  Chairman Horan asked Commissioner Constantine if when he says “cost another jurisdiction dollars,” he is saying the County has to increase its infrastructure to accommodate the increased traffic.  Commissioner Constantine responded yes; whether it be water, sewer, police, fire, schools; they could go down a list that they have already recognized when it came to Sustany.  Commissioner Carey discussed the need for a Regional Planning Council to coordinate the Future Land Use maps between abutting jurisdictions.

Chairman Horan suggested they could follow up the meeting with Mayor Jacobs with a letter that essentially says in those particular areas where they can plan, they would ask Orange County to sit down and have their staffs get together a coordination of Future Land Use plans so they have some kind of idea of future planning as to what those Future Land Uses are.  He believes right now, it is pretty ad hoc.  He asked the Board if they think that would be useful. 

Ms. Guillet stated she has been doing urban planning in Central Florida for a long time and she remembers when the east side of Orange County was sacrosanct, just like the east side of Seminole County.  There was an urban service boundary that you were not going to cross and there was not going to be development.  Actually, the development patterns envisioned in Seminole lined up with what had, at one time, been envisioned for Orange County.  Seminole stuck to the plan.  Plans changed other places.  Ms. Guillet stated she does not necessarily agree with the concept that it is inevitable.  She believes it is a choice.  It is about whether or not their neighbors are willing to make the same kinds of choices that Seminole County's Board has made.  The Board has made decisions and said no on the east side. 

Ms. Guillet pointed out that Seminole County is really at Orange County's mercy when saying “will you work with us”; and until they are willing to work with the County, they can continue to ask but she does not know how much progress they will make.  Ms. Guillet agreed that what Commissioner Carey described used to be the way they did business here years ago.  She added that coordinating boundaries was required under the Growth Management laws many years ago; it is not anymore.  It is a matter of being good neighbors and good will and whether or not Seminole County’s neighbors are willing to work with them.  She thinks that trying to understand what might help motivate Orange County to work with Seminole County in that regard is important short of any sort of legislation as Commissioner Constantine has discussed.  Maybe there is some middle ground from where they were 25 years ago versus where they are now.       Commissioner Carey stated she believes that is complicated and steps all over Home Rule.  That is a much harder thing to do than to get them to recognize Regional Planning Councils again as being the coordinator of boundaries.  It is pretty easy and harmless, and people should want to know what the adjacent land use is.  Ms. Guillet stated she thinks it is a worthwhile effort, working with the Regional Planning Council, if everyone is willing to come to the table and talk; but they are still in a voluntary situation so they are still trying to understand what might motivate their neighbors to want to coordinate boundary issues, which is important, and maybe that is a conversation they need to have. 

Commissioner Carey pointed out that the Regional Planning Council has representatives that are elected from those counties and from those cities and from those other jurisdictions.  If they can agree in theory that this is the approach that the Regional Planning Council is going to take and then they get to sit on the Council that is voting on these projects (they are there as the representative for their county), you at least have some of the board members having a conversation and can maybe help bring forth the logic of something that should be done. 

Commissioner Constantine advised that nobody wants to trample on Home Rule; but when another county or jurisdiction is affected, there are two sections (Chapter 163 and Chapter 187) in which there are mechanisms of dispute resolution that are available to counties.  They do not include this kind of situation because they weren’t affected because they had DRIs.  He pointed out that if this type of border skirmish is included in those two dispute resolutions, then there are mechanisms so an aggrieved county or city jurisdiction will have the availability of making sure those things are addressed prior to approval without stepping on Home Rule.  It is a question of making sure that Seminole County residents do not have to pay for infrastructure improvements based upon a decision of another county.  Chairman Horan stated he agreed with all that Commissioner Constantine stated but sees a problem with what can be realistically accomplished and wondered how do you motivate them to do certain things.  He believes the transition area is where the best promise is.

Commissioner Carey asked Ms. Williamson if she had any suggestions regarding how to move forward to continue the conversation.  Ms. Williamson stated that along with the Grow project, Orange County adopted policies in the comp plan related to advance notification with Seminole County.  In the comp plan amendments that Seminole County just transmitted, they also are looking to adopt the same version.  So they are increasing the notification and time period involved in the notification when projects are adjacent to each other in the counties.  Ms. Guillet emphasized that that is a little bit of progress. 

Ms. Guillet suggested that the Board let staff continue to discuss and look for situations that may be mutually beneficial to both counties.  They are really asking Orange County to do something right now and maybe they can find a way to make it something that Orange County sees as a good thing for Orange County.  Ms. Guillet remarked that maybe there is a bigger package that they need to sit down and talk to them about.  Her suggestion is that they continue discussing and continue reporting back to the Board as to what sort of progress has been made.  She added that Orange County is doing what they think is in the best interest of their community and she understands that.  She does not fault them for that.  Ms. Guillet stated trying to find some sort of common ground that is in the interest of both counties is something that they can continue to try to pursue on a staff level and engage the Board as they find it necessary because it helps to have elected officials speaking to one another.


     Chairman Horan announced that they were very successful with the Florida Communities Trust last week.  He reported they got conditional approval from the board to transfer the development restrictions from the Jetta Point property to the Rolling Hills property, which will now allow the County to proceed with the closing on that property.  He noted it was the first time that the Florida Communities Trust has done something like that.  Commissioner Carey asked if the conditions are reasonable and obtainable and the Chairman responded that the conditions are basically the same conditions they would have at closing.  Commissioner Constantine stated they have not yet received the conditions in writing. 

     Ms. Guillet stated staff is working on refining the language and coming up with language that they are comfortable with and that the County is comfortable with.  As soon as they have the final documents, they will get them out to the Commissioners.  She explained that the conditions were basically affiliated with the due diligence issues that the County would be pursuing anyway with respect to closing the property, so it wasn't anything that staff felt was onerous or anything they weren't willing to commit to. 

     Commissioner Carey stated she knows they went through and cleaned up a bunch of zoning and future land uses for their public lands, for parks and things like that that the County owns.  She asked whether Jetta Point was one of the properties where they changed the zoning.  Ms. Guillet responded no, that they had started the process.  Portions of Jetta Point were in the City of Winter Springs and Oviedo.  They were getting to the point where they were addressing the land use issues when the Board decided they needed to place that project in abeyance in response to the community concerns.  She does not know if they did any final action with respect to land use designations or zoning on that property.

     Commissioner Carey stated obviously that property would be best used as either office or commercial.  Maybe to make it more attractive to someone for the sale of the property, they may want to look at administrative zoning to get it in the right category that it should be in.  Ms. Guillet stated they will have to work with the other jurisdictions that have authority.  Commissioner Carey suggested they should get with them and probably look at that sooner versus later so they can get the property sold and on the tax roll so they can generate some money to do the swap and do improvements at the other location.

     Ms. Guillet stated there is some curiosity about the Rolling Hills time line.  She noted the due diligence period on the real estate contract runs until the end of April.  She believes they have 45 days to close after the completion of the due diligence period.  If everything goes well, they are looking at a June timeframe for closing.  She stated money was allocated in the budget this year to do the improvements, so once they get the real estate issues out of the way and any issues that may come up during due diligence, they will be able to get moving, hopefully this summer, on making the improvements out there.  Commissioner Carey questioned if they have done any due diligence at all as far as environmental, Phase I.  Ms. Guillet stated they have done a Phase I and it needs to be updated because it was done over a year ago.  Phase I indicated that they need to do a Phase II, so they have started the initial work on that.  She stated they are moving forward with all of that and noted those issues are related to some of the conditions that the FCT had. 

     Commissioner Constantine stressed that they need to maintain the expectations of some of the citizens.  Since getting the provisional approval, he has had a number of people who have asked when the nine-hole golf course is going to open.  He advised the faster they can get the information out as to what the plans and general ideas are, the better.  Ms. Guillet stated they have that prepared and will be happy to share the information.  The initial plan is not quite as ambitious as she believes some of the neighbors would like but they do have some requirements under the FCT agreement that they have to comply with and that will be the first order of business.  Over time, they can certainly supplement that.


     The following Communications and/or Reports were received and filed:

1.    Letter dated January 18, 2017 from Karen Behling, Office Assistant, City of Lake Mary, Community Development Department, re: Zoning approval of Master Remodeling and Crown Work, LLC, located at 116 S. Palmetto Street, Lake Mary.


2.    Copy of a letter dated January 18, 2017 from John Cowling to Florida Department of Agricultural & Consumer Services c/o Florida Forest Services re: Burn Ban.


3.    Notice of Public Hearing on February 2, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall to consider a Comprehensive Plan Amendment from Steve Esler, Chairman, Sanford Planning & Zoning Commission, re: Change the Future Land Use at 815 Laurel Avenue from Single Family to General Commercial.


4.    Notice of Public Hearing on February 2, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall to consider a Conditional Use from Steve Esler, Chairman, Sanford Planning & Zoning Commission, re: Outdoor storage of fleet vehicle parking and non-hazardous outdoor propane tank at 414 W. 9th Street (includes 815 Laurel Avenue).


5.    Notice of Public Hearing on February 2, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall to consider a Conditional Use from Steve Esler, Chairman, Sanford Planning & Zoning Commission, re: Urban Infill request to vary the minimum development standards for St. John Missionary Church at 920 Cypress Avenue.


6.    Copy of a letter dated January 24, 2017 from D. Ray Eubanks, Administrator, Plan Review and Processing, Florida Department of Economic Development, to Rebecca Hammock, Seminole County Planning & Development Manager, re: Plan Amendment 16-3ESR adopted by Ordinance No. 2017-01 on January 10, 2017.


7.    Letter dated January 24, 2017 from Grant Maloy, Seminole County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, to Chairman Horan re: IT Update & JD Edwards Improvements.


8.    Letter dated January 27, 2017 from Chairman Horan to Scott Ballou re: his appointment to the Seminole County Code Enforcement Board for a 3-year term expiring on January 1, 2020.


9.    Letter of appreciation dated January 27, 2017 from Chairman Horan to James Robison thanking him for his service on the Seminole County Historical Commission.


10.    Letter dated January 30, 2017 from Chairman Horan, to Hope Donovan re: response to her letter regarding funding for mental health services.


11.    Letter dated February 1, 2017 from Angela Apperson, MMC, City Clerk, City of Altamonte Springs, to Chairman Horan re: Voluntary annexation of properties contiguous to Altamonte Springs located at 1395 E. Altamonte Drive.


12.    Letter dated February 2, 2017 from Grant Maloy, Seminole County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, to Chairman Horan re: JD Edwards Update.


13.    Letter dated February 7, 2017 from Chairman Horan to Grant Maloy, Seminole County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, re: appreciation for updates concerning JD Edwards financial software.


14.    Letter dated February 7, 2017 from Celeste Philip, MD, MPH, Surgeon General and Secretary, Florida Department of Health, to Chairman Horan re: Appointment of Donna Walsh as Administrator of the Florida Department of Health in Seminole County.



     Nicole Guillet, County Manager, referred to the 2016 County Manager's Annual Report (copy received and filed) and stated they try to roll the annual report out at the same time as the State of the County.  As the Board will recall, in recent years they have started to do a smaller giveaway piece and have more detailed content online.  There will be accompanying information online that will go live on Thursday that will have a more detailed discussion of what the individual departments have done.  Ms. Guillet noted if someone wants more information, there is a link included in the giveaway document. 


     Ms. Guillet updated the Board regarding the finalization of the details for the bear program.  They received a $150,000 grant and may have as much as $200,000.  Their intention is to buy bear-resistant cans and offer them for purchase at a discount price.  She has been meeting with each of the Commissioners individually and originally presented $40 for an individual and a $100 discount for a group.  She advised they have gotten some requests from a staff level to take another look at that and they will bring something final back to the Board at the next Board meeting.  She suggested if there is any input, please get it to her and staff will bring it to the Board for final approval.


     James Peterson, 102 Foxridge Run, stated Amendment 2 passed in November and there are still no dispensaries or anything in Seminole County.  He asked why that is since it is legal now.  Mr. Peterson stated he is still concerned because he is not getting his medicine.  He requested that the Board allocate the clinic on CR 415 in Sanford and allow that to be the compassionate care center that can get the cannabis for Seminole County.  He believes that would be a quick start to this issue.  He requested that the Board draft a quick county ordinance to allow marijuana in VFWs and American Legions.  Anywhere alcohol and tobacco are allowed to be consumed, marijuana should be there without getting kicked out of the establishment or getting arrested. 

     Mr. Peterson stated he wants to find out if it is possible to pay $99 for a grow license for one year in Seminole County where you can grow up to 50 plants.  If you are fighting cancer, you "eat" a plant a day so that is not even two months’ worth of cancer medicine.  Fifty plants and up to nine dried ounces at one time is what the Federal government is still giving people.  He pointed out that four lucky people are still getting nine dried ounces a month from the Federal government medical marijuana program and wondered if they can get that here in Seminole County. 

     Mr. Peterson stated that another idea is with regard to the new sheriff in Seminole County.  He would like disabled people and veterans to fill out an application at the local police departments and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and let them empty out the evidence room of all of the green evidence.  He stated that would be a quick way to transition this thing right away and help the people that need it. 

     Speaker Request Form and Written Comment Form for Mr. Peterson were received and filed.


     There being no further business to come before the Board, the Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m., this same date.