March 13, 2018


†††† The following is a non-verbatim transcript of the BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING OF SEMINOLE COUNTY, FLORIDA, held at 9:30 a.m., on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, in Room 1028 of the SEMINOLE COUNTY SERVICES BUILDING at SANFORD, FLORIDA, the usual place of meeting of said Board.

†††† Present:

Chairman John Horan (District 2)

Vice Chairman Lee Constantine (District 3)

Commissioner Robert Dallari (District 1)

†††† Commissioner Carlton Henley (District 4)

†††† Commissioner Brenda Carey (District 5)

†††† Clerk of the Court and Comptroller Grant Maloy

†††† County Manager Nicole Guillet

†††† Deputy County Attorney Lynn Porter-Carlton

†††† Deputy Clerk Terri Porter




†††† Dr. Walt Person, Sanford Church of Christ, Sanford, gave the Invocation.Commissioner Henley led the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Business Spotlight video for Lake Mary Shuttle was presented.


Agenda Item #1 Ė 2018-0606

†††† Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to approve a Proclamation declaring March 2018 as Womenís History Month in Seminole County.

†††† Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Agenda Item #2 Ė 2018-0597

†††† Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to adopt appropriate Resolution #2018-R-33 recognizing Staff Sergeant Dennis McClellan, United States Air Force, as Seminole Countyís March 2018 Veteran of the Month.

†††† Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

†††† Staff Sergeant McClellan accepted the resolution and addressed the Board and the audience to express his appreciation.


†††† County Manager Nicole Guillet announced the addition of Consent Agenda Item #14A regarding a request to pursue a grant to help underwrite the cost of the Spring Hammock Preserve improvements.She also advised of a deletion, Item #17 will be brought back at a later date.


†††† Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to authorize and approve the following:

Office of Emergency Management

3.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Seminole County and the Hindu Society of Central Florida to provide emergency shelter support during times of disaster.(2018-0607)

4.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Meals on Wheels, Etc., Inc. for emergency food services during times of disaster. (2018-0608)


Development Services

Planning & Development Division

5.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2018-R-39 establishing the time of collection/payment for Educational System Impact Fees; and the First Amendment to the Educational System Impact Fee Interlocal Agreement between the City of Longwood, Seminole County, and the School Board of Seminole County.(2018-0609)

6.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2018-R-34 vacating and abandoning an exclusive easement to the benefit of Seminole County for ingress/egress and utility purposes, as recorded in the Official Record Book of Seminole county, Book 1806, Page 641, for property located on the west side of E. Lake Mary Boulevard, approximately one-fourth mile south of E. SR 46.(2018-0577)


Leisure Services

Greenways and Natural Lands

7.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Sanford to fund the Marina Island East and West Boat Basin Breakwater Project through the Boating Improvement Program for FY 2018, and to execute appropriate Resolution #2018-R-35 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #18-036 in the amount of $43,553.42 through the Boating Improvement Fund to fund the project.(2018-0603)

Parks and Recreation

8.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a new one-year Collaboration Agreement between Seminole County and Orlando Health, Inc. to supply, install and maintain sunscreen dispensers in the active park locations which include (a) Softball Complex, (b) Sylvan Lake, (c) Sanlando Park, (d) BOOMBAH Sports Complex, (e) Red Bug, and (f) BOOMBAH Soldiers Creek. (2018-0593)


Public Works

Engineering Division

9.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute an Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Mitigation Credits with William L. Colbert, Managing Trustee of Colbert/Cameron Trust No. 1, in the amount of $109,000 for the Five Points Connector Roadway and Regional Stormwater Pond Project; and authorize staff to execute the associated United States Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army Permit.(2018-0554)

10.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute an Interlocal Agreement between Seminole County and the City of Sanford for the Sanford Riverwalk Phase 3 from Phase 2 to Terminus to Monroe Road in the amount of $7,000,000.(2018-0592)


Resource Management

Budget & Fiscal Management

11.Approve submission of an Application to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), through the FY 2017 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant requesting up to $25,000 for the Smoke Alarm/Carbon Monoxide Detector Program; and authorize the County Manager to execute any documents associated with Grant Application.(2018-0602)

12.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2018-R-36 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #18-027, through the 17-92 CRA Trust Fund reducing revenues and the Reserve for Capital Improvements by $185,003, and providing for $11,435,426 in tax increment refunds from uncommitted Reserves.(2018-0581)

13.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2018-R-37 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #18-034 through the General, Transportation Trust and Fire Funds, recognizing $7,169,786 in tax increment refund transfers from the 17-92 CRA Trust Fund.(2018-0579)

14.Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2018-R-38 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #18-035 in the amount of $14,871, through the various Water and Sewer Funds to restructure and reallocate funding in FY 2017/18 for various Water and Sewer Capital Projects.(2018-0582)

14A. Approve submission of an Application to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant requesting up to $200,000; and authorize the County Manager to execute any documents associated with the Grant Application.(2018-0615)

Purchasing & Contracts Division

15.Approve the First Amendment to RFP-602014-15/GMG, Contractor Services Agreement for Processing and Marketing of Recyclable Materials, with Waste Management, Inc. of Florida, a subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc., Pompano; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Manager to execute the Amendment.(2018-0559)

16.Award IFB-603005-17/GCM, Term Contract for Large Meter Testing, Replacement and Repair Program, to Reed and Shows Meter Solutions, LLC, Douglasville, GA; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Manager to execute the Agreement.(Estimated annual usage:†† $75,000)(2018-0530)

17.Pulled from the Agenda request to approve the ranking list, authorize staff to negotiate rates in accordance with Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA); and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Manager to execute four (4) Master Services Agreements (MSAs) for PS-1709-18/RTB, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Engineering Services.(Estimated annual usage:$400,000)(2018-0573)


Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Clerk & Comptrollerís Office

Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to approve the following:

18.Approve Expenditure Approval Lists dated February 12 and 19, 2018; Payroll Approval List dated February 8, 2018; and the BCC Official Minutes dated February 13, 2018.(2018-0601)


†††† Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.




†††† The Board noted, for information only, the following Clerk & Comptrollerís ďReceived and FiledĒ:

1.Florida Public Service Commission Consummating Order #PSC-2018-0076-CO-EI re: petition approval of curtailable services tariff modifications by Florida Power & Light Company, Docket #20170216-EI, issued February 13, 2018.


2.Florida Public Service Commission Consummating Order #PSC-2018-0085-PAA-EQ re: petition for approval of renewable energy tariff and standard offer contract by Florida Power & Light Company, Docket #20170226-EQ, issued February 19, 2018.


3.Right-of-Way Utilization Cash Maintenance Bond in the amount of $7,511.19 for the right-of-way known as 2728 West Country Club Road; PRD SS Sanford, LLC.


4.Right-of-Way Utilization Performance Bond #58741230 in the amount of $22,924.00 for the right-of-way known as Lake Mary Medical Building; Hembree Construction, Inc.


5.Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Rapid Re-Housing Case Management Services Agreement for Program Year 2017-2018 with Community Initiatives, Inc., as approved by the BCC on August 9, 2016.


6.Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Subrecipient Agreement for Program Year 2017-2018 with The Seminole County Coalition for School Readiness, Inc. d/b/a The Early Learning Coalition of Seminole, as approved by the BCC on July 25, 2017.


7.ESG Subrecipient Agreement for Program Year 2017-2018 with Community Initiatives, Inc., as approved by the BCC on August 9, 2016.


8.State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Program Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Funding Certification, as approved by the BCC on January 9, 2018.


9.Fully Executed Federally Funded Subaward and Grant Agreement with the State of Florida, Division of Emergency Management, to purchase WebEOC software, as approved by the BCC on October 10, 2017.


10.Modification #1 to the Federally Funded Subgrant Agreement with the State of Florida, Division of Emergency Management, to purchase WebEOC software.


11.Pet Rescue Cooperative Service Agreement with METTA Rescue Family.


12.Tourist Tax Funding Agreement with Spring Break Sports, Inc. for the Spring Break Tennis event.


13.Resolution #2017-R-157, Montgomery Parkway Right-of-Way Vacate, as approved by the BCC on November 26, 2017, and re-recorded with two proofs of publication.


14.Resolution #2017-R-167, Smith Canal Right-of-Way Easement Vacate, as approved by the BCC on October 24, 2017, and re-recorded with two proofs of publication.


15.Denial Development Order #17-30000114, 800 Winona Drive, Jade C & D, Inc.


16.Approval Development Orders #17-30000102, 1040 Middle Lane, Victor Kpogoh; #17-30000103, 1351 San Felipe Court, Joshua Eule; #17-30000104, 2422 Westminster Terrace, Gregory & Valerie Mobarak; #17-30000105, Lot 14A Turner Lane, Aleksandr Unchikov; #17-30000107, 2430 West Lake Brantley Drive, Colby Harkrader; #17-30000108, 2 Village Green, James & Carol Harris; #17-30000110, 2201 Driftwood Drive, Carl Tinder; #17-30000111, 556 Brookwood Lane, Daniel & Samantha Jenkins; #17-30000113, 5636 Revelwood Loop, Michael Tucker; #17-30000115, 377 Sugar Sand Lane, Steven Wagner; #17-30000116, 401 Abbeywood Lane, John & Amy Preddy; and #17-32000007, Hunterfield Road Communication Tower, City of Casselberry.


17.Addendum #1 to the Old Lockwood Fawn Run Planned Development Developerís Commitment Agreement and Addendum #1 to Development Order #17-20500048; Taylor Morrison of Florida, Inc.


18.Johnson Warehouse Planned Development Developerís Commitment Agreement #17-20500029; VI-Con Development Group, LLC.


19.PS-0504-16, Consultant Services Agreement with CDM Smith, Inc., executed by the Florida Department of Transportation, as approved by the BCC on January 10, 2017.


20.Second Amendment to CC-0559-15 with Southland Construction, Inc.


21.Change Order #2 to Work Order #5 to CC-0559-15 with CFE Corp.


22.Notice to Proceed for Work Order #14 to CC-0559-15 with Central Florida Environmental Corp.


23.Closeout to CC-1414-17 with Hiatt Construction, LLC.

24.Change Order #1 to CC-1424-17 with Linton Enterprises, Inc.


25.Work Order #2 to PS-1474-17 with S2L, Inc.


26.M-1844-18 with Crom Engineering & Construction Service, Inc. (CROM Coatings and Restorations).


27.Second Amendment to Term Contract IFB-602182-15 with Rainbow Distributors USA, Inc.


28.First Amendment to Term Contract IFB-602798-17 with R2J Chemical Services, Inc.


29.Term Contract IFB-603035-18 with Core & Main LP.


30.Term Contract IFB-603035-18 with Ferguson Waterworks, Inc.


31.Work Order #61 to PS-8047-12 with Ardaman & Associates, Inc.


32.Amendment #1 to Work Order #39 to PS-8186-13 with CPH, Inc.


33.Amendment #2 to Work Order #39 to PS-8186-13 with CPH, Inc.


34.Work Order #43 to PS-8186-13 with Atkins North America, Inc.


35.Work Order #4 to RFP-8721-13 with VHB Miller Sellen.


36.Closeout to Work Order #4 to RFQ-9093-13 with Wharton-Smith, Inc.


37.Change Order #1 to Work Order #36 to CC-9192-13 with M&J Enterprises International, Inc.


38.Amendment #3 to Work Order #21 to PS-9738-14 with E Sciences, Inc.


39.Work Order #26 to PS-9738-14 with E Sciences, Inc.


40.Bids as follows:


RFP-1294-17 from Glen Holt Aluminum, LLC; Corinthian Builders, Inc.; Pat Lynch Construction, LLC; BSE Construction Group; Dager Construction, Inc.; Linton Enterprises, Inc.; M&J Enterprises International, Inc.; Tyrell Enterprises, LLC;


BID-603060-18 from Lapin Septic Tank Service, Inc. d/b/a Lapin Services; Brownieís Septic & Plumbing;


IFB-603035-18 from Core and Main LP; Ferguson Waterworks; and


PS-0504-16 from AECOM Technical Services, Inc.; Carnahan, Proctor and Cross, Inc.; CDM Smith, Inc.; CPH, Inc.; DRMP, Inc.; England-Thims & Miller, Inc.; GAI Consultants, Inc.; Hill International, Inc.; Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.; Keith and Schnars; Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.; RS&H, Inc.; Rummel, Klepper and Kahl, LLP; SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc.; Tierra, Inc.; Volkert, Inc.



Agenda Item #19 Ė 2018-0610

†††† Tamsin Bell, Economic Development & Community Relations, addressed the Board to present the request to consider approval of a Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) Funding Agreement with QuantumFlo, Inc., providing an incentive of $2,000 per job for a total of $50,000 to be split evenly with the City of Sanford, for the creation of twenty-five (25) jobs; and an Interlocal Funding Agreement between Seminole County and the City of Sanford, addressing the Cityís contribution to the JGI incentive of $25,000.

†††† Ms. Bell advised that QuantumFlo is currently located in Volusia County and is one of the nationís leading providers in variable speed plumbing technology.They design intelligent software to save energy and conserve water use.The JGI Award involves a relocation of QuantumFloís headquarters into Sanford, which involves a capital improvement of at least $2.5 million including the purchase of 2664 Jewett Lane.She covered further details as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum.

†††† Commissioner Henley commented that this program was part of the economic development program that started a long time ago and has contributed to the status reported in the newspaper this morning that Seminole County has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state.He noted he is glad they are continuing to be able to create jobs.Chairman Horan added these are jobs that are moving from Volusia County to Seminole County.Ms. Guillet stated they are new jobs and not just jobs that are moving.The Chairman stated there are $2.5 million in capital improvements as well.

†††† Upon inquiry by Commissioner Constantine, Ms. Bell replied they are currently located in DeBary.Commissioner Constantine said that one question he usually asks is whether they are in imminent danger of moving out of the area; and he said it is not, it is just relocating because there was no space available in DeBary.Ms. Bell advised they wanted a contiguous operation so they could bring both of their facilities together.

†††† Bob Turk, Economic Development Director for the City of Sanford, addressed the Board to advise that QuantumFlo was looking at several locations.One was in Ormond Beach; it was a bigger facility than what they wanted and they were interested in it, but the cost was prohibitive finally compared to what they found in Sanford on Jewett Lane.He noted the company is also looking at South Carolina.There was a facility there and they were trying very hard to get them to relocate, but they have not made that final decision yet.He noted the CEO is out of the country so is unable to be in attendance today, but he wanted to be here to explain that the decision has not been made no matter what the media may have reported.It is not a done deal, but they have definitely done their due diligence on the facility here in Sanford.Commissioner Carey pointed out the funds are not paid until the jobs have been created and remain for two years.

†††† Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) Funding Agreement with QuantumFlo, Inc. providing an incentive of $2,000 per job, for a total of $50,000 to be split evenly with the City of Sanford, for the creation of twenty-five (25) jobs; and an Interlocal Funding Agreement between Seminole County and the City of Sanford, addressing the Cityís contribution to the JGI incentive of $25,000.

†††† With regard to public participation, no one in the audience spoke in support or in opposition and public input was closed.

†††† Commissioner Constantine stated he does not have any doubt that QuantumFlo did their due diligence and that Mr. Turk and the City of Sanford have done their due diligence.In fact, he does not think there is another city, with maybe the exception of Lake Mary, that is more aggressive on these incentives than Sanford.In talking with staff yesterday, he said he sensed a level of quandary as to what really matches the criteria, not what they have today, but what they are looking at for the future.He said he believes very strongly that they should not be cannibalizing their next door neighbors; they are in this regionally.Whether these 25 jobs are relocated here, the people can live anywhere.If they look at the level of the people that work in Seminole, a great many of them live in Volusia County right now and just cross the bridge every day.He does not know if this particular one meets the criteria of what they are really looking for.He added he has no problem with certain incentives, especially when they are bringing them in from someplace far away and therefore the jobs are going to be created here and the people are going to be living here, but these 25 jobs whether they come here, Volusia County, Orange County, or whatever, he does not see this one as one he really believes is meeting the true criteria of a JGI.

†††† Commissioner Constantine stated this may meet the criteria that they have right now, but he really believes that they need to look at the criteria they currently have, maybe through a work session, to see if it is meeting the needs for the future.It may have met the needs when they were in a down economy.But, the 3.6% unemployment rate may mean that they may want to look at different alternatives and conditions for these QTIs and JGIs.He said in addition, he feels a little uncomfortable that there are already three companies in Seminole County right now that are in direct competition with this company.So, they are giving one company an incentive over another.Commissioner Carey indicated that any company in Seminole County, if they are creating new jobs, has an opportunity to come and apply for support for jobs.This is about new job creation whether they are moving here or whether they are already here.She added they are pursuing clean manufacturing jobs, which is exactly what this is, a robotic facility.People that are already here are not at a disadvantage if they want to expand their business.

†††† Commissioner Dallari opined as the criteria is set today, he believes this is something they should support.The rate of return is less than a year and he will support it.If they want to relook at the policy in place, that is a different issue, but moving forward he believes it is a good project.Commissioner Constantine added this criteria has served them well in the past, but just like everything, this has been in place for a while and conditions change, and it doesnít harm them to look at the criteria and give staff direction moving forward.He is asking that maybe the County Manager set a work session in the future to look at the criteria if no one has any objections to that.Commissioners Henley and Dallari agreed.

†††† Districts 1, 2, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

†††† Commissioner Constantine voted NAY.


Item #20 Ė 2018-0583

†††† Mary Robinson, Planning & Development Division, addressed the Board to present a request to consider a Special Event Permit for the Seminole County Fair on March 23, 2018 through March 31, 2018, located at 440 Hickman Drive, Sanford; James E. Strates, Applicant.She reviewed the details as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum and noted staff recommends approval.Commissioner Constantine thanked staff because he said he asked them to ensure there would be no exotic live animals being displayed.

†††† Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to approve a Special Event Permit for the Seminole County Fair on March 23, 2018 through March 31, 2018, located at 440 Hickman Drive, Sanford; James E. Strates, Applicant.

†††† With regard to public participation, no one in the audience spoke in support or in opposition and public input was closed.

†††† Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


†††† Meloney Lung, Assistant County Manager, addressed the Board stating their lobbyists, Alex Setzer and Oscar Anderson, are in attendance to give an update since conclusion of the session.

†††† Mr. Setzer addressed the Board and noted it was a challenging session but he thinks they came out pretty good all things considered.He thinks they fought back a lot on the defensive end and also managed to come out with some money.They are now at $3 million out of the $4 million that they are officially owed for the Department of Juvenile Justice, so they have one million this year in the budgets and they are hoping that next year they will be able to get the final $1 million.They felt like they had the extra million this year but a couple of minor things happened in the end that made it not happen.He added the budget was a little tough this year, deficits and the additional $400 million that they had to find for school safety funding made it a bit interesting to say the least.He is happy to say they got $1 million in CAD funding which closes that out; that gives them $2 million that was needed for that project.Chairman Horan clarified that CAD is Computer Assisted Dispatch for public safety.

†††† Mr. Setzer stated he has already had a conversation with Secretary Brodeur about seeing what they can do to waive the rules on the juvenile justice money they were supposed to spend by June, and they have already talked to the Governorís Office about it and will be talking to Cynthia Kelly again about keeping that money for one more year, and then go back and try to get the extra $1 million this year.

†††† Mr. Setzer advised they had a couple of other good wins; obviously, they were challenged with the rural boundary language that popped up in the last couple weeks of session.That ultimately did not make it through.They anticipate that will continue to be an issue they will have to monitor both on the local and state level.He added they had a couple of ancillary things that were good; he just got off the phone with Representative Bob Cortes.To his credit, Representative Cortes has been speaking with the Sheriff all last weekend and this weekend about the money coming down for school safety.He said they will see a little bit of residual money back into their own budget because as it currently stands, the County pays for all the school resource officers.Ms. Guillet clarified the County shares the cost with the School Board to pay for school resource officers.Mr. Setzer stated as the agreement is, and he is not sure if the Sheriff has communicated this with the Board, he got this information from Representative Cortes, the Sheriff is going to work to try to move most if not all of his substations into the schools, which would free up some resources for the County because they would not have to pay for the additional school resource officers in there.Also, the money would come down from the State based on the guardian program if the individual schools so decide that they want to have a guardian in each individual school.They donít know what that number is but they will see some relief in the budget on that.Commissioner Dallari asked that he thank Representative Cortes, and Mr. Setzer responded Representative Cortes has been really out in front on that because he thinks it is a really good idea, and he said he also credits the Sheriff for doing that because it is a good way to use resources and save everybody a little bit of money, and keep the kids safe, which is first and foremost.

†††† Mr. Anderson addressed the Board stating that Mr. Setzer covered a lot of the hot button issues and he wanted to talk about a few other issues that they were tracking for the County during session.To put the session in perspective he likes to give this information:there were roughly 3,300 bills filed in Tallahassee, 2,700 amendments filed, and at the end of the day, only 200 passed.

†††† Mr. Anderson noted on the initial list for the County were a lot of these local preemption bills.Most if not all the ones that were priorities of the County failed during the legislative session, whether they were the local government ethics mandate or some of the fiscal transparency, tree trimming, all of those issues died in the Senate in the end of session.

†††† In regard to affordable housing, Mr. Anderson stated that last year there was the creation of a work group which met all during the fall and they kind of monitored it to see what kind of issues were coming up.Representative Cortes took the mantle up and filed the affordable housing bill as a product of that work group.He noted there were a couple of things in there that they didnít like at the beginning.There were mandatory impact fee moratoriums for five years and they worked with the Legislature and got those taken out.But at the end of the day, it got caught up in some state lands disposable issues and didnít pass in the session.

†††† Mr. Anderson expressed there were a lot of transportation bills as there typically are.They narrow down into what they call trains at the end of session and pretty much every transportation bill died except for one, and there is one issue of note.He knows the Central Florida Expressway Authority was working on some authority to potentially contract with FDOT about turnpike facilities, and that language passed (HB 141), so it is on its way to the Governor.Commissioner Carey said there was a question about whether the Turnpike had the authority to sell an asset, and so that clarified that the State, in fact, does have the authority to sell an asset if they so choose.

†††† Commissioner Dallari asked moving forward for next session, did they have any words of advice.Mr. Anderson replied he thinks the status quo will remain; they anticipate, based on conversations with all the governmental lobbyists, there will still be sort of an attack on home rule, at least from the House side of the equation.He opined the Senate will look at these things a little more judiciously.He does not anticipate any radical shift from where they are.

†††† Commissioner Carey questioned how many House members will be termed out of office this year.She added it is actually quite a few.Mr. Setzer responded they would get that number for her.Commissioner Carey stated many House members and Senators will be termed out and they will have new people.It takes a while to understand the process, and they really need to pay close attention to that and make sure they get to all the newly elected members as soon as possible, because their legislative delegation can do everything possible to help this County, but if they do not have support from across the state, then the bills that are important to Seminole may fail.She added she thinks it is important that they reach out very quickly to all the newly elected; she thinks it is probably about a third of the group.Mr. Setzer said their job will be to hit the road after session.He opined he thinks there will be a lot more Senate seats given there is only 40 of them, and that is where you will see the House kind of being more of a top-down leadership, and the Senate will have a radical change.Commissioner Carey remarked the Senate has done a lot of blocking for them of crazy House bills that have come out.

†††† Commissioner Constantine stated he thinks this is one of the lowest periods they have ever had of individuals that have previous experience in local office being in the Legislature.Both Houses now are very top heavy, and most get wrapped up in trying to please whatever the presiding officer is as opposed to things that they know are smart.They need people that have local experience and they donít have it; they donít have experience in making decisions from a standpoint of what it really takes to run a county or a city.

†††† Commissioner Carey remarked that what she has observed though in the years she has been involved in Seminole County is that when they didnít have term limits, people got elected to office and they went up to Tallahassee and they had to prove their leadership to get into a leadership position.And then when term limits came along, every freshman class that gets elected, they elect who their next speaker of the house is going to be in six years, and so the speaker ends up having so much more control, and they saw it this year.If you donít play ball, your bills are all going to get killed today.She noted she reminds them that if you donít play ball sometimes, they will get killed when they hit the Governorís desk.She said she thinks that in watching how it has transitioned over the years to leadership, and now these people get in these leadership tracks, and if they do anything wrong that the leadership doesnít like, they are kicked out and so all of a sudden, it does not become about what is going on here, it becomes about trying to stay in that leadership track.She opined it has gotten way off base and it is so different than it has been historically.

†††† Commissioner Dallari thanked Messrs. Setzer and Anderson for their hard work on both offense and defense.He said the one bill they have all been tracking and a lot of residents have been tracking is HB 883, which had to do with their rural boundary.He thinks it is appropriate that they thank the individuals that actually went to bat for them up in Tallahassee, both on the Senate and House side.Senator Perry in Ocala as well as Senator Simmons and several of the House representatives here locally have helped this County.He believes they should be sending them a letter of thanks.He would like to get the list from them since they were there on ground zero.Commissioner Constantine noted Senator Lee also.Commissioner Dallari indicated he did not want to miss anyone and Commissioner Carey added it is across the state.Commissioner Dallari agreed and reiterated he would like to know who actually helped them from across the state.Mr. Setzer noted they can absolutely do that.Commissioner Dallari said he would like for them to send a ďthank youĒ signed by the Chairman.Chairman Horan pointed out they did particularly well this year in light of the fact that the most influential, out-of-area assistance they got was from Senator Latvala, who of course was no longer in the Legislature.And, finding other allies was of course something that is part of their skill set that they do, and it is interesting to watch that happen knowing where the influential legislators are and what relationship they have with them and how they can help.He thinks sending a letter acknowledging that ďthey get itĒ will go a long way.

†††† Commissioner Constantine stated the Florida Association of Counties was in every single meeting last week, and that included the other 66 counties, pushing against all the amendments in 883.He added they need to thank that group and their Board of Directors because it was across the board.Every one of them knew it was directed at Seminole and they all said they have got to help because it could also happen to them, so they were there 100%.

†††† Mr. Setzer stated in regard to Commissioner Dallariís request for advice, he knows that every local government is talking about this, the one thing he thinks they need to do as a local government and all local governments need to do is they really need to find and identify someone in the Senate that is going to be the standard-bearer for local government.They had that for a long time in Senator Latvala.He added they got through this year but they canít point to any one at this time that is a real roadblock to home rule stuff in the Senate, because moving forward he believes they are going to need that.He thinks as the local government, they need to reach out to the other county commissioners that they know, and that is something they desperately need moving forward.Commissioner Carey stated maybe that is an issue for FAC to take up also.Mr. Setzer said they are going to.Chairman Horan remarked an organization like FAC, unfortunately, is always playing defense because they do not have a lot of money to spread around, and he thought they were particularly adept this year at playing defense.He added he thought the two lobbyists were fantastic, and their local delegation was very helpful.

†††† In regard to the rural area, Commissioner Dallari stated he thinks they need to be talking with the City of Oviedo about bringing back the JPA that they had.He said he is asking for the authority to actually work with staff and to reach out to the City of Oviedo to bring back something to this Board.He is bringing it up now because they are talking about home rule and he believes there is support there.Ms. Guillet advised they will coordinate that.Commissioner Constantine said he believes they have a consensus with regard to the JPA with Oviedo.He noted that Orange County has been going through some problems recently too that they may be able to do something in that whole region of maybe doing real long-term planning.

†††† Commissioner Carey commented there were a lot of city commissioners sending out messages, not only in this county but in other counties, about the attack on home rule.They have a very active group with the Florida League of Cities and she thinks it would be great if sometimes the Florida Association of Counties and the Florida League of Cities would combine forces to go at some of the issues that affect all of them.Commissioner Constantine noted they already work with the cities and the cities were there with them on 883.Commissioner Carey said home rule is going to continue and they donít, as stated earlier with Senator Latvala gone, really have anybody in the Senate that is going to be their point person to kind of fight back on the home rule issue, so she thinks it is all the more important because they were sending messages to the citizens and there is nothing more important than the citizens calling Tallahassee expressing their displeasure, and many times they are not even aware of some of the things that are going on in the Legislature.


District 4

†††† Commissioner Henley gave a shout out to staff who presented the program at Lyman High School regarding the Rolling Hills MSBU.They had quite a bit of feedback from people who were there about how well they thought staff handled that and presented it and they wanted to express their appreciation, so he wanted to relay that to them.

District 5

†††† Commissioner Carey reported that at the Sanford Airport Authority board meeting last week, on behalf of this commission, she expressed their concerns over the recent actions that had occurred with airport staff requesting the moratorium.She was assured by not only the chairman but the staff that this action would not happen again.They are still trying to set a date to have a joint discussion between the Airport, the City of Sanford, and the County.She said she will keep the commissioners updated.


†††† Commissioner Carey stated she attended a meeting at the Expressway Authority last week, and reported they have opened the Innovation Way interchange from SR 528 to Sunbridge Parkway; it is pretty impressive how you can move around in that area with the opening of that road.Also, on March 31st, they will be opening Section 2 of the Wekiva Parkway, which is a five-mile stretch between SR 46, Round Lake Road, Kelly Road Park, and CR 437 (Plymouth Sorrento Road).


†††† Commissioner Carey reported at the last meeting of the Expressway Authority, they had a lot of coverage on four items, mostly about the extension of the Osceola Parkway, and that is the discussion about Split Oak Forest.She said they may have heard that on the news.There were four projects that the board was being asked to either move forward or to just accept the presentations.After four or five hours of public comment, they voted unanimously to accept and move forward to the PD&E study for the Osceola Parkway extension and the Poinciana Parkway project as well.They also agreed to just accept the studies for the other two projects.


†††† Commissioner Carey reminded that during Hurricane Irma, the tolls were lifted so they had a huge loss of revenue during that particular time.They had expected to become whole again by the end of March, but she is happy to report that toll revenue is up and they actually caught up; in February they were a half percent over budget.


Commissioner Carey advised The Goldsboro Farmersí Market has changed locations and will be at the Allen Chapel AME parking lot at the corner of Olive and Historic Goldsboro Boulevard.The Farmersí Market is open every Friday from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.


Commissioner Carey announced the Central Florida Boy Scout Golden Eagle Dinner is scheduled for April 23rd, and that is a date change from the original date of April 5th.They moved the date in order to accommodate their honoree, Dr. John Hitt from UCF.

District 1

†††† Commissioner Dallari stated he received an email from a resident that he forwarded to the commissioners earlier today.It was from a resident that was telling him that last Friday night, March 9th, there was a brush fire in Riverwood and the resident lives on Riverwood Trail.They were informing him that this brush fire could have turned into a very bad wildfire because of the dry and windy conditions.They were writing to thank the firefighters for their rapid response and skill, and because of that they were able to escape with minor loss.He asked that the email be forwarded to the appropriate staff.


†††† Commissioner Dallari reported he was at the kickoff of the Wekiva Paintout this past weekend.Tomorrow evening there will be a live auction of artwork produced in that area, and the proceeds will go to the Wekiva Trust as well as Keep Seminole Beautiful.


†††† Commissioner Dallari noted he will be forwarding an email he received from FWC in regard to issues and people contacting them about coyotes in Seminole County.He would like staff to research this further because they talk about in the email the difference between a nuisance and hunting and trapping.He wants to make sure the information they are giving out is correct with the right protocol for coyotes in neighborhoods.Ms. Guillet advised they have been coordinating with FWC with respect to the coyote situation.She will send the Board an update with all of their efforts so that all the Commission Offices will know what they have been doing.The Commissioner remarked heís received a couple of emails in which people have lost pets because of it in areas that you would not think there would be coyotes going into neighborhoods.Ms. Guillet noted it is heartbreaking and they understand it is an issue in their community.

District 3

†††† Commissioner Constantine said he agrees with Commissioner Henley; he had the occasion to go to the Rolling Hills neighborhood informational meeting.There were over 700 people there; he had never seen so many people in attendance for one issue.He thought that the Leisure Services and MSBU staff did a great job in explaining it to them.


†††† Commissioner Constantine advised he brought together the owners of Wekiva Island, the Weinaugs, and some of the stakeholders at Sweetwater Springs last week.After sitting down with both groups and their attorneys for three and a half hours, they came up with 10 points of agreement, nothing of which is promised by staff or the County, but just between the Weinaugs and the people of Sweetwater Springs.He opined that is a great first step.He reminded that Wekiva Island has wanted to make some changes in their Development Order.Most of the discussion was specific to that as well as past concerns.He will be presenting those 10 points to staff to see if any of them would be something they could work on also.


†††† Commissioner Constantine noted there is a Regional Planning Council meeting on the 21st and on the 22nd there is a Lynx meeting.Also, tomorrow there is an MPO Board meeting.


†††† Commissioner Constantine remarked he was contacted by a constituent recently who was very impressed with what they have done with honoring veterans once a month.He is asking staff if they could get with Ed Burford, Veteran Services Officer.There is a distinction known as the Purple Heart Community, and there are certain things that a county or the cities within that county can do.When they gave him the criteria, it did not seem like it was too onerous or costly at all.He thought they could get the collective seven cities and make the whole county a Purple Heart community, and would just like staff to look into it to see if that is a potential.Commissioner Dallari indicated he thinks that would be a perfect thing to do because they put another name on their Across Seminole County Trail as the Purple Heart Trail.


†††† Commissioner Constantine advised Seminole County received an invitation from the Florida Wildlife Federation, a private organization.On April 28th, they plan to give Seminole County its Defender of Wildlife Award for the things they have done over the last couple of years.He noted it is not often that a county would receive that distinction; it is usually an individual.They felt that Seminole has done so much in recent past to protect wildlife that this County deserved that distinction.


†††† Chairman Horan advised he was contacted by AAGO (the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando), and they have some comments on impact fees.They were not in attendance at the hearing, so they are going to make a presentation today regarding some of their concerns.

†††† Hal Kantor with Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed addressed the Board noting they represent AAGO, and are going to talk about selected implementation issues.He said they do have issues with the ordinance itself but are here to talk specifically about vested rights and about what they consider to be fairness. He introduced Mark Ogier who is with ContraVest Development Partners and is also the chair of the Developers Council association.

†††† Mr. Ogier addressed the Board advising he has been in business in Seminole County for over 32 years as an apartment developer, and he thanked the Board for their pro-business environment in the county.AAGO would like to be involved and has been in the past on a lot of the issues facing the County, and they want to be a part of that solution.He displayed a presentation entitled Seminole County Educational System Impact Fees (received and filed).He stated their members are apartment owners, developers, investors, suppliers and employees that work for their communities.Their area covers Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Lake and Volusia counties.He read the details on the first slide regarding the number of communities, apartment units and companies in the membership.He noted the Developers Council is an association made up of 27 development companies who deal with issues throughout the Central Florida area.He said they want to be part of the process, now and in the future.Mr. Kantor stated that basically, they represent a huge portion of the housing in this community, and they are a stakeholder who was not at the table.They think they should have been and they are trying to correct that; they appreciate the opportunity.

†††† The Vested Rights Process slide was displayed.Mr. Kantor stated he would like to talk about two elements of that process.He said the Board adopted this in the resolution which said that a developer can be vested because he has an existing contract under certain circumstances.He read the circumstances listed on the slide (a through e) noting they are very common, very fair and very business oriented.He noted it concerns him because this particular commission is known as being business aware or business friendly, so they say to the development community, if you have changed your position or if you have spent money, it would be unfair to take from you what you have anticipated is going to be your business deal.He opined that is how they generally look at things.He pointed out but then they added two provisions that are required to get vesting.One is that the contract for sale and purchase has to specifically address who is going to pay for impact fees, Section f(i).Mr. Kantor noted he has been practicing law for 46 years; he has done hundreds of apartment deals, and he has never seen a deal where a buyer and a seller agree as to who is going to pay the impact fees after the seller sells the property to the buyer.He added two circumstances would be different:one is where there is a joint venture and the seller is part of it, and the other is where the seller has some prepaid impact fees and he wants to get paid for them.But, he said, the vast majority of cases do not deal with that; there is no real basis for this.Mr. Kantor stated that not only do they require that, but in addition, they require a developer to show that there is really no profit, that the action makes the project devoid of profit, Section f(ii).He explained there are many different kinds of apartment developers.There are apartment developers who buy and hold; there are apartment developers who buy and flip; there are apartment developers who get investor financing, who get institutional financing, all kinds of financing, and every deal is different.The County is asking for proprietary information from an apartment developer to tell about their profit.He is being told that they might be accepting perhaps an affidavit, but that is not what the Code says; this is what the Code says.

†††† Mr. Kantor stated that what they are going to ask, and he knows they cannot take official action today, is to arrive at a consensus to remove these two conditions from the vesting ordinance and allow additional time to accommodate those who might be able to take advantage of it.

†††† Randy Morris, RM Strategies, addressed the Board to speak about the vesting term stating he has represented dozens of multi-family applications in the cities in Seminole County and in Orange County.He explained they run through a production schedule and displayed Realistic Development Schedule for Multi Family Project.The important thing to understand is the industry has to deal with seven other jurisdictions, all of whom have different codes and different implementations of those codes.He then reviewed the schedule information on the slide.He noted Infrastructure Construction is the site work, and the way the resolution of implementation and ordinance works is they are saying you have to do it at vertical building permit; you have to pull those vertical permits and get under construction.The site work itself can be two to four months assuming you donít run into major issues on site.He noted these are single-family home builders who the School Board and their representative spoke to, but they are talking about apartment buildings. This is construction all at once. This is everything running simultaneously for a much larger project, anywhere from 125 to 250 units in a first phase.And then there is the building permit application itself.So it is 18 to 23 months, and that is the range they give assuming no snafus, or Comprehensive Plan amendments.Finally, he indicated that he and Mr. Kantor ran through this timeline, and then the industry looked at it and corrected that timeline.

†††† Mr. Morris stated they are asking that they please extend the period of time for an additional year.He noted the School Board did not request this vesting; this is this Commissionís vesting concept.

†††† Mr. Kantor detailed what they are asking is to (1) delete the two subparagraphs that he identified in Section 30.30 of the Administrative Code; (2) amend Section 105.43 of the ordinance to change the term of vesting from one year to two years; and (3) amend the application period.He then displayed and reviewed an edited resolution showing Modification of Vested Rights Conditions, and stated this is exactly what they are asking for.Upon inquiry by Chairman Horan, Mr. Kantor explained they are asking for two Administrative Code changes and one ordinance change.Modifying Application Time Period was shown and Mr. Kantor said this is a timeline in the Administrative Code which would allow people to apply if the Board grants their request.

†††† Commissioner Carey reminded when they started this conversation, staff actually recommended two years because of the process.She stated if you are buying a piece of property for development, you are going to try to do as little as possible until you know for sure you can get approvals for zoning and the property will actually close, because a lot of deals blow up after the zoning has been done; they can blow up at the closing table.You are certainly not drawing any architectural plans in detail except for maybe conceptual to get through the process.She indicated she had staff lay it out and in one scenario, it is 16 months and in the other one, it is 13 months, but in neither one did they have the Water Management District permitting and those types of things.She reiterated their original recommendation was two years.She thinks they had one person at the hearing that said a year is fine, and that was probably fine for their circumstances, but they were really not considering the overall process.She opined this is a fair and reasonable request on this portion.

†††† Commissioner Carey stated she agrees with Mr. Kantor that very rarely is there anything in a land transaction that talks about impact fees unless it is a joint venture, and the price is reflective of what the total cost is for the deal, so it is not usually something that is spelled out.She noted she did ask staff to give her a copy of their application, which they did not really see previously because it was not part of their documentation.She said she thinks the request is reasonable and does not have an issue going back and revisiting that based on the facts she got from staff.

†††† Commissioner Constantine disclosed he had a meeting with Mr. Kantor on Friday, and he reaffirmed something that Mr. Ogier told him earlier in a discussion.As Mr. Morris indicated, it may not have been a timeline that the School Board requested, but in formulating their whole scheme on impact fees, although GOBA (Greater Orlando Builders Association) was intimately involved in the entire negotiations, AAGO was never even contacted.Mr. Kantor noted that they have responsibility too, however.Commissioner Constantine agreed and said he knows that Mr. Kantor was not their lawyer at the time.He said that is what is happening here now.AAGO is saying some of these things may work for other people, but they donít work for them.The Commissioner said he does not have a problem with staff revisiting that and bringing back some recommendations on this.

†††† Commissioner Dallari stated he thinks the request is reasonable and the presentation is clear.He thanked Mr. Kantor for pointing this out and said he just wants to make sure that this is not just for apartments but they are looking at all of it.Mr. Kantor explained it is just a distinction between single-family and apartments, but everybody would benefit.Mr. Morris added in terms of a general recommendation versus the specific recommendation that they have, they do not want to interfere with the timeline and they know the School Board would be concerned with the timeline in terms of the application process, because that will ultimately delay the income that the School Board would get.So, they are asking, if possible, if the Board has consensus to bring back the specific recommendations at their next meeting, because they have to hold a public hearing to do this.He pointed out if they delay too long or have a staff study, then the School Board will be damaged, and they are trying not to have that happen here.Commissioner Dallari expressed he just wants to make sure whatever public notice is filed, is filed correctly.Mr. Morris noted they are moving everything back about 30 days which is not onerous, they donít think, for the School Board.

†††† Commissioner Henley commented that he had an opportunity to talk to Mr. Morris about this, and he thinks their request is reasonable and he has no objection.Commissioner Dallari clarified that he did speak with Mr. Morris as well as Mr. Kantor.Chairman Horan disclosed that he also had a meeting with Mr. Morris and Mr. Kantor.Commissioner Carey stated she had a conversation with Mr. Morris, but did not talk to Mr. Kantor.


Commissioner Carey remarked while they have Mark Ogier here with the apartment complex folks, she would like to make him aware that they are trying very hard to work with the apartment owners in housing their homeless.She said that anything they could do to help support the Board in helping the apartment owners understand that this is a guaranteed rent payment from Community Services when they have a client that they are trying to house would be great.She introduced Olivette Carter who is in charge of Community Services.Commissioner Carey added it is an understanding of the situation by the landlords, because they talk about this in their meetings about how to get landlords to support what they are trying to do here.She just wanted to make that connection while he was here to say they probably need some assistance from the top down.Mr. Ogier advised their Developers Council is very involved with the regional affordable housing workforce housing initiative that has been underway with Seminole, Orange, and Osceola counties and the City of Orlando.He advised he attended all those meetings and has been invited to be on the developersí panel for the April 11th meeting that is coming up.They are trying to be involved in that process as much as they can and they are all trying to come up with solutions, but one of the things they are trying to work through is that any time you increase the cost of housing, it is hard to decrease the rent or the cost to the end-user.That is where the impact fees and these types of things are a real challenge for their industry, because it just increases the overall basis of the project, which means the homebuilder has to sell it for more and the renter has to rent it for more.

Commissioner Carey noted the main reason she brought this up was to put him and Ms. Carter together, and she asked for their contact information so as they move forward in trying to work through some of these challenges, they know how to contact them.Chairman Horan stated he serves on the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness and would like to amplify Commissioner Careyís comments; units are the big problem.He has talked to the County Manager about whether the County should have a certain reservoir of units, etc.He added working with AAGO would be great for homelessness and affordable housing.Mr. Ogier replied they would love to do it.


Commissioner Carey confirmed with the Chairman that they should see this at the next meeting; the County Manager agreed they would come back with some staff recommendations.

Kami Corbett, attorney with Foley & Lardner, LLP, addressed the Board on behalf of the School Board.Ms. Corbett stated the two-year versus one-year is a policy decision the BCC can make.She thinks she made their case at the hearing as to why they were arguing that there should be no vested rights.She cautioned them on the changes to the Administrative Code regarding the vesting rights, because as they discussed on the record, they are not legally vested from having to pay an increase in an impact fee; there are some legal principles that are involved that might qualify someone for either an equitable estoppel argument or a contract impairment (common law vesting).She opined that all the staff did was try to codify that to give them some direction as to how to evaluate those, so she would have more concerns about the proposed changes to the vesting provisions.She said when that comes forward they can give their comments on those at that time.Chairman Horan said they want to ďhit the sweet spotĒ here where they donít impair an existing project that is going to be good economic development that may provide affordable housing, etc., and at the same time, doesnít significantly impair whatever income might be coming to the School Board.He asked that Ms. Guillet keep the School Board advised as to what is going on.

Lynn Porter-Carlton, Deputy County Attorney, stated when she was made aware that Messrs. Morris and Kantor were presenting today, she asked Paul Chipok, Assistant County Attorney, to alert Ms. Corbett so she could be here on behalf of the School Board.She also reached out to Mr. Kantor to find out what his concerns were, and they have come up with some potential language to address two of his concerns.She suggested that Mr. Chipok, Ms. Corbett, Mr. Kantor, and Mr. Morris get together to review that proposed language and work together so they can bring this back to the Board at their next meeting.

Mr. Morris advised that they did speak to the Chairman of the School Board on Friday before they would have spoken to Commissioners Carey or Constantine, so their outreach was simultaneous and this was not an event that occurred late yesterday afternoon.Ms. Corbett stated just to clarify, it was yesterday afternoon that her office received word.


Chairman Horan advised he has been asked to execute a Proclamation to be presented April 5th to Dr. John Hitt, President of the University of Central Florida (UCF), at a special breakfast for him.He confirmed there was unanimous consent of the Board.


Chairman Horan stated as the Board is aware, they received the judgeís ruling in the case involving the Clerk on February 28th.The judge ruled in their favor and gave the specific relief they requested.The Clerk has taken an appeal before the writ of mandamus took effect and therefore, it has the legal effect of having an automatic stay of the writ of mandamus.The Countyís lawyers have already filed a motion to lift that stay and there will be a hearing on that.They will of course contest the appeal.


Chairman Horan stated communications are coming out from the Clerk in which he is calling himself the Chief Financial Officer of the county.The County Manager has asked him to get the commissionersí thoughts on an Administrative Code change to clarify that the Chief Financial Officer is in fact somebody who is part of the governing body.He asked the Board if they would entertain an Administrative Code change to add the title of Chief Financial Officer to the Director of Resource Management, which is Edward Bass.He confirmed there was unanimous consent to consider that at the next meeting.He mentioned consistent with that, the commissioners received a letter from Judge Eaton (not received and filed) in support of what they were doing relative to the Clerk.


Chairman Horan reported he attended the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness executive session on February 28th.He stated as the Board knows, their Strategy Action Team is pursuing a due diligence as to whether or not they should have their own Continuum of Care (CoC).They also had conference calls with HUD personnel, etc.That presentation will probably be given to the Board with the teamís report concerning their specific recommendations at one of the next two meetings.The Chairman noted he will have his comments at that time as to exactly what the pros and cons are; he has looked at the report and the other considerations and discussed it with the other jurisdictions.


Chairman Horan advised he met with Candy Crawford, the executive director of the Mental Health Association of Central Florida.They are having their annual dinner where they issue an award to a particular person who has been very active in the mental health area.The Legacy of Champions award this year will be given to Dr. Lori Boardman (Florida Hospital for Women), and he said they have asked him to make the presentation to Dr. Boardman on May 18th at their dinner.He noted everybody is cordially invited and the featured speaker is Brooke Shields.


Chairman Horan noted he attended the groundbreaking of the Central Florida Regional Hospital with Commissioner Carey.There were presentations by staff from CFRH as to why that particular ER, why now, and what it means to the community and their organization.


Chairman Horan stated as they may have seen in the papers, they got word that the Reagan Center property is under contract to new owners.He met with the representatives of the new contract, and in light of the passing of Mr. Levy, it looks like his estate is moving forward on this particular asset.


Chairman Horan said he passed along to the commission offices a county directory from FAC (not received and filed).This directory is a compendium of all the different commissioners, staff, etc.He noted in talking about thanking people, there are some people in other counties who really help them out on the rural boundary issue, for example.The other county that is the main player is Sarasota County.

District 5 (continued)

†††† Commissioner Carey indicated she brought up the Rinehart Road project at the last meeting.FDOT has now had the public input meeting and she notified Mayor Mealor (Lake Mary) that they would like to go back and look at those two projects again.The two projects include the Lake Emma connection, which is a problem today, and the interchange at Rinehart and 46A, where they were talking about putting in the Texas U-turns.The design-build of the reverse diamond (diverging diamond interchange) is not scheduled to occur until 2027.She said she thinks at the workshop, this Board kind of gave direction to move forward with the Rinehart/46A project, but they were also told it was under $4 million just to do that Rinehart Road portion.Now the estimates are up to $7.5 million, and this is not something they were anticipating.She suggested that maybe the best thing to do would be to ask the County Manager to schedule another workshop for them to discuss these particular projects.She advised she did reach out to Lorraine Moyle with FDOT who is in charge of these projects to talk about whether there are other things they could do.

Commissioner Carey stated there are other things that they could do at the Rinehart intersection and maybe they would want to go ahead and move forward the Lake Emma project.It is her understanding that some of the people there on Northstar, which is where the right-of-way is shown, are actually talking to the City right now about developing those lands.If those get developed before they can make that connection, it will probably be financially unfeasible.So, she thinks the timing is right for them to go back and maybe huddle again and refocus their efforts.

†††† Commissioner Dallari stated he believes Commissioner Carey is absolutely correct, and he thinks they need to at least have a work session with the City and try to figure out how to stage this correctly.Chairman Horan agreed stating at this particular stage, if it is going to take that long to get the reverse diamond coordinated with the Texas U-turns, and they are talking about 10 to 15 years, the $7-some million would probably be better used on the Lake Emma connection. Commissioner Dallari agreed they should have a work session.

Commissioner Carey stated it is a much more expensive proposition to do Lake Emma, but it is a problem today, every day, and if they are going to do it eventually, they might as well do it immediately and relieve that intersection.She opined it is important to talk to these people that are the landowners about obtaining the necessary right-of-way now before they actually get out there and develop the land.


†††† Chairman Horan said they lost a good friend and an icon of the community, Maryanne Morse, who gave 27 years of her life to the job of the Clerk of the Courts in Seminole County.He announced details of the funeral service.


Commissioner Henley noted the media has had a lot of coverage lately about the opioid problem in the state.He would like to know what the status is in Seminole County and asked if they could have a briefing on that.One of their neighboring counties seems to have a major problem and he does not know the status of Seminoleís situation.Chairman Horan said that is an excellent suggestion.He added there is a task force in Orange County that was formed by Mayor Jacobs more than a year ago, and Volusia County is trying desperately right now to deal with it.Commissioner Henley mentioned Osceola County as well.Chairman Horan stated he knows the Sheriff will be a part of it since they are on the front lines of that.He added the Department of Health should probably be included also.


Sita Chari, 1911 North Street, addressed the Board to display some photographs of the flooding in their backyard (not received and filed).Her husband, Dr. Chari, addressed the Board to explain the Board had already received these photos, but Mrs. Chari wanted to refresh their memories.Chairman Horan asked about the date the pictures were taken and Mrs. Chari advised the pictures of the flooding are from September 11, 2017.She said it stayed like that for a long time.Commissioner Carey and Chairman Horan questioned whether Mrs. Chari had any current photographs of what exists out there right now.She replied no but she can take some.She then displayed a picture of their backyard taken in the year 2000, and Dr. Chari said it was beautiful then.Dr. Chari read his statement into the record (received and filed).He also displayed and then submitted a copy of an Easement for Drainage Pipe document, Official Record Book 752, Page 525 (received and filed).

Dr. Chari stated that during the last meeting, Commissioner Carey had a bunch of questions to county staff about bringing up the current situation as to the pond and the maintenance and all these things.And, probably there was some report to be made to the county commissioners.He said he has no idea if the report was made, and if it was made, he does not know anything about that.Commissioner Carey stated they would have to look back to see what comment he is referring to.She noted they have a lot of environmental cleanups that occur throughout the county.It might have been about asking for an update on the maintenance of the pond.Chairman Horan indicated he believes it related to Dr. Chariís exact claim and he thinks the comments related that there would be a response to the claim.He added he thinks there was a response from Risk Management, and Ms. Guillet agreed there was.


Chairman Horan announced there would be a closed Executive Session at 1:30 p.m.


†††† There being no further business to come before the Board, the Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m., this same date.