MARCH 22, 2016


     The following is a non-verbatim transcript of the BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING OF SEMINOLE COUNTY, FLORIDA, held at 9:30 a.m., on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, in Room 1028 of the SEMINOLE COUNTY SERVICES BUILDING at SANFORD, FLORIDA, the usual place of meeting of said Board.


Chairman John Horan (District 2)

Vice Chairman Brenda Carey (District 5)

Commissioner Robert Dallari (District 1)

Commissioner Lee Constantine (District 3)

     Commissioner Carlton Henley (District 4)

     Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller Maryanne Morse

     County Manager Nicole Guillet

     County Attorney Bryant Applegate

     Deputy Clerk Jane Spencer



     Pastor John Pierce, New Tribes Mission, Sanford, gave the Invocation.

     Commissioner Carey led the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Business Spotlight video for Mattie’s Delectable Desserts was presented.



With regard to public participation, no one in the audience spoke in support or in opposition to the Consent Agenda and public input was closed.

     Nicole Guillet, County Manager, advised there is an Add-on Item #3-A that relates to approval of a Partnership Agreement with Aspire Health Partners relative to services related to ending homelessness.

     Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to authorize and approve the following:

     Community Services

Business Office

 2.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute the Aspire Health Partners, Inc. Transportation agreement in the amount of $25,000 to help transport uninsured Seminole County residents for mental health services.  (A-1527-15)

Community Development Division

 3.  Approve and accept the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) monthly snapshot/report and properties acquired by Seminole County Government.  (A-1931-16)

 3A. Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute the Seminole County and Aspire Health Partners, Inc. Homeless Outreach Partnership Effort agreement in the amount of $65,000 to document and determine the mental/physical acuity of individuals experiencing homelessness in Seminole County.  (A-1962-16)


Development Services

Planning & Development Division

 4.  Adopt appropriate Resolution #2016-R-50 vacating and abandoning a portion of a platted 5’ Utility Easement on Lot 10, Casselberry Lakes Industrial Park, as recorded in the Public Records of Seminole County, Florida in Plat Book 38, Page 23, more particularly known as 180 Lyman Road; Garry L. Erdman, Applicant.  (A-1879-16)

 5.  Approve the minor plat for the Shaffer Replat containing two lots on 0.7 acres zoned R‑1AA (Single‑Family Dwelling), located on the north side of Lake View Drive, east of Bear Lake Road; Cynthia L. Shaffer, Applicant.  (A-1877-16)

 6.  Approve the plat for the Enclave at Silver Lake subdivision containing four lots on 5.04 acres zoned R‑1AA (Single‑Family Dwelling), located on the east side of Mellonville Avenue, north of East Lake Mary Boulevard; Randall E. Grant, Applicant.  (A-1876-16)

 7.  Approve the plat for the Winter Park Flats subdivision containing three lots on 0.752 acres zoned R‑2 (One and Two ‑ Family Dwelling), located on the northwest corner of Holly Road and Kuzmany Road, approximately 1,000 feet south of Howell Branch Road; Mark and Andrew Awad, Applicant.  (A-1113-16)


Environmental Services

Business Office

 8.  Approve the Releases of the original Maintenance Bonds for Water & Sewer Facilities for the projects known as Eden Point, Bond #1025794, in the amount of $47,748.75, and Reserve at Alaqua, Bond #0629311, in the amount of $41,351.30.   (A-1904-16)


Solid Waste Management Division

 9.  Approve the annual consumer price index for all urban consumers adjustments (CPI‑U) and semi‑annual fuel index adjustments (CPI‑F) for residential solid waste collection services, as set forth in Sections 13(d) and (e) of the Residential Franchise Agreements, with new rates to become effective on April 1, 2016.  (A-1790-16)


Public Works

Business Office

10.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute, for acceptance, a Sidewalk Easement donated by Thomas Cornwall Properties, LLC, to Seminole County for the construction and maintenance of a sidewalk along a portion of County Road 46A.  (A-1867-16)

11.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute, for acceptance, a Sidewalk Easement donated by IC BP III Holdings XVII, LLC, to Seminole County for the construction and maintenance of a sidewalk along a portion of County Road 46A.  (A-1864-16)

12.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute, for acceptance, a Sidewalk Easement donated by CEMEX Construction Materials Florida, LLC, to Seminole County for the construction and maintenance of a sidewalk along a portion of County Road 46A.  (A-1860-16)

13.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Purchase Agreement and a Holdover Agreement related to Parcel #107 and #108 between Christian Life Center of Orlando, Inc. and Seminole County for the early acquisition of property needed for the Dean Road Widening Project (5700 Dean Road, Oviedo/Tax ID #31‑21‑31‑300‑0340‑0000 and #31‑21‑31‑300‑034B‑0000) for $440,000 as full settlement of all claims for compensation from which Seminole County might be obligated to pay relating to these parcels.  (A-1824-16)

Watershed Management Division

14.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute the Aerial Spraying Authorization Letter between Seminole County and Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc. or their subcontractor Dynamic Aviation, Inc. for aerial spraying within Seminole County.  (A-1809-16)


Resource Management

Budget and Fiscal Management Division

15.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2016-R-51 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #16‑042 through the Technology Replacement Fund to establish funding for the SGTV Switcher Replacement project in the amount of $70,000 from reserves.  (A-1895-16)

16.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2016-R-52 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #16‑043 through the Libraries Donation Fund in the amount of $48,500 to recognize contributions received and appropriate expenditures for the Summer Reading Program and replacement reference desks.  (A-1901-16)

Purchasing & Contracts Division

17.  Award CC‑0705‑16/RTB, Construction Services Agreement, for Aloma Walk Sewer Improvements in the amount of $237,880 to C.E. James, Inc. of Oviedo; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the Agreement.  (A-1880-16)

18.  Award CC‑0509‑15/AEH, Construction Services Agreement, for Spring Lake Elementary School Sidewalk in the amount of $457,380.48 to MCG Services, LLC of Orlando; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the Agreement.  (A-1894-16)

19.  Authorize Lease Agreement, M‑602545‑16/TLR, for Management, Operation and Maintenance of The Children's Village Property Lease with Impower, Inc., Orlando; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the documents.  (A-1875-16)


     County Attorney’s Consent Agenda

20.  Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Satisfaction of Public Defenders Service Lien in the amount of $200, which was imposed against Defendant Billy Heffner in Misdemeanor Case #98-8859-MMA in favor of Seminole County.  (A-1910-16)


     Constitutional Officer’s Consent Agenda

     Clerk’s Office

21.  Approve Expenditure Approval Lists dated February 22 and 29, 2016; Payroll Approval List dated February 25, 2016; and the BCC Official Minutes dated February 23, 2016.  (A-1916-16)


     Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


     The Board noted, for information only, the following Clerk’s “Received and Filed”:

1.    Parks Contract for Services Agreement with Sara Payne.


2.    Subrecipient Agreements with Community Initiatives, Inc. and Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, Inc. for Program Year 2015-2016, as approved at the 7-28-15 BCC meeting; A-1019-15.


3.    PS-0426-15, Miscellaneous Engineering Services Agreements, with CPH, Inc. and England-Thims & Miller, Inc., as approved at 1-12-16 BCC meeting; A-1628-15.


4.    Second Amendment to RFP-601192-11 with Mac Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.


5.    Second Amendment to IFB-601852-13 with ADAPCO, Inc.


6.    Fifth Amendment to IFB-601852-13 with Clarke Mosquito Control Products, Inc.


7.    First Amendment to RFQ-602184-15 with Research Data Services, Inc.


8.    Amendment #2 to Work Order #4 to PS-0009-15 with Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc.


9.    Work Orders #9, #10, and #11 to PS-0009-15 with Atkins North America, Inc.


10.    Work Order #2 to PS-0033-15 with Bentley Architects & Engineers, Inc.


11.    Work Order #2 to PS-0157-15 with S2L, Inc.


12.    Amendment #1 to Work Order #9 to PS-0219-05 with Singhofen & Associates, Inc.


13.    Work Order #7 to RFP-0336-15 with Site Secure, LLC, a Miller Electric Company.


14.    Amendment #3 to Work Order #10 to PS-1666-07 with Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc.


15.    Amendment #4 to Work Order #8 to PS-2051-07 with Environmental Research & Design, Inc.


16.    Amendment #2 to Work Order #5 to PS-2404-07 with AECOM Technical Services, Inc.


17.    Amendment #9 to Work Order #42 to PS-4388-09 with HNTB Corporation.


18.    Amendment #1 to Work Order #80 to PS-4388-09 with Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc.


19.    Amendment #1 to Work Order #89 to PS-4388-09 with Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc.


20.    Amendment #1 to Work Order #91 to PS-4388-09 with HNTB Corporation.


21.    Work Order #25 to RFP-5706-10 with Connect Consulting, Inc.


22.    Work Order #16 to RFP-5847-10 with The Colinas Group, Inc.


23.    Amendment #1 to Work Order #6 to PS-6487-11 with Reiss Engineering, Inc.


24.    Work Order #14 to PS-6865-11 with S2L, Inc.


25.    Amendment #2 to Work Order #28 to PS-8047-12 with Ardaman & Associates, Inc.


26.    Work Orders #41, #43, and #44 to PS-8047-12 with Ardaman & Associates, Inc.


27.    Work Orders #44 and #45 to PS-8148-12 with Atkins North America, Inc.


28.    Work Order #28 to PS-8186-13 with CPH, Inc.


29.    Amendment #4 to Work Order #1 to PS-8286-13 with Kittelson & Associates, Inc.


30.    Amendment #3 to Work Order #9 to PS-8286-13 with Kittleson & Associates, Inc.


31.    Amendment #1 to Work Order #17 to PS-8286-13 with Kittleson & Associates, Inc.


32.    Work Order #22 to PS-8286-13 with Kittelson & Associates, Inc.


33.    Closeout to CC-8825-13 with Shoemaker Construction Company, Inc.


34.    Closeout to CC-9126-13 with Masci General Contractor, Inc.


35.    Closeout to Work Order #5 to CC-9148-13 with Central Florida Environmental Corp.


36.    Change Order #3 to CC-9575-14 with Young’s Communications Co., Inc.


37.    Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) Order approving revisions to tariff sheets Nos. 6.2811, 6.282, and 6.284 rate schedules LS-1 – Lighting Service, by Duke Energy Florida, LLC; Docket #150242-EI; Order #PSC-16-0086-CO-EI issued on February 22, 2016.


38.    Letter dated February 17, 2016, to Maryanne Morse, Clerk of Court and Comptroller, from the City of Longwood RE: Annexation Ordinance, with Ordinance #15-2083 attached.


39.    Maintenance Bond #0187245-M for water and sewer facilities for the project known as Turnberry in the amount of $32,307.74.


40.    Addendum #5 to the 1998 Final Master Plan, Developer’s Commitment Agreement #15-20500021, Oviedo Marketplace PD, B-1 Property Management.


41.    Developer’s Commitment Agreement #15-20500036, Park Place at Aloma PD, Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital.


42.    Development Order #16-27500005, Don Julio Mexican Kitchen, 4275 W. Lake Mary Boulevard.


43.    Approval Development Orders, as approved by the Board of Adjustment on January 25, 2016; #15-30000043, 1636 Lawndale Circle, Lynn Freshwater; #15-30000080, 7103 Timber Drive, Leslie Barrow; #15-30000090, 324 Green Oak, James & Teria Glass; #15-30000091, 220 Lake Geneva Road, Paul Squadriot; #15-30000092, 1673 Tremont Lane, Ashley Payan; #15-30000094, 3711 Vinsetta Court, Samuel & Heather Stark; #15-30000095, 212 Nob Hill Circle, Fredrick Heiseke; #15-30000097, 129 Oak Drive, Clinton Walker; #15-32000022, 414 Ridge Road, Crossroads Baptist Church of Central Florida, Inc.; and #15-32000024, 2270 Sand Lake Road, Church Lake Brantley Community United Brethern, Inc.


44.    Unauthorized Commitment Memo dated March 4, 2016, from Tricia Setzer, Chief Administrator, Office of Economic Development and Community Relations, to County Manager re: Creative Printing and Publishing.


45.    Bids as follows:


CC-0573-15 from R L Burns, Inc.; L7 Construction, Inc.; Prime Construction Group, Inc.; RTD Construction, Inc.; Sawcross, Inc.; TLC Diversified, Inc.;


BID-602465-16 from Sportsfield Specialties, Inc.; A.D. Starr; Porta-Pro Mounds d/b/a The Perfect Mound; and


RFP-0672-15 from The Colinas Group, Inc.; HAS Golden; Professional Service Industries, Inc.; Royal Consulting Services, Inc.; Weibu, LLC; GHD Services, Inc.



Agenda Item #1 – A-1831-16

Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to adopt a Proclamation proclaiming the month of April 2016 as Water Conservation Month in Seminole County.

     Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

     The Proclamation was accepted by Debbie Meinert, Water Conservation Coordinator, Environmental Services Department, who addressed the Board to thank them for always supporting the water conservation programs.  Ms. Meinert discussed several ongoing programs within the Environmental Services Department.  Ralph Terrero, Operations Manager, Environmental Services Department, addressed the Board to thank them for their support.    


Agenda Item #1-A – A-1963-16

Motion by Commissioner Dallari, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to adopt appropriate Resolution #2016-R-48 recognizing Jean Jeffcoat, Prosecution Alternatives for Youth (PAY) Division Manager, Community Services Department, for 28 years of service to Seminole County Government and its citizens.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

The Resolution was presented to Jean Jeffcoat who addressed the Board to express her appreciation for their continuing support for the PAY program, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.  Ms. Jeffcoat gave a brief history of the Teen Court and Civil Citation programs.  She pointed out that when they work with kids, they have the unique ability and opportunity to affect their future in a positive way which benefits everyone.

Commissioner Dallari and Chairman Horan voiced their appreciation to Ms. Jeffcoat.


Agenda Item #1-B – A-1964-16

Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to adopt appropriate Resolution #2016-R-49 recognizing Altamonte Springs Women’s Club for 70 years of service to the citizens of Seminole County.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

Commissioner Constantine advised that the Women’s Club will be having their luncheon and 70th anniversary celebration on April 6 at the Westmonte Civic Center and he will present the Resolution then.  He welcomed any other Commissioners if they wish to come. 


     The Board recessed the meeting at 9:50 a.m., reconvening at 1:30 p.m., with all Commissioners and all other Officials, with the exception of Maryanne Morse who was absent, and Deputy Clerk Jane Spencer who was replaced by Deputy Clerk Terri Porter, who were present at the Opening Session.


     Motion by Commissioner Dallari, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to authorize the filing of the proofs of publication for this meeting's scheduled public hearings into the Official Record.

     Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.



REVENUE BONDS/Orlando Health, Inc.

Agenda Item #22 – A-1891-16

Proof of publication calling for a public hearing to consider adoption of a Resolution approving the issuance of Hospital Revenue Bonds in one or more series, not to exceed $20 million, with respect to facilities in Seminole County, received and filed.

County Attorney Bryant Applegate explained the purpose of this hearing is to permit the public to express their views in person or in writing regarding the proposed plan by the Orange County Health Facilities Authority to issue bonds, a portion of the proceeds of which will be loaned to Orlando Health, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit corporation, and used for the following purposes:  1) to refund and refinance certain revenue bonds previously issued by the Orange County Health Facilities Authority for the benefit of Orlando Health, Inc.; 2) to provide one or more debt service reserve funds for the benefit of all or a portion of the bonds if deemed necessary or desirable; 3) to pay a portion of the interest to accrue on the bonds if deemed necessary or desirable; and 4) to pay certain costs of issuance of the bonds.  Mr. Applegate stated a portion of the proceeds of the Revenue Bonds being refunded and refinanced were used to finance, refinance, or reimburse the cost of acquiring, constructing, improving, or renovating South Seminole Hospital, a 206-bed acute-care hospital, located at 555 West SR 434, Longwood, Florida.  The owner, operator and manager of South Seminole Hospital is Orlando Health.  He added it should be noted that the bonds do not constitute a debt, liability, or obligation of Seminole County or the State of Florida, or any political subdivision thereof, or a pledge of credit of the faith and credit of any taxing power of Seminole County or of the State of Florida or any political subdivision thereof, but are limited obligations of the Orange County Health Facilities Authority, payable solely from and secured by a pledge of payments to be made by Orlando Health.  Mr. Applegate advised that James Bogner from Mateer Harbert is present today and that he is the attorney for Orlando Health and South Seminole Hospital with respect to the issuance of the bonds.

With regard to public participation, no one in the audience spoke in support or in opposition and public input was closed.

Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to adopt appropriate Resolution #2016-R-53 approving the issuance of Hospital Revenue Bonds in one or more series, not to exceed $20 million, with respect to facilities in Seminole County, Florida, as described in the proof of publication; Orlando Health, Inc.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Agenda Item #23 – PH-2016-303

Proof of publication calling for a public hearing to consider approval of a Rezone from A-1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development) for a single-family residential subdivision on approximately 43.3 acres, located on the south side of W. Lake Brantley Road, approximately one mile north of Sand Lake Road, received and filed.

Joy Giles, Planning and Development Division, addressed the Board to present the request as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum.  She noted the Applicant proposes a single-family residential subdivision with a maximum of 100 lots.  She reviewed the future land use and zoning designation of the surrounding areas.

Ms. Giles advised that the Planning & Zoning Commission recommended approval and County staff also recommends the Board approve the Rezone and the associated Development Order.

Mary Ann Campbell, 2431 Palmetto Drive, addressed the Board to state she is in support of the PD instead of a straight line zoning for this project, but at the Planning & Zoning meeting on March 2, a lot of people had concerns about a Phase II environmental study.  She stated that Mr. Madden said that there was one being done and she wondered if the study had been completed.

Charlie Madden, Madden Moorhead & Glunt, addressed the Board to advise the project went to the P&Z Board twice and it was unanimously approved twice.  He indicated that the first time was very contentious, and then Commissioner Constantine asked them to meet with the residents to find some common ground, and they did that.  He pointed out that the answer was the PD, where the residents could get certainty that all the good things they were being told will happen would be permanently attached to the property regardless of who the eventual purchaser was. 

Mr. Madden pointed out there are 11 HOAs that are members of the Lake Brantley Association and they all have boat ramps on Lake Brantley.  He advised that they told Fred Streetman, who is in charge of the association, that they are committed to joining that association as the 12th HOA and they will have a boat ramp as well.  He said this is not really a development order item but he wanted to put it on the public record. 

Mr. Madden stated another thing that is ongoing and is not really a zoning issue, but he wanted to make the Board aware, is the landscaping and the 10-foot landscaping buffer tract that is around the perimeter of the property.  He advised the landscape architect, Tom Daly, is present today to entertain any questions.  A memorandum (copy received and filed) from Mr. Daly of Daly Design Group was previously distributed to the Board.  Mr. Madden explained that the memo outlines the neighbors’ wishes that were discussed during the site meeting.  The landscape plan is still being worked on.  He noted that Mr. Daly will be having another meeting with the residents to show what he has come up with, and he advised they are continuing to work with the adjacent neighbors on their requests and wishes for the landscape treatment in the 10-foot tract.

Upon inquiry by Commissioner Carey, Mr. Madden advised they have not submitted the landscape plan because Mr. Daly is still working on one that incorporates the items included in the memo.  In addition, they want to do a tree survey so they can remove dead trees and “get down to brass tacks” on what they will be doing in that tract. 

Commissioner Carey asked Mr. Madden to speak to where they are on the environmental study.  Mr. Madden advised that a Phase II study is being worked on but it is not completed yet.  Commissioner Dallari questioned when they anticipate the completion of the study and Mr. Madden responded it will be 45 days.

Krista Wamhoff, 2610 Orange Court, addressed the Board to speak in support of the request.  She explained that she was adamantly opposed to the development in December when she received the original notice, but because of the engineer’s and developer’s compromise of going to a Planned Development, they are now able to give assurances that there will not be four homes per acre, but in fact only 2.41 homes per acre.  She opined that since 1974, the Commission has been hearing, repeatedly, about the traffic issues.  She remarked that there is now another daycare that will be opening next to Lake Brantley High School, so there will be a total of eight schools in a two-and-one-half-mile stretch, so it is a problem. 

Commissioner Dallari asked that Jean Jreij, Director of Public Works, speak about road improvements in the area.  Mr. Jreij listed the proposed road improvements and advised construction will start after school lets out.  Commissioner Carey stated that according to the report, there will be two left-turn lanes on Sand Lake Road to help improve the traffic and one eastbound, right-turn lane for Forest City Elementary School, and an extension of the westbound, right-turn lane in front of Lake Brantley.  She confirmed with Mr. Jreij that improvements should be completed by August 16. 

Ms. Wamhoff stated that traffic has increased so much in that area due to homes, businesses and schools, that while the improvements may assist during certain times, she does not feel it is a permanent solution.  She added they have one road in and one road out of their community and that one road dead-ends.  She said she does not know if any of the small improvements will alleviate the traffic concerns.

Commissioner Carey pointed out that when Brett Blackadar was still here as the County Engineer, he actually went out in the field with his team and watched the traffic.  He reported to her that the issue was the turn movements at the school areas.  He believed that these improvements, which they went ahead and moved forward, would address the situation for most of the time.  She opined she would like to see how the road improvements will impact the situation in that area.  Commissioner Dallari stated the County Engineer indicated to him that this was a good first fix.  He suggested that after the road improvements have been completed for the turn lanes, they ask staff to do a small area study of the traffic in that area to make sure they are maximizing what they have to do for the road improvements.

Chairman Horan noted they have initiated a series of workshops on connectivity, mobility and traffic movement; so they are addressing these problems in a number of different sectors.

Commissioner Dallari asked the County Manager to ensure there is community involvement when they do the small area study so they can keep track of what is happening.

Sharon Chamness, 2470 Westwood Drive, addressed the Board and stated she is the treasurer for the Civic Association for West Lake Brantley.  She explained they provide lake access to about 300 homes for Lake Brantley.  She stated their board has voted and they are in favor of the zoning request.  She expressed her appreciation to those working on behalf of the Applicant who spent numerous additional hours working to accommodate several concerns of the residents.  She added they also appreciate the time that Commissioner Constantine took to bring the community together with the developer in order to work things out.  In regard to traffic, she said their board also feels that adding turn-lanes will not be adequate, so they appreciate the fact the County will have a study done after those improvements are made.

Ms. Chamness voiced that as a resident and not as a member of their association board, the last thing she would want is to have more access to their neighborhood.  She was involved in making sure that the section between West Lake Brantley and Sweetwater had a nice gate put in because they were having a problem with kids tearing down the gate and driving through that open field.  She added that emergency vehicles do have access to that gate; it is on the county key.  They would like to encourage the County to continue with the traffic studies in that area to see if something could be done to alleviate it on Sand Lake Road.

Fred Streetman, 125 Lake Rena Drive, addressed the Board stating he opposed the original rezoning because he thought it was not compatible.  He explained that at the P&Z meeting there was an initial uproar as soon as Charlie Madden spoke, but Matt Brown of the P&Z immediately said they can disagree strongly but they are going to be respectful and they are going to have a meeting that is conducted civilly.  He advised after the P&Z meeting, the group of residents decided to meet and they did a lot of research.  He mentioned the mediation meeting that Commissioner Constantine set up and said it was a terrific meeting because the citizens began to feel like they could have their interests protected and the rezoning would nail things down.  He opined it was a great model for what government should be and how things should be conducted, and it is a shame that this kind of civil and disciplined conduct done at the local government level cannot be done everywhere else.

Teresa Goodman, 2350 Pleasant Drive, addressed the Board to speak in opposition to the request.  She stated the people in attendance today do not represent the majority in their community and that many are not here because they just do not trust the process.  Ms. Goodman stated this is not about compatibility, trees or buffers; it is a matter of their health and safety, especially at the 90-degree curve at East Triangle.  She said she believes this was not captured in the report by TMC because TMC is a traffic management consultant; it is a company whose revenues rely on developers.  Ms. Goodman discussed specifics of the road including narrow lanes, slopes, blind spots, curves alongside uncurbed and frequently traveled sidewalks, and two curves with flashing light reminders.  She stated these conditions will intensify at the 90-degree curve.

Ms. Goodman asked the Board to refer to the TMC report map (received and filed).  She opined the TMC report provides a false impression close to the hazardous 90-degree curve at East Triangle.  She concluded by discussing schools and the changing demographics of the area.

With regard to public participation, no one else in the audience spoke in support or in opposition and public input was closed.

Speaker Request Forms were received and filed.

Commissioner Constantine stated in regard to the traffic concerns, he believes the County Manager will work with the School Board because there are so many schools on Sand Lake Road and there are times when it is impassable.

Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to adopt Ordinance #2016-12 enacting a Rezone from A-1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development), and approve the associated Development Order and the Master Development Plan for approximately 43.3 acres, located on the south side of W. Lake Brantley Road, approximately one mile north of Sand Lake Road, as described in the proof of publication; Dan Kaiser, Applicant.

Commissioner Dallari stated that with the small area traffic study, he believes they also need to include working with the School Board on the recuing of their egress and ingress of the schools.  He commented that they have done that with other schools and it makes a big difference.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


AMENDMENT & REZONE/James Stelling, Applicant


Agenda Item #24 – PH-2016-296

Proof of publication calling for a public hearing to consider approval of a Small Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment from Low Density Residential to Planned Development, and the associated Rezone from A-1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development), for 21 single-family residential lots on approximately 5.02 acres located on the south side of Orange Boulevard, approximately 920 feet west of North Oregon Street, received and filed.

Kathy Hammel, Planning & Development Division, addressed the Board to present the request as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum.  She displayed an aerial map and advised that the five acres is currently surrounded by existing single-family developments.  The proposed development is requesting 4.181 dwelling units per acre.  The Planning & Zoning Commission voted unanimously to approve the request, and staff also recommends approval.

Randy Morris, RM Strategies on behalf of the Applicant, addressed the Board and stated he is joined by Major Stacy, their civil engineer from B&S Engineering Consultants, LLC.  Mr. Morris displayed the aerial maps showing Perspective Views Looking North, West, South, and East.  He noted on three sides the proposed site is surrounded by very dense development with various housing prices. 

Mr. Morris displayed Ground View Looking East and Abandoned Chicken Coops stating they are proposing 20 additional lots with one home remaining, and they will remove the out buildings that are currently there.  He added the site is somewhat in disrepair.  He advised they voluntarily agreed to fence the entire property which was discussed at the P&Z meeting and included in the Development Order.  There is fencing on three sides of the property but some of it is decaying on some of the adjacent properties. 

Mr. Morris showed the Zillow Surrounding Values Range slide and advised the price range across the street from the site with some lakefront and larger lots goes all the way up to $427,000.  Immediately to the west, the price drops to $147,000.  He added the pricing varies greatly because in some cases lots have not been maintained and there is an affordable housing project there.  Mr. Morris advised that they are looking at a starting price point of about $225,000, probably with a median price in the $260,000 range, which will equal or exceed the three surrounding properties on the same side of the roadway.

Mr. Morris mentioned the Traffic Level of Service and the Proposed Traffic Impact slides.  He showed the Proposed Land Use Plan and Site Plan and pointed out that with this infill project, they make donations to the County of the right-of-way for the eventual widening of the road. 

Upon inquiry by Commissioner Carey, the civil engineer Mr. Stacy advised that the ditches will be piped with a sidewalk installed so it will look exactly like the adjacent properties.  Mr. Morris expounded that this property is actually lower than the surrounding three properties and the drainage runs up to the roadway, which is where the retention pond will be and that will be piped out. 

With regard to public participation, no one in the audience spoke in support or in opposition and public input was closed.

Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to adopt Ordinance #2016-13 enacting a Small Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment from Low Density Residential to Planned Development; and adopt Ordinance #2016-14 enacting the associated Rezone from A-1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development) for 21 single-family residential lots on approximately 5.02 acres, located on the south side of Orange Boulevard, approximately 920 feet west of North Oregon Street; James Stelling, Applicant; Development Order and Master Development Plan.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

Commissioner Carey submitted her ex parte communications into the record.  Chairman Horan advised he had ex parte communication with the Applicant but he made his decision based upon the information that came in this hearing.


     Alex Setzer, Lobbyist with Southern Strategy Group, addressed the Board to present the Legislative Update.  He thanked the Board and county staff for all their help in making phone calls and getting across the finish line with some of their “wins.”  He also expressed his appreciation of the delegation working on their behalf.  He opined it was a great year for Seminole County.

     Mr. Setzer advised in regard to some of their legislative priorities, they were held fairly harmless on taxes; none of the big tax proposals that were put out there by the Governor, or the House in their original budget proposals, actually came to fruition.  Therefore, they saw very little actual decrease in revenue, and he said they hope to hold that again next year.

     Another priority was the homeless bill, and Mr. Setzer commented that it was a great win for Seminole County for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, it is designed to give flexibility to suburban counties in how they attack homelessness.  He said there is about $150 million going into SHIP (State Housing Initiatives Partnership) dollars and they will be able to use that in a flexible manner; for example, the County could build transitional housing or use it for some other ideas, and they have not had that flexibility in the past.  He opined they should see a shift from urban counties to suburban counties as far as how they treat homelessness. 

     Mr. Setzer stated the other win was they got $500,000 included in bear-protection money that can be used in a variety of ways including bear trash cans, bear prevention programs, and awareness.  He advised that 60% of the money they were able to get into proviso accounts must be dedicated to a county or city that has an ordinance in place, which will benefit Seminole County dramatically. 

     Mr. Setzer noted they were able to get $2 million added into the work program and the work program is moved up for completion and finalization of the 17-92 Flyover in Casselberry, so they were able to not only get that money in but also avoid a veto. 

     In regard to the DJJ (Department of Juvenile Justice) money, Mr. Setzer remarked that he has already spoken to the Commissioners individually about this.  He said the issue is insanely complicated; it is probably one of the top three issues in the state as far as being controversial.  The Legislature managed to come to an agreement with the counties who are inside the system.  He added that Chairman Horan was in Tallahassee working with him on this and working side by side with FAC (Florida Association of Counties).  The House was willing to give the County some money again this year, but the Legislature did not want to blow up their deal with the other counties; they wanted to get that deal moving forward to get the cost share done.  They were adamant they did not want to give the other counties any sort of payback until that deal was struck.  He believes they have a path moving forward for next year. 

     Chairman Horan asked if they had gotten any water projects as well; Mr. Setzer advised they did not get any water projects and explained the cities did locally, but it was not a great year to get them because the Legislature elected to basically give a very small fraction towards each individual water project, which was on average about 5% to 10%.  He confirmed for the Chairman that Seminole State College got two individual projects for about $12.5 million each and the School Board got $500,000 for high-tech manufacturing; he said both of those avoided vetoes.  He added that some local non-profits got some money as well. 


District 5

     Commissioner Carey announced that at the Wekiva River Basin Commission meeting held last Wednesday, there was a number of interesting items about water bills and legislation that is moving forward.  She stated they need to make sure that Kim Ornberg, Watershed Management Division Manager, and her staff are watching some of that legislation.  Also, she advised it was reported that Advanced Garbage Disposal is testing some automated bear-proof garbage cans. 


     Commissioner Carey stated she joined the Bookertown Community cleanup on Saturday, March 13.  They had a great turnout including firefighters, some from the Sheriff’s Department, and the County’s Public Works people; a lot of different groups showed up to show support for that community.  She noted they collected over 21 tons of garbage and over one ton of tires.  She said she knows the Bookertown community is looking forward with great pride to having the street lights installed there, and there are a lot of changes happening in that historic community.  She further advised smoke detectors will be installed around the Midway community this Saturday; the Red Cross was out there last Saturday to determine who needed them.


     Commissioner Carey noted that the Mobile Health Unit operated by the Health Department will be out in the community this week; on March 23 they will be at Goodwill on SR 46 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and at Rescue Outreach Mission on March 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  She said this is very helpful for people in the community who do not have the means to go and get simple screenings that can save their life.  She added she appreciates Dr. Jett’s efforts to try to get this out in the community, and she opined she thinks they should make it as known as possible when and where the mobile unit will be.  She suggested that maybe staff could put a link on the County’s website to the Health Department so people can see that information.


     On April 7, the Annual Golden Eagle dinner will be held and Commissioner Carey advised that Phil Rawlins from Orlando City Soccer is the honoree this year.  She noted he was introduced to soccer as a Boy Scout in the U.K. and all the money that is raised stays in Seminole County.  They average about $275,000 that goes towards scouting in the County, and so it is a great event and she hopes people will come out and support that.


     Commissioner Carey stated that a couple of weeks ago, in the newspaper, there was a City of Sanford item about a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that they were looking at that night.  She has since had discussions with the City and she advised they did approve an MOU with Torre Construction and Development to create a community development plan within about the next eight months.  The footprint encompasses the property that the City owns in downtown Sanford on the waterfront.  Part of that footprint includes the parking lot that the County utilizes for the Civil Courthouse.  If they are not able to park in that parking lot, which will be one of the last phases of the development, they obviously would not be able to operate the courthouse. 

Commissioner Carey stated the County started their master plan in 2006 at Five Points, and when the economy got bad, they put it down.  She advised they have asked staff to pick that up again because if they started tomorrow, it would take two or three years to get a new courthouse built at the Five Points complex.  She opined it is not a good use of the waterfront property for the County to be occupying it and she believes now is the time to get that master plan out and move that forward.  She asked that the Chairman make that a priority if all her colleagues agreed.

     Commissioner Carey noted she met with George Kramer from Littlejohn Engineering Associates yesterday to talk about this project again.  She believes the developer is probably going to evaluate the courthouse piece as well as the Sanford City Hall piece.  She opined it is important to work together with the City of Sanford on this and it will change how things look downtown.  Chairman Horan confirmed with the Board members that they agree this should be put on a future agenda. 

Commissioner Henley opined it may be well for them to start by going back and looking at their needs.  He added that need studies were done several years ago, but that was before they let 140 people go during the downturn.

Ms. Guillet stated she wanted to give an update on Five Points because staff has been working on that behind the scenes.  She advised she met with the developers last week to talk with them about their plans for downtown Sanford because it does impact the County’s operations to a certain extent.  The developers are aware of their concerns and long-range plans with respect to Five Points, and are in fact, a little disappointed with the prospect of them moving out of downtown Sanford.  They assured her they want the courthouse operations to remain as long as possible, so they will work within the County’s schedule if they do make the ultimate decision to move to Five Points. 

Ms. Guillet stated they had talked last year about moving forward with that plan for Five Points and since then have been doing a lot of data collection to determine what the needs are for the Sheriff’s Office with respect to the existing building that they share with Fire Services, and also looking at their own internal operations to determine what the actual needs are now and what they will be in the near and long term.  Ms. Guillet reminded the Board that they discussed the wetland and the opportunities that might be there.  They have also assessed the County’s assets in downtown Sanford to see if they were to move what their options would be there and what they would have available from a resource standpoint.  She added now that the legislative session has ended, Meloney Lung, Assistant County Manager, will take a little more strident approach to that because she has been coordinating that project.  Her hope is that in the coming months, they will be able to bring some additional information to the Board and get some direction with respect to where they want to go with that project in the near future.  Ms. Guillet stated they will be coordinating with the City of Sanford. 

Commissioner Carey stated she agrees with Commissioner Henley’s comment about the space study and their needs have changed. 



District 3

     Commissioner Constantine stated in regard to the garbage cans discussed at the Wekiva Commission meeting, there are companies that can make them automated so there is no reason to have to retrofit any of the trucks the haulers use.  He advised that one company he has been talking to about these is called Kodiak. 


     Commissioner Constantine stated in SB 550 in 2010, the Legislature gave five years to allow the spreading of septic sludge and that was extended one more year to 2016, and it was not extended again.  So on July 1, environmental services companies once pumping out septic tanks will no longer be able to spread that onto land.  He advised that he talked to Johnny Edwards, Solid Waste Program Manager, about maybe wanting to pursue this because no one in Seminole County currently can accept that sludge for treatment.  Orange County does, but Commissioner Constantine opined with the volume that is going to happen, they are only going to take sludge from Orange County starting in July.  He added if Seminole has capacity, there is an opportunity for revenue.

Commissioner Carey stated the Board may recall they used to pay a lot of money for sludge to be collected from their wastewater treatment plants and they used to haul it to Tampa.  They have since changed that and now take it to the County’s own landfill from their wastewater treatment plants.  She pointed out that it saved them a tremendous amount of money when they made that change.  She said one of the things that came up in that discussion about what you could do with sludge is you can make it into slow-release fertilizer.  She also talked to Johnny Edwards about an opportunity here to maybe partner with someone about possibly doing something with the sludge to develop slow-release fertilizer and those types of things.  She heard a comment made this morning stating they didn’t think it worked very well, but she opined she thinks that it is improving and in fact, they have adopted an ordinance about slow-release fertilizer.  Also, the State is making some regulations regarding that as well.  Commissioner Constantine noted that it is an opportunity for revenue and to take care of some of their small businesses that need some help. 

District 1

     Commissioner Dallari said he wanted to thank the police department for the City of Oviedo and the police department for the City of Winter Springs for putting on a fundraiser this past Saturday for Kids House.  He advised on an annual basis, that organization brings in about $10,000 of much needed funding for Kids House that helps children throughout all of Seminole County that have been abused.  He reported that later the same day, the Young Ranchers of Seminole County put on a rodeo.  All the seven-county youth that were involved in ranching put together various teams, and Polk County won the overall competition and he would like to congratulate them.


     Commissioner Dallari stated he would like to ask staff to give the Board an update on the Rybolt piece in Orange County because Lake Pickett North has made another application and he has not seen it.  He added they should be briefed on what is happening with that piece of property because that would substantially affect the rural area of Seminole County and he wants to make sure they protect it.  Also, he said he would like to see what the application looks like.  Ms. Guillet replied they are aware that an application was submitted and their understanding is that it is intended to be heard by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners in June.  She added they will get the information on that to the Board and advised Orange County is also undertaking a transportation study for that entire area of the county. 

Ms. Guillet reminded the Board they had requested a little over a year ago that MetroPlan get involved in this issue as well.  She advised she met with Harry Barley, Executive Director of MetroPlan Orlando, last week to talk about what their role could be with respect to Orange County’s study.  Her suggestion to him was that MetroPlan’s role can maybe serve as looking at the extra jurisdictional impacts of any study that Orange County undertakes.  She added that staff will be working with them to look at the impacts that improvements to the transportation network will have in that area of Orange County with respect to Seminole County and Brevard County. 

Commissioner Dallari stated he wants to make sure they are not crossing the Econ River.  Ms. Guillet said she did not know but they will have to be partners with Seminole on anything they do on McCulloch Road because there are some multi-jurisdictional issues there.  She advised they will certainly update the Board when they get the information on the Rybolt piece of property.  She added there have been some changes to the Lake Picket South development proposal that was transmitted to the Department of Community Affairs, and she believes the changes are actually reducing some of the densities and some of the properties that were included in that.  She advised that is going for final approval to the Orange County Board of County Commissioners in June as well.  She added staff will get all the information for the Board with respect to those projects and brief each of them individually on it. 

Commissioner Dallari said the Board has stated a couple of times that they are not interested in crossing the Econ River.  There was a federal settlement many years ago that there would only be one more crossing over the Econ River and that will actually be needed for south of SR 50 for Deseret Ranch.

Upon inquiry by Commissioner Carey, Ms. Guillet noted they have talked to Orange County about putting some policies in with respect to coordination on projects that would impact one another and they have been told by their staff that they are working on those policies.  Commissioner Carey asked for an update on that as well. 

Chairman’s Report/District 2

     Chairman Horan reported that he met with a wonderful business located in unincorporated Seminole County (Winter Springs address) called Health Fair.  They are a logistics company that offers mobile health screening services.  They have 16 units throughout the southeast region of the United States and they have gone from about 50 employees to over 200 employees in the last year.  The Chairman said he hooked them up with economic development staff and also the people at EDC.


Chairman Horan advised they have a little bit of a problem on SR 426; the contractor is not understanding what property is private property and what property is not private property.  A letter went out to the mayors of Winter Springs and Oviedo about the construction along that area and so it has been addressed once again.  He said the boundaries are not as well marked as they should be and the contractor just needs to make sure they modify their operations so they do not inadvertently start storing stuff on private property.


In connection with the ECFRPC (East Central Florida Regional Planning Council), Chairman Horan asked whether Commissioner Constantine wanted to comment on the GIS product that the RPC has.  Commissioner Constantine advised that Volusia County as well as Lake County have gone to a software system to make it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.  They had the money for Lake County, and Volusia County had most of the statistical data they needed to put it together; however, they have asked them to go to the MPO and potentially put together a plan of action for the three counties here because it seems to be something that would really be helpful when talking about pedestrian safety.  The Chairman added they have actually created the software and the template at the Regional Planning Council.  He opined the amazing thing is you can click on any road and you can find out all the mobility and connectivity issues that relate to pedestrian traffic and bicycle traffic and the condition of the road in terms of level of service.  He suggested the County Manager might want to get the traffic management people and GIS people with the RPC because there might be an opportunity for some real collaboration.  Ms. Guillet responded she would be happy to do that. 

Ms. Guillet remarked she should bring their GIS folks in for a meeting one day to give a demonstration of the things they are working on with respect to using their Geographic Information Systems to map things they are doing in Public Works and Environmental Services.  She explained you can click on any property and get all kinds of information with respect to what kind of projects are going on and what kind of work orders have been issued.  The Board then discussed GIS and how it helps economic development.


Chairman Horan stated he attended the Mayors and Managers meeting last week and thanked Sheriff Eslinger who made a presentation concerning the proposals for school resource officers, and the Sheriff clarified some issues that were concerns of the mayors and managers at that meeting. 


Chairman Horan reported they had a CFCH (Central Florida Commission on Homelessness) meeting last week where John Hillenmeyer, Managing Chair, gave a status report of where they are with regard to the task force plan.  Orange County also gave their report and it looks like both of them will be ready for the April and May time periods.  There are still a number of discussions going on and clarifications being made concerning the resources that are going to be coalesced by the CFCH.  The entire nation is looking at the model that they are going to use and Volusia County has joined up as well to take a look at that model. 

Commissioner Carey stated that one of the items the Board approved this morning was the three people from Aspire to go do VI-SPDAT (Vulnerability Index & Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool), which is a way to rank the order of how homeless people will be triaged basically.  Chairman Horan further explained it is a unit of measurement that has been created so you can assess somebody’s homelessness factor.  Commissioner Carey added it is important to get that done as quickly as possible so they do not miss the opportunity to get the funds that were given by Florida Hospital.


Commissioner Carey stated while she was having discussions with the Governor, she took the opportunity to discuss SR 417 and CFX (Central Florida Expressway Authority), and he called her back with his transportation leader on the line; she explained this is not the Secretary of Transportation, but his transportation team that works directly for the Governor’s Office.  Governor Scott advised he has given some specific instructions to his staff to gather some information, and as soon as they get it together, they will be sharing that with her and the Expressway Authority as well.  The question was, “If you were doing this today, what would you do?”  She said she believes it will be very positive because if they were doing this today, they would have had a transportation authority in place that already regulates the four-county area.  She added the other question was who can afford to do it.  While they cannot really compete with the Turnpike Authority because it collects funds across the state, she certainly thinks that the Expressway Authority can afford to operate these roads; they have looked at the numbers already.  She said she will keep the Board up to date on that, but she felt good after she had the conversation.  She noted that meanwhile they have the RFP out on the street to design/build the 417 toll within a toll.


Chairman Horan advised he will be attending the Central Florida Leadership Forum tomorrow and has been invited to make comments on what they are doing in the region to participate in global commerce; it will be one of nine presentations they are making on regional issues.  He will report back on that at the next meeting.


Chairman Horan noted there is a new marketing program that was introduced at the Tourist Development Council and he will send that information to the Commission offices.  He added it emphasizes Seminole County as being on the smart side of town.


Chairman Horan stated the Board is aware that Rick Weddle, who was president & CEO of the Orlando Economic Development Commission, left for a different position as the president and CEO of the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance in Virginia.  The Chairman advised that Holly Wiedman, who is the executive vice president, and their staff are proceeding to execute the same business plan and strategic plan.  They had several reports on the planning process for the strategic plan this year and the Chairman said he will be passing on that information as well.


In the Submissions List for today’s meeting, Chairman Horan stated they will see that United Arts is undergoing their collaborative campaign right now.  People can contribute to that campaign and also designate for specific Seminole County users.  They have already collected $1 million, and the goal is $2 million, but they have a couple of months to go on that.  Commissioner Carey questioned how much had been allocated to Seminole County so far.  Commissioner Constantine is the liaison on the Board and he advised they have a meeting tomorrow and he will find out. 


Chairman Horan commented that the Purchasing Department continues to accumulate awards.  They received the Award of Excellence in Public Procurement and Best Practices, and the County is 1 of only 13 total agencies in the nation, and 1 of only 3 county governments to receive this award in the State of Florida.  He added he gave the opening comments last week at the County’s vendor fair and that vendors like to do business with Seminole County because of the great professionalism.


     The following Communications and/or Reports were received and filed:

1.    Letter dated March 4, 2016, from Jim Boxold, Secretary, Florida Department of Transportation, to Chairman John Horan, re: Thanking the Chairman for his letter to Governor Scott concerning the Florida Turnpike Enterprise’s SR-417 Project.


2.    Notice received March 7, 2016, from the City of Sanford, re: Cloud Branch Drainage Improvements Phase III anticipated to begin construction in the spring of 2016.


3.    Letter dated March 8, 2016, from Chairman Horan to Harold Barley, Executive Director, MetroPlan Orlando, re: MetroPlan Orlando Committee Appointments.


4.    Letter dated March 8, 2016, from Chairman Horan to Tawney Olore, P.E., SunRail Program Manager, FDOT, re: SunRail Technical Advisory Committee Appointments.


5.    Letter dated March 8, 2016, from Roderick Henderson, Business Manager, The Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools, to the Seminole County BOCC, re: Thanking the Board for a $6,000 donation for “Safe & Drug Free Schools” program.


6.    Notice dated March 8, 2016, from Kevin Moss, Project Manager, FDOT, District 5, to Property Owner, re: Wekiva Parkway Section 8 Design-Build Project, SR-429 Interchange at I-4 & SR-417 Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at Lakeside Fellowship United Methodist Church, 305 S. Orange Blvd., Sanford.


7.    Letter dated March 8, 2016, from Cynthia Porter, City Clerk, City of Sanford, to Chairman Horan re: Mayor Jeff Triplett’s reappointment of Commissioner Randy Jones to represent the City as Voting Member and reappointment of Bob Turk, Director of Economic Development, as Staff Representative on the 17-92 RPA.


8.    Letter dated March 8, 2016, from Cynthia Porter, City Clerk, City of Sanford, to Chairman Horan re: Mayor Jeff Triplett announced that he and City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr., will represent the City on the Mayor/Managers Council.  Mayor Triplett will serve on the TDC and Commissioner Patty Mahany will serve as his alternate.  Mayor Triplett will serve as representative on Envision Seminole with Commissioner Velma Williams serving as the alternate.


9.    Community Meeting Notice dated March 9, 2016, from Madden, Moorhead & Glunt, Inc., re: San Pedro Project Meeting to be held on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 6:00 p.m., Elks Lodge, 4755 Howell Branch Road, Winter Park.


10.    Letter dated March 10, 2016, from Donald W. Kinard, Chief, Regulatory Division, Department of the Army, Notification of Public Notice re: File Number SAJ-2009-03805 (SP-TLO).


11.    Copy of a letter dated March 10, 2016, from Keith Glatz, Entity Awards Program Chair, Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials, Inc., to Chairman Horan, re: Excellence in Public Procurement & Best Practices Awards Program.


12.    Copies of letters dated March 14, 2016, from Chairman Horan to Mayors Charles Lacey and Dominic Persampiere re: Charter Designated Rural Areas.


13.  Letter dated February 16, 2016, from Harriett Trgoning, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, to Chairman Horan re: Fiscal Year 2016  allocations for the Office of Community Planning & Development’s formula programs.


14.  Letter dated March 14, 2016, from Florida Guardian Ad Litem Program to County Commissioners re: Program update.


15.  Letter dated March 15, 2016, from Noranne Downs, District 5 Secretary, FDOT, re: Construction Public Meeting US 17-92 Widening from a four-lane to a six-lane roadway; Shepard Rd./Raven Ave. to Lake Mary Blvd., March 30, 2016, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m., Agricultural Extension Auditorium.


16.  Press Release dated March 16, 2016, from United Arts of Central Florida re: United Arts of Central Florida exceeds 50% goal, raises $1 million plus towards $2 million goal.






     Ms. Guillet expressed she wanted to give an update on one item that was discussed at the last meeting which was the issue regarding the bear hunt.  She said the County Attorney has confirmed that this Board is not in a position to prohibit bear hunting in Seminole County; they are preempted from regulating that.  There is a regulation that would allow them to request that hunting be restricted in developed areas of the county, however, that is at the FWC’s discretion; they make the final decision on that.  She added there are a number of owners’ requirements that go along with that with respect to enforcement and notification and things of that nature.  She suggested, unless the Board has any objection, they move forward with preparing a resolution to send to the FWC (Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission) discussing how the Board would like them to promote non-lethal management techniques where feasible.  She added they can bring something back for review at the next meeting. 

Commissioner Carey stated she is still waiting for information as to whether any bears were killed in this county.  Ms. Guillet responded they were told there were no bears killed in Seminole County as part of the hunt, but they are in the process of confirming that.  Commissioner Carey added she also wants to know where it happened in the county.  Commissioner Constantine said they all knew they could probably not ban the bear hunt in Seminole County even though they would prefer that, but he thinks that what those citizens last week also wanted was a resolution against the bear hunt, which he still supports.


     There being no further business to come before the Board, the Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m., this same date.