MAY 9, 2017


The following is a non-verbatim transcript of the BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING OF SEMINOLE COUNTY, FLORIDA, held at 9:30 a.m., on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, in Room 1028 of the SEMINOLE COUNTY SERVICES BUILDING at SANFORD, FLORIDA, the usual place of meeting of said Board.


Chairman John Horan (District 2)

Vice Chairman Brenda Carey (District 5)

Commissioner Robert Dallari (District 1)

Commissioner Lee Constantine (District 3)

Commissioner Carlton Henley (District 4)

Clerk of Court and Comptroller Grant Maloy

County Manager Nicole Guillet

County Attorney Bryant Applegate

Deputy Clerk Kyla Spencer




Pastor Greg Rice, New Covenant Assembly of God, Casselberry, gave the invocation. Commissioner Henley led the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Business Spotlight video for A1 Assets was presented.


Agenda Item #1 2016-601

Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to adopt appropriate Resolution #2017-R-78 recognizing Congressman John L. Mica, recipient of Leadership Seminoles Leadership Legend Award for 2017.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

Congressman John L. Mica addressed the Board to express his appreciation. Commissioner Henley stated he will always appreciate the leadership that Congressman Mica has shown.


Agenda Item #2 A-3389-17

Motion by Commissioner Dallari, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to adopt appropriate Resolution #2017-R-79 recognizing Roy Detwiler, Public Works Department, for 34 years of service to the Citizens of Seminole County.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

Roy Detwiler addressed the Board to thank them for the recognition and thanked everyone who has helped him through his career.


Agenda Item #3 A-3461-17

Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to adopt a Proclamation declaring May 7th 13th, 2017 as National Correctional Professional Week.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

Sheriff Dennis Lemma addressed the Board to express gratitude on behalf of the Sheriffs Office and commend his staff for their hard work. Commissioner Dallari thanked Sheriff Lemma for the professionalism of his staff. Commissioner Carey stated everyone who works at the Sheriffs Office has been well vetted and believes that makes a big difference in their office. Sheriff Lemma added it is an honor to serve with his staff and the Board. Chairman Horan stated the Sheriffs Office has a very difficult job that they do tremendously well.



Agenda Item #4 A-3593-17

Motion by Commissioner Henley, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to adopt a Proclamation declaring May 7th 13th as National Travel and Tourism Industry Week.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.

Kevin Craig, Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association, addressed the Board to express his appreciation.


Chairman Horan recessed the meeting at 10:13 a.m.; reconvening at 10:17 a.m.


Chairman Horan announced they are going to take a short add-on item involving Honor Flight.

Donald Menzel, board member for Honor Flight of Central Florida, addressed the Board and stated Honor Flight has been a hub in Central Florida for around six or seven years. Mr. Menzel explained prior to becoming a board member, he was a volunteer and had an opportunity to participate in a flight as a guardian that Commissioner Dallari had participated in as well. Since that point in time, Mr. Menzel has been director of marketing and leaned on Commissioner Dallari to point him in directions that are beneficial to finding guardians and veterans. Mr. Menzel presented a plaque in appreciation to Commissioner Dallari for helping out in every capacity. He also presented the Commissioner with a commemorative coin that Honor Flight had minted this year and noted it is the first year Honor Flight has presented a commemorative coin.

Commissioner Dallari discussed his experience with Honor Flight and urged the Board, staff and citizens to get involved with Honor Flight.


Agenda Item #5 A-3501-17

Jeremiah Owens, P.E., CPH, addressed the Board and began a PowerPoint presentation (included in Agenda Memorandum) entitled U.S. 17-92 CRA Stormwater Master Plan Update. He reviewed CRA Limits and noted the 13-mile corridor is around 2,900 acres and broken up into five distinct drainage basins. He discussed Project Approach, Basin Information, Initial Areas, and Project Ranking Methodology. In regard to Area #1 Mill Creek, Mr. Owens explained Alternative 1 was enlarging the existing pond on 20th Street that the City of Sanford owns to a private parcel to the east. Alternative 2 is a separate treatment, downstream of the first pond, to the north in a low-lying area. Alternative 3 is a low-flow treatment over to the Mill Creek stormwater treatment pond. He stated Alternative 3 is the preferred option. In regard to Area #2 Airport Blvd Area, Mr. Owens explained there is a large-parcel owner that owns the center and a bunch of smaller parcels, so the options they looked at are purchasing a vacant lot (Alternative 3) and routing all stormwater to it. They also looked at working with the property owner and trying to get additional treatment.

Mr. Owens stated Pegasus Engineering looked at Area #3 separately so that one is not part of his presentation. The next area CPH was tasked with was Area #4 Shepard Road. He noted there are two distinct areas, north and south of a previously redeveloped industrial area. He pointed out Alternative 1 is a little bit higher on a cost-per-acre basis than the preferred Alternative 3, but it does pick up some additional acreage. Mr. Owens reviewed Area #5 Lake of the Woods and stated this would be a regional stormwater facility either located on one parcel or multiple parcels. They would have to acquire land or get easements from the individuals. He mentioned that unbeknownst to CPH, Alternative 3 ended up being the preferred option for each area. Mr. Owens discussed Preferred Alternatives and noted he tried to find a rational nexus of how do they relate this to regular projects and regular programs. He explained they looked at the total treatment area they can get and the construction cost of each individual facility. When someone has to redevelop their parcel that is already developed today, they are hit with current standards for the City, County and St. Johns.

After reviewing Normal Development Cost Estimate and Cost Comparison, Mr. Owens discussed Recommendations. He explained in regard to moving forward with Area 1, Mills Creek, Alternative 3, they have had previous discussions with the City of Sanford and it would take counsel approval from the City because it is the Citys stormwater treatment credit pond and they wouldnt want to lose any of their existing credits, but there appears to be some additional capacity that is located within that feature. He noted they recommend forgoing any improvements in Areas 2, 4 and 5 due to cost at this time. Mr. Owens stated the other recommendation is to develop a Stormwater Grant Program. The original intent is to help out some of the smaller parcels in redeveloping. The program could be set up however the Board deems fit but with more emphasis to help out the smaller parcels than the larger ones. He opined they have a barrel of money and they dont want one person to take all of it. He suggested if they have a local jurisdiction that wants to do a regional stormwater facility, they could get an additional dollar figure per acre over and above what a normal parcel would be since it would help multiple parcels and multiple owners.

Commissioner _%_Carey _/1__/1__#__0%1__0%1_e_0%1_xplained anybody _0&1_that _0'1__0(1_look_0)1_s at _0*1_re_0+2_developing _0-1_their _0.1_prop_0/1__002_erty knows there would be a _023__051_cost _061_associated with _071_creating storm_082_water_0:1__0;1_,_%_ and it would make a lot of sense if the _%_County had some regional ponds and _0<1_cre_0=2_ated _0E1_an _0F1_opportunity _0G1__0H1_for _0I1_them _0J1_to _0K1_buy _0L1_into _0M1_the_0N1_ storm_0O2_water _0Q2_credits. _%_She p_0X1_ointed out _"_with the _%_CRA sunsetting later_0d1_, _0e1__0f1__0g1_they _0h1_need _0i1_to go _0j1_a_0k1_head _0l1_and _0m1_look _0n3_at _0q3_allocating _0t1_those _0u2_dollars _0w1_for the _0x2_biggest _0z2_benefit _0|1__0}1_to opportunities_0~1__01__"__01__01__01__01_. _%_She suggested _01_staff _01_look _01_a_01_t something _01_where _01_there _01_would _01_be _01_some _01_kind _01_of _02_a credit _02_purchase _01_similar to _01__01_if you _01_were _03_mitigating _01_a _01_we_01_tland_01_, you _01_could _01_go _0 1_buy _02_credits _01_from somebody that had created a mitigation bank. _#_Same _01_thing _01_with _01_storm_02_water _01_in _01_that _01_they _01_could _02_purchase _01_storm_02_water _03_credits through the _02_regional _02_development that the _%_County could spend the _%_CRA dollars _01_to _01_cre_01_ate_01_. Ms. _%_Guillet stated i_01_t would be s_01_taff's recommendation that t_01_he _01__%_Board have_01_ s_01_taff look at how that might work if t_01_hey wanted to do any of the options that were included in this report or some other approach to stormwater. _%_She reiterated _%_the _%_CRA is scheduled to sunset at the end of this year and mentioned staff intends to bring back some recommendations in the next month or so as to how t_01_hey think t_01_he _%_Board should proceed with that.

Commissioner _%_Carey _1A1_explained if the _%_Board_%_ _1B1__1B1_makes _1C1_the _1D1_decision _1E1_to _1F1_develop the _1G2_regional _1I1_storm_1J2_water _1L2_systems _1N1_now, _1O1__1P1_those _1Q1_funds _1R1_are _1S3_allocated_1V1__1W2_ _1Z1_in the _1[1_C_1\1_R_1]1_A_1^2_; and even _1`1_if the _1a1__%__1b1__1c1_CRA _1d1_sun_1e1_sets_1f1_, people _1g1_could _1h1_not _1i1_come _1j1_back _1k1_and _1l1_buy those stormwater credits after the fact. _1m1__#_That _1n2_money _1p1_could then be _1q2_used _1s1_t_1s1_o _1t2_generate _1v1_more _1w3_capacity _1z1_in the _1{2_corridor _1}1_because _1~1_that _11_is the _11_big _11_hic_11_cup _11_with _11__11__11_that area. She discussed the high cost associated with underground infiltration and noted there are many complications along that corridor. Ms._%_ _%_Guillet _%_a_11_greed it is a challenge.

Ms. _%_Guillet stated _%_Alternative 1 _11_is _11_the most _11_cost _12_effective _11_if _11_t_11_he _%_Board tries _11_to do _11_anything _12_that would provide some sort of regional _12_relief. _%_She reminded it is very ex_#_pens_11_ive t_11_o go _11_back _11_in _11_and _11_try _11_to _12_retro_11_fit_11_. _11__%_She asked the _%_Board if the presentation gave them the information they were originally looking for_11_. _%_She explained_2'1_ _2(1_if _2)1_the recommendation from t_2)1_he consultants is acceptable, _251__261_staff would _271_work _281_with the _292__#_City _2;1_of _2<1__%_Sanford_2=1_ _2=1_because they will certainly be a player in this _2>1_and _2?1_then bring _2@1_something _2A1_back _2B1_to _2C1_t_2C1_he _%_Board _2D1_as _2E1__2F1_the C_2G1_R_2H1_A _2I1__#_Board _2J1_at _2K1_a _2L2_later _2N2_meeting_2P1_.

Commissioner _%_Dallari _2S1_stated he likes_2T1_ _2U1_the _2V1_idea _2W1_of _2X1_doing _2Y1_c_2[1__2[1_red_2[1_its and _2\1_trying to _2]1__2^1_figure _2_1_something _2`1_out _2a1_on _2b1_a _2c2_regional _2e2_bas_2g1_is. _%_He asked _%_Mr. _%_Owens if he ha_2h1_d _2i2_lo_2k1_oked at _2l1_some _2m1_new _2n1_ponds that _2o1_will be coming into existence if _2p1_the _%_County moves_2q1__2r1_ _2s1_forward _2t1_with _2u1_some road _2v1_construction_2w1__%_ and mentioned the _%_Oxford _%_Road area as an example._%_ _%_Mr. _%_Owens _21_answered that was discussed during his_22__21__21__22__21_ _2 1_re_21_view_21_. _21_That _21_area _21_was _23_being _22_looked _21_at _21_by _22_Pegasus _21__%_Engineering and _21__21_his understanding is that that pond _21_was _21_at _23_capacity_21_ and they were out of land there. _21__%_C_21_ommissioner _%_Dallari _21_responded that _"_the pond _22_hasn't _21_been _22_constructed _21_yet. _%_Ms. _%_Guillet explained _"_most_21__21__21_ _21_of _21_that _22_facility _21_is _21_outside _21_of the _21_C_21_R_21_A_22_. _%_There is a very small portion and that_21_ is why _21__22_the _%_County moved _21_th_22_at catalyst _21_proj_21__21_ect outside of the _%_CRA catalyst group. _%_Commissioner _%_Dallari agreed but stated there are pieces of it inside the _%_CRA that could be expanded. _%_He asked if _%_Pegasus _%_Engineering has looked at that. _%_Mr. _%_Owens answered _"_they were doing the original design on that and he can work with staff and see where they are at. _%_Commissioner _%_Dallari inquired if anyone has looked at expanding the _%_DOT ponds_%_ up and_3)1__%__3*1__3+1__3,1_ _3-1_down _3.1_that _3/2_corridor_311_ _3?2_because there is plenty of vacant_3A1__3B1__3C1__3D1__3E1_ _3F1_land _3G1_around those _%_DOT ponds_3H1__3O1__3O1_. _3P1_ _%_Mr. _%_Owens replied not in full detail but that is something he can _3e1__3e1_address _3f1_with _3g1_staff. Ms. _%_Guillet mentioned _%_the properties are not as constrained on that stretch of _%_U._%_S_3g1_. 17-92. _%_Commissioner _%_Dallari stated_%_ there are some existing ponds either owned _31_by _32__#_City_31_, _#_Count_31_y _31_or _3 1__%_DOT_31_, a_31__31__31_nd he would like _31_to _31_at _31_least _31_look _31_at those ponds to _33_see _31_if they can _31__31_be _31__32_expanded_31_ _31_and _31_then _31_look _31_at _31_that _32_credit _31_to _31_actually_31_ _31_make _31_that _31_happen_31_. Co_31_mmissioner _%_Carey added_%_added in regard to the _%_DOT ponds, _%_DOT did whole_%_ takes down there which is why they have so much land where the ponds are not necessarily required to be so big. _%__4#1_ _%_She agreed there is_4$1__4%2__4'1_ room _4(1_for _4)1_some _4*1_ex_4+1_pans_4,1_ion on _4-1_those _4.1__%__4/3_pond_421_s, but the question _431_is _441_will _451_they _462_allow _481_the _%_County _491_to _4:2_utilize _4<1_them _4=1_or the _4>1_land _4?1_that _%_DOT is no_4@1__4A1_t _4B3_utilizing _4E1_for _4F1_ponds_4G1__4H1_.

Commissioner Carey stated _%__4I1__4J1__4K1_in _4L1_conjunction with the _4O2_widening _4Q1_of the _4R1_road_4S2_, the _%_County looked _4U1_at _4V1_th_4W1__4X1_e expansion of the pond on _4Y2__%_CR 427 and _%_Country _%_Club._4d2__4f1_ _%_She asked if that was ever looked at again_#_ to see if that may be a viable option. _%_She also asked if they have any idea _41_about _41_what _41_the_41_ cost _41_is _41_going _41_to be _41_for the _41__%_F_41_ive _41__#_Points _41_storm_42_water _41_pond._41_ _%_Ms. _%_Guillet_41__41_ answered she doesn't know if staff has a cost on that yet. _%_She explained _41_part _41_of the _41_challenge with _%_Fi_41_ve _%_Points is _41__41_t_41_hey _41_don't _41_have _41_a _44_concep_43_tual _41_plan _41_yet,_41_ so _42_tying _41_that _41_in_41_to _41_how _41_that _41_would _41_be _41_in_43_corporated _41_into the _%_Five _%_Points project is _41_part _41_of _41_what _42_t_42_hey are _42_struggling _41_with. Commissioner _%_Carey reminded that it is time sensitive so they probably need to have some discussions and decisions made about this in the next couple of months. _%_Ms. _%_Guillet responded staff will get the _%_Board _%_the information on the _%_Pegasus _%_Engineering study._%_


Motion by Commissioner Dallari, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to authorize and approve the following:

Community Services

Community Assistance Division

6. Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute the 2016/2017 Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Modification Grant Award Agreement between the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) and Seminole County in the amount of $439,978. (A-3575-17)


Development Services

Planning & Development Division

7. Authorize release of the Roads, Streets, and Drainage Performance Bond #CMS0281390 in the amount of $55,094.79, and the Water and Sewer Bond #CMS0281391 in the amount of $425,605.51 for the Preserve at Lake Sylvan Subdivision; Park Square Enterprises, LLC, Applicant. (A-3511-17)


Environmental Services

Solid Waste Management Division

8. Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for Hubbard Construction Company d/b/a Mid Florida Materials, effective May 9, 2017, through September 30, 2017. (A-3556-17)

9. Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for EcoDepot USA, LLC, effective May 9, 2017, through September 30, 2017. (A-3524-17)

10. Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for Environmental One, LLC, effective May 9, 2017, through September 30, 2017. (A-3444-17)


Resource Management

Budget & Fiscal Management Division

11. Approve submittal of an application to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), through the FY 2016 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program - Fire Prevention & Safety Grants, requesting up to $50,000; and authorize the County Manager to execute any documents associated with the grant application. (A-3545-17)

12. Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2017-R-80 implementing the Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #17-051 through the Emergency 911 Fund to reallocate $8,641 of budget to procure a 911 network switch. (A-3540-17)

13. Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a grant agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Division of Water Restoration Assistance in acceptance of $265,000 to provide financial assistance for the Wekiva Basin Bear Lake Chain of Lakes - Alton Drive project; and appropriate Resolution #2017-R-81 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #17-054 through the Public Works Grant Fund in the amount of $265,000 to establish funding for this project. (A-3564-17)

14. Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2017-R-82 implementing Budget Amendment Request (BAR) #17-056 through an allocation from the Florida Department of Health to provide domestic mosquito control services in response to a Public Health Emergency (Executive Order 16-29) in the amount of $394,000; and approve capital purchase of backpack foggers, trailer, and portable chemical storage shed. (A-3567-17)

MSBU Division

15. Authorize the Chairman to execute a Satisfaction of Lien document for parcels #06-21-29-521-0000-0020, #06-21-29-521-0000-0030 and #06-21-29-521-0000-0100 for which the Wekiva Green-Churchill Drive Road Improvement MSBU non-ad valorem assessment has been paid in full. (A-3527-17)

16. Adopt and authorize the Chairman to execute appropriate Resolution #2017-R-83 confirming the Non-Ad Valorem Variable Rate Assessments for tax year 2017. (A-3512-17)

Purchasing & Contracts Division

17. Award CC-1313-17/RTB, Midway Utilities Replacement - Phase 2, in the amount of $842,799, to SanPik, Inc. of Sanford; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the agreement. (A-3538-17)

18. Award IFB-602813-17/GCM, Term Contract for Plumbing and Septic Tank Services for Residential Properties, to Brownie's Septic and Plumbing, LLC, Orlando; and Pat Lynch Construction, LLC, Orlando; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the agreements. The estimated term usage for these agreements is $200,000. (A-3533-17)

19. Award IFB-602814-17/GCM, Term Contract for Electrical Services for Residential Properties, to T. North Enterprise, LLC, d/b/a Aurora Electric, Sorrento; and Yang, Inc., d/b/a Semco Electric Company, Orlando; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the agreements. The estimated term usage for these agreements is $100,000. (A-3534-17)

20. Award IFB-602815-17/GCM, Term Contract for HVAC Mechanical Services for Residential Properties, to Aire Tech Mechanical Services, Inc., Orlando; and Climate Control Mechanical Services, Inc., Ocala; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the agreements. The estimated term usage for these agreements is $200,000. (A-3530-17)

21. Approve Amendment #1, in the amount of $88,885.85, to Work Order #24 (SR 429 Wekiva Parkway Section 7A Utility Relocations) under PS-8186-13/DRR, CES Utility Improvement Projects Agreement, with CPH, Inc., Sanford. (A-3541-17)

22. Award IFB-602794-17/GCM, Term Contract for the Cleaning & Inspections of Water Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels Program Services, to Crom Engineering & Construction Services, Division of Crom, LLC, Gainesville; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the agreement. The estimated annual usage for the project is $25,000. (A-3537-17)

23. Approve an increase to the Board-approved Estimated Annual Usage for RFP-0336-15/RTB, Master Services Agreement for Security Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades, with Site Secure, LLC of Altamonte Springs, by an additional $400,000 per year. (A-3525-17)

24. Award CC-1295-17/RTB, Salt Creek Stream Restoration, in the amount of $679,000, to Bio Mass Tech, Inc., of Land O Lakes; and authorize the Purchasing & Contracts Division to execute the agreement. (A-3539-17)

25. Approve the Single Source Procurement, SS-602860-17/BJC for General Lake Management Services, with Dean Enterprises, Orlando, at a cost of $30 per hour with an estimated annual amount of $15,000. (A-3520-17)


Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.



Clerks Office

Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to authorize and approve the following:

26. Approve Expenditure Approval Lists dated April 10 and 17, 2017; Payroll Approval List dated April 20, 2017; and the BCC Official Minutes dated March 28 and April 11, 2017; Clerk and Comptroller's "Received and Filed" is for information only. (A-3571-17)


Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.



The Board noted, for information only, the following Clerks Received and Filed:

1. Executive Order #2017-001 declaring a local burn ban.

2. Executive Order #2017-002 declaring State of Local Emergency and establishing a local burn ban.


3. Tourist Tax Funding Agreement for 2017 Florida High School Athletic Association Tennis Championships with Florida High School Athletic Association, Inc.


4. Tourist Tax Funding Agreement for Nexgen Elite Youth Championship with Prospect Wire, Inc.


5. Pet Rescue Cooperative Service Agreements with Florida Pointer Rescue and United Yorkie Rescue.


6. Parks Contract for Services for Diane White, Eric Geyer, Richard Scott Allen Jr., Robert Agagnina Jr., Randy Lee, and Rhett Stanberry.


7. Closeout to CC-0191-15 with Pump Station Improvements.

8. PS-0504-16 with CDM Smith, Inc.


9. Closeout to Work Order #3 to CC-0559-15 with Central Florida Environmental Corp.


10. Change Order #1 to CC-0974-16 with Pat Lynch Construction.


11. CC-1219-17 with Tyrell Enterprises, LLC.


12. Amendment #7 to Work Order #3 to PS-2825-07 with Horizon Engineering Group, Inc.


13. Amendment #5 to Work Order #5 to PS-8286-13 with Kittelson & Associates, Inc.


14. Change Order #1 to CC-9072-13 with BSE Construction Group and Formal Request Memorandum giving signature authorization to Olivette Carter, Community Assistance Division Manager.


15. Change Order #6 to Work Order #4 to RFQ-9093-13 with Wharton-Smith, Inc.


16. Work Order #28 to CC-9192-13 with Corinthian Builders, Inc.


17. Work Order #20 to PS-9738-14 with E Sciences, Inc.


18. Sixth Amendment to IFB-601297-11 with Ameriscapes Landscape Management Services, LLC.


19. Tenth Amendment to RFP-601745-13 with Apex Pest Control, Inc.


20. IFB-602126-14 with Servello & Son, Inc.


21. RFI-602205-17 with Ten-8 Fire Equipment, Inc.


22. First Amendment to RFP-602536-16 with Direct Sell, Inc. d/b/a Weichert Realtors-Hallmark Properties.


23. Recording of Plats and Certificate of Title for the project known as Patriot Point.


24. Recording of Plats and Title Opinion Letter for the project known as Farms of Southern Oaks.


25. Conditional Utility Agreement for Water, Wastewater or Reclaimed Water Services with Keith and Joyce Schoening for the project known as Farms of Southern Oaks.


26. Conditional Utility Agreement for Water, Wastewater or Reclaimed Water Services with Racetrac Petroleum, Inc. for the project known as RaceTrac Winter Springs.

27. Development Order #17-27500011 for Alcoholic Beverage License for the project known as F&D Cantina, 1125 Townpark Avenue, Suite 1071, Charles Robinson.

28. Approval Development Orders #17-30000007, 2664 Creekview Circle, Joseph and Kathleen Wheeler; #17-30000008, 310 S. Pressview Avenue, Sean and Wendy Weiss; #17-30000009, 412 Kimberly Court, Craig Entzminger; #17-30000012, 2941 W. 23rd Street, Jennifer Brundidge; #17-30000013, 2740 Bellewater Place, Lot 23; and #17-30000014, 3250 Medina Court, Meritage Homes of Florida, Inc.

29. Denial Development Orders #17-30000010, 3940 N. CR 426, Ali and Maria Rabah; and #17-30000011, 5301 Justine Way, Jonathan Pereira.

30. Bids as follows:


IFB-602794-17 with Crom Engineering & Construction Services, a Division of Crom, LLC; Precon Corporation; Underwater Solutions, Inc.;


CC-1219-17 with Tyrell Enterprises, LLC; BSE Construction Group; Glen Holt Aluminum, LLC; Linton Enterprises, Inc.; and


RFP-1210-17 with National Metering Services, Inc.; Vanguard Utility Service, Inc.; Nils Humberg Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Ace Flow Control; Pedal Valves, Inc.


Item #27 A-3535-17


Patt Hughes, Planning & Development, addressed the Board to present the item as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum. She pointed out staff recommends the Board uphold the Deputy County Managers denial of the request for a total waiver of the Code Enforcement Board lien of $326,866 for Case #13-60-CEB, on the property located at 1470 Swamp Lane, Geneva, Tax Parcel #01-20-31-5UR-0000-0180, Szilard Szabo, current owner, and Thomas Farrington, previous owner; and authorize the Chairman to execute the Satisfaction of Lien upon payment in full.

Szilard Szabo, Applicant, addressed the Board and explained he purchased the property because he wants to build a house on the property. He didnt know there was a lien on it at the time of purchase and when he found out, he tried to clean up as fast as possible. In about three-and-a-half weeks, he was able to bring the property up to compliance. He would like to pay a lower fee on the property because he cannot get a mortgage to build a house with the current lien in place.

Chairman Horan confirmed with Mr. Szabo that he paid about $15,000 to clean up the property and $6,000 at the tax sale for the property. Chairman Horan asked Mr. Szabo how long it took him from the time he learned about the lien to clean up the property. Mr. Szabo answered three-and-a-half weeks. Chairman Horan confirmed with Ms. Hughes that the taxable appraised value of the property is $23,293, the lien is $326,866 and the property has been cleaned up. He also confirmed with Ms. Hughes that administrative costs are $450.05.

Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to overturn the Deputy County Managers denial and approve a reduction to the Code Enforcement Board lien of $326,866 for Case #13-60-CEB, to administrative costs of $450.05, on the property located at 1470 Swamp Lane, Geneva, Tax Parcel #01-20-31-5UR-0000-0180, Szliard Szabo, current owner, and Thomas Farrington, previous owner; require this reduced amount to be paid within 30 days or the lien will revert to the original total amount of $326,866; and authorize the Chairman to execute the Satisfaction of Lien upon payment in full; Szilard Szabo, Owner and Applicant.

Commissioner Carey stated many times people think they are getting a tax deed or a foreclosed piece of property and they dont understand the whole process, and it is unfortunate that Mr. Szabo found himself in that situation. She expressed it is admirable that he cleaned up such a mess that included 50-plus boats. Commissioner Dallari confirmed with Chairman Horan the reduced amount has to be paid within 30 days or the lien will revert to the original total amount. Chairman Horan suggested Mr. Szabo consult with an attorney before he buys any more property.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Chairman Horan recessed the meeting at 10:50 a.m.; reconvening at 1:30 p.m., with all Commissioners and all other Officials with the exception of Clerk of Court Grant Maloy, who was absent, and Deputy Clerk Kyla Spencer who was replaced by Deputy Clerk Jane Spencer, who were present at the Opening Session.


Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to authorize the filing of the proofs of publication for this meeting's scheduled public hearings into the Official Record.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.





Agenda Item #28 A-3499-17

Proof of publication calling for a public hearing to consider adoption of either (1) an Ordinance repealing Ordinance 2012‑15 thereby terminating the Horseshoe Lake (North) Aquatic Weed Control MSBU or (2) an Amendment Ordinance continuing the Horseshoe Lake (North) Aquatic Vegetation and Lake Management MSBU, received and filed.

Kathy Moore, MSBU Program Manager, addressed the Board to explain that in 2012, at the request of the lakefront property owners, the Board of County Commissioners created the Horseshoe Lake (North) Aquatic Weed Control MSBU to provide funding for lake and vegetation management. Since that time, the designated public services have been provided by the County through the Seminole County Lake Management Program. She advised that over the years, there have been periodic difficulties experienced respective to the liaisons being in disagreement with professional lake management initiatives. The disagreement has primarily been due to expressed resistance to the use of herbicide products for managing invasive and nuisance aquatic vegetation as permitted by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Ms. Moore noted that on multiple occasions scheduled services have been delayed or denied due to property owners temporarily withholding lake access by denying use of their boat launching facilities. The combined issues faced over time have delayed treatments, have altered routine lake management services, and have placed a high demand on the limited resources available for supporting assessment‑funded services.

Ms. Moore stated that to promote a broader awareness of the circumstances faced with implementing services, to ensure a community‑wide understanding about the assessment-funded service available through the County (which relies heavily on the use of aquatic herbicide products), and to reconfirm that services available from the County remain in alignment with the expectation of the majority of the property owners funding the services, a petition process was employed. The petition demonstrated that of the properties assessed for these services, 33 properties (66%) support continuance of the MSBU and 6 properties (34%) are in support of termination. This support for termination was reflected by 6 properties (12%) responding to terminate the MSBU and 11 properties (22%) not responding. She added that following public input, Item #28 offers consideration to either terminate the existing MSBU or to continue the MSBU through the proposed ordinance amendments.

Commissioner Dallari thanked Ms. Moore and her staff as well as the individuals in the Stormwater Division who are responsible for taking care of the County's lakes and waterways. He noted there was a public meeting, which was well attended, and a lot a questions asked. Commissioner Dallari then submitted his ex parte communications, emails and correspondence about this issue into the record. A copy of ex parte communications for all agenda items was received and filed.

Commissioner Dallari noted there have been a lot of questions about this lake and the management and care of the lake. Everyone that lives on this lake truly cares about the lake and how it is maintained. He stated that he was in favor today of making the motion to continue the MSBU because it did have the 65%. During lunch time, he did receive a visit by one of the residents, Patricia Searcy; and he took a lot of her input to heart. He advised she had a lot of comments and provided written documentation (copy received and filed) about Exhibit D. There was also concern about some of the verbiage and dialogue in the ordinance. He advised that he would like to have the County's attorneys look at that because some of it is pretty technical when it comes to the operation and maintenance of water bodies. He also wants staff to look at a retention pond just to the east of the lake. At the meeting, there was quite a bit of public input that a lot of the water from that retention pond is flowing into the lake. He wants to ensure they are looking at this very holistically. Commissioner Dallari stated that because of these concerns, he would like to continue this item to the next meeting so County staff can look through all of the documents and vet them to make sure they are moving in the most expeditious and correct manner. He wants staff to look at the retention pond to the east as well.

Motion by Commissioner Dallari, seconded by Commissioner Constantine, to continue to May 23, 2017 at 1:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, the request to adopt (1) an Ordinance repealing Ordinance 2012‑15 thereby terminating the Horseshoe Lake (North) Aquatic Weed Control MSBU or (2) an Amendment Ordinance continuing the Horseshoe Lake (North) Aquatic Vegetation and Lake Management MSBU, as described in the proof of publication.

Under discussion, Chairman Horan asked if there was anyone from the public that would like to speak on the continuance only. Commissioner Carey remarked that it takes a lot of time for people to come down to the meeting, and there will be some that will not be able to come back that wanted to provide information for consideration. She would like to hear that. Chairman Horan asked, since there is one Speaker Request Form for this item on the substance of the issue, whether there would be any objections in hearing that. Commissioner Dallari stated he had no objections but he wants to make sure that whoever is speaking understands that this item is coming back. If this motion passes, the matter will be coming back to the Board in two weeks.

Charlotte Williams, 4048 Live Oak Reserve Boulevard, addressed the Board to state that she understands the motion for continuance and thinks given the circumstances, it is probably the right thing to do. Ms. Williams explained that her objection is to the timeliness or untimeliness of the documents that were presented basically on the eve of the meeting here today when everyone has taken the time to show up at the meeting and had this on the calendar for months. Commissioner Dallari stated the good news is that the MSBU is still in existence and he really wants to make sure they look through all of the documents to make the right decision. Ms. Williams asked if there is any way the Commissioners can put a timeline on documents that will be submitted for the next hearing because she would hate for this to happen again. Bryant Applegate, County Attorney, responded that there is no restriction as to when somebody can submit a document.

Commissioner Carey explained that Ms. Searcy could have come to the podium today and presented new evidence that would have caused the same action. Commissioner Carey stated that because she saw that there were people here and knows that some people took off from work, she doesn't want them to have to take off again. She then requested that all of the Commissioners get a copy of Ms. Searcy's documentation. Ms. Williams wondered when those documents will be available for the other residents to review. Nicole Guillet, County Manager, suggested that Ms. Williams contact her office and she will provide her a copy today. Chairman Horan stated they are trying to be deliberate and have all of the information in front of the Board before they make a decision. He pointed out that the good news is that it is obvious that there is no one who doesn't care about this lake.

Paul Janke, 2400 Sterling Creek Parkway, addressed the Board to state he is a resident on the lake and has been very involved since March 1. Mr. Janke added that he probably has 50 to 60 hours personally involved in this whole process. He facilitated the first meeting on March 7 for all of the community so that all sides could be heard. He has tried to be "middle of the line" though he had strong personal beliefs and has tried to facilitate all sides. Mr. Janke pointed out that every time they have a meeting, they go over the same issues. They have been over them four or five or six times. He considers his view that of the silent majority and the silent majority is not 66% but is 66% plus a number of those that did not vote as well and who are either in agreement or in strong agreement with continuing the MSBU, which has done an excellent job. Mr. Janke advised that he would like the opportunity to speak at the May 23 meeting as well.

Commissioner Dallari asked that the residents not misunderstand him by continuing this; he does support the MSBU. He just wanted to make sure that the documents that he received are looked at by all of the Commissioners and the County's attorneys and that staff vets them to make sure they have everything right.

David Kuketz, 4072 Live Oak Reserve Boulevard, addressed the Board to state he also lives on the lake and has been there for six years. Mr. Kuketz commented that he has lived on lakes most of his life and understands the environmental concerns. He has been very actively involved with this lake in particular for over five years and was involved with the initiation of the MSBU and has supported it all along. He believes very strongly that the program is incredibly great for the community and thinks it is good for the community around them. It is good because it is not only about the environmental quality of the water and the aesthetics of the lake but also about people who have property on the lake, whether they actually use the water or not.

Mr. Kuketz stated he probably has spent over 400 hours with this matter over the five years. He does not see anything incorrect about what the biologists and the County folks have done in the MSBU. He thinks they have been on point and right in everything that they have done so far. He stated he fully supports the MSBU and hopes it continues.

Patricia Searcy, 304 & 308 West 11th Street, addressed the Board to state she has owned property located on Horseshoe Lake since the early 90's. Ms. Searcy advised that she has been an active participant and supporter of lake management activities and has served as the lead liaison to the County until March 1, at which time she resigned. She noted that on March 17, she wrote to Commissioner Dallari, which is part of the public record (copy not received and filed), to offer another property owners perspective. Ms. Searcy stated she is in favor of the MSBU but just wants to make sure that they get it right for those who follow and for those who are part of this current MSBU.

Ms. Searcy stated she is concerned that the scope of the original MSBU ordinance has increased in the draft. She advised that her rationale is provided in the documentation that she provided to Commissioner Dallari. Second, in the town hall meeting on April 12, they advised Commissioner Dallari that the current ordinance does not include the retention pond; and they have witnessed for more than one and one-half years that the retention pond has likely created some of the circumstances that they are experiencing now. She added that that property owner pays into the MSBU and believes it seems reasonable that they take the time to get this matter resolved now rather than needing to come back to the table later.

Ms. Searcy thanked the County for defining the composition of the representatives as five members. She asked that they delete the requirement for the County to approve their liaisons and believes as a community, they should be able to vet and provide to the County who their liaisons are and that the liaisons will represent all interests on the lake. Ms. Searcy referred to Exhibit D and explained that it is likely precedent setting for the entire county and urged caution with regard to specificity of the exhibit for the revised Horseshoe Lake Ordinance. She asked the Board to consider placing this type of detail into the County's Administrative Code so it can be used countywide for all MSBUs. She thanked the Commissioners for their time today and their service to the county.

With regard to public participation, no one else in the audience spoke in support or in opposition regarding Agenda Item #28 and public input was closed.

Speaker Request Forms were received and filed.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.



Agenda Item #29 A-3306-17

Proof of publication calling for a public hearing to consider adoption of a resolution approving and designating the inventory of County‑owned real properties available for disposition or use in connection with affordable housing purposes pursuant to Section 125.379, Florida Statutes, and providing an effective date deemed appropriate for use in connection with affordable housing development and preservation, received and filed.

Valmarie Turner, Director of Community Services, addressed the Board to present the request as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum. Ms. Turner stated that the Florida Statutes requires every county to prepare and adopt by resolution an inventory of property deemed appropriate for use as affordable housing every three years. She noted that they have eight properties that they have identified; and she read the parcel numbers, as reflected in the Agenda Memorandum, into the record.

Commissioner Carey asked Ms. Turner if these properties are part of the program where the County is going to have someone try to develop on the sites. She asked how they will move forward to get these properties into the hands of affordable housing. Ms. Turner advised that once this is approved, the County will do an RFP for non-profit developers to come in and provide a proposal for developing the properties for affordable housing. Commissioner Constantine confirmed with Ms. Turner that the eight properties will be put out on public bid to non-profit homebuilders. Upon further inquiry by Commissioner Constantine, Ms. Turner advised that all of the properties will be single-family homes.

With regard to public participation, no one in the audience spoke in support or in opposition to Agenda Item #29 and public input was closed.

Motion by Commissioner Dallari, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to adopt appropriate Resolution #2017-R-84 approving and designating the inventory of County‑owned real properties available for disposition or use in connection with affordable housing purposes pursuant to Section 125.379, Florida Statutes, and providing an effective date deemed appropriate for use in connection with affordable housing development and preservation, as described in the proof of publication.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.




Agenda Item #30 PH-2016-583

Proof of publication calling for a public hearing to consider a Small Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment from Suburban Estates to Industrial and a Rezone from A‑1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development) for general commercial and light industrial uses on approximately 0.73 acres, located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Orange Boulevard and Halsey Avenue, Stephen Coover, received and filed.

Matt Davidson, Planning and Development Division, addressed the Board to present the request as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum. Mr. Davidson stated that the Applicant is requesting a Small Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment in order to develop the subject property with uses permitted in the C-3 (General Commercial) district and the M-1A (Very Light Industrial) district and is proposing an Industrial Future Land Use with similar uses that are already permitted in the adjacent Planned Developments.

Mr. Davidson explained that the Applicant does not currently have an end user for the property and as a result is not proposing specific hours of operation at this time; however, the Applicant has stated that any future development on the subject property will be consistent with the existing Featherlite Coaches facility directly adjacent to the east, which has hours of operation from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mr. Davidson pointed out that the request is consistent with the Land Development Code and the Comprehensive Plan. The proposed uses are similar to the uses that were previously approved in the Planned Developments that are directly adjacent to the subject property. He added that staff recommends approval.

Stephen Coover, 230 North Park Avenue, addressed the Board to state he is here on behalf of the Applicant. Mr. Coover advised that he agrees with staffs findings, recommendations, and the conditions that are listed in the Agenda Memorandum. He offered to answer any questions that the Board may have.

With regard to public participation, no one else in the audience spoke in support or in opposition to Agenda Item #31 and public input was closed.

Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to adopt Ordinance 2017-16 enacting a Small Scale Future Land Use Map Amendment from Suburban Estates to Industrial; adopt Ordinance 2017-17 enacting a Rezone from A‑1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development); and approve a Development Order and Master Development Plan for approximately 0.73 acres, located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Orange Boulevard and Halsey Avenue, as described in the proof of publication, Stephen Coover.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


REZONE/Madden Moorhead & Stokes

Agenda Item #31 PH-2016-581

Proof of publication calling for a public hearing to consider a Rezone from A‑1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development) and to approve the associated Development Order and Master Development Plan for approximately 14.64 acres, located on the north side of Howell Branch Road, one-half mile west of Dodd Road, Madden Moorhead & Stokes, received and filed.

Joy Giles, Planning and Development Division, addressed the Board to present the request as outlined in the Agenda Memorandum. Ms. Giles stated that the Applicant proposes to develop a single‑family residential subdivision with a maximum density of 3.98 dwelling units per net buildable acre for a maximum of 28 lots. The subject property has a Low Density Residential Future Land Use designation, which allows a maximum net density of four dwelling units per net buildable acre. The requested density and minimum lot size are consistent with the adjacent developments. Ms. Giles described the landscape buffers and pointed out that the development will be required to provide 15% open space in accordance with the Land Development Code. Utilities will be provided by Seminole County. Ms. Giles reported that the Planning & Zoning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval and staff is recommending approval.

Commissioner Dallari stated that he has already submitted his ex parte communication to the Clerk and noted that he will be basing his decision on the evidence that is presented at the time of this public hearing. Commissioner Carey submitted her ex parte communications (copy received and filed) for all of the public hearings.

Charlie Madden, Madden Moorhead & Stokes, addressed the Board to state he is representing the Applicant, K. Hovnanian Homes. Mr. Madden reported that they did have a good community meeting regarding this project. He would normally review what was shown at the community meeting, but he does not believe there is anyone present today regarding the project; so he will not do that. Mr. Madden offered to answer any questions.

Chairman Horan confirmed with Mr. Madden that he is submitting whatever is in the record now (Agenda Backup) as part of the record. Mr. Madden also submitted the information (copy received and filed) that was shown at the community meeting into the record.

With regard to public participation, no one in the audience spoke in support or in opposition to Agenda Item #31 and public input was closed.

Motion by Commissioner Dallari, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to adopt Ordinance #2017-18 enacting a Rezone from A‑1 (Agriculture) to PD (Planned Development) and to approve the associated Development Order and Master Development Plan for approximately 14.64 acres, located on the north side of Howell Branch Road, one-half mile west of Dodd Road, as described in the proof of publication; Madden Moorhead & Stokes.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Meloney Lung, Assistant County Manager, addressed the Board to present her Legislative Update. Ms. Lung reported that the Legislature voted on the budget yesterday and she distributed a list of Seminole County Allocations from the 2017 Florida Legislature Approved Budget (copy received and filed). She noted that Alex Setzer is present today and if the Board has any specific questions, he can answer those. Ms. Lung advised that she will provide a full report on the bills that the Governor signs.

Chairman Horan stated the Board appreciates the summaries that have been provided. They have allowed the Board to do the kind of job that they are supposed to do to try and protect the public. He stated they have been doing a lot of work this year to try and make sure that Seminole County not only gets its fair share but also so those in Tallahassee understand exactly and precisely what the local government's job is. Ms. Lung added that it has been a very challenging year.

Commissioner Carey stated that she thinks when they get a Legislative Update, it is the perfect opportunity to say that Seminole County's Home Rule was not protected; Home Rule was stepped all over. She advised that there are things that are coming on the ballot that sound really good to the homeowner, an additional $25,000 homestead exemption cut. However, that is a gift to the residents from the people in Tallahassee but it will come out of residents' local dollars; so they did not cut State tax revenue, their money. Commissioner Carey explained that the State is putting something out there with the amendment that will impact every local government. For Seminole County, it is to the tune of about $11 million to the General Fund. Seminole County is the one that provides the residents' services and pays for it with ad valorem tax. For the State Representatives to come back home and act like they have done something wonderful, they didn't do anything so wonderful for the local governments. She does not believe they should sit here and act like everything was fine and their Home Rule was protected. She cautioned there are going to be consequences to the great things that they did in Tallahassee.

Chairman Horan referred to the 5g cell bill and pointed out that even though this is a public right‑of‑way that belongs to a city and county, there is no right to charge a competitive market rate for the location of the 5g facilities that the cell phone companies use. He thinks that the Legislature just needs to have a little more confidence in the local governments, that they are going to compete effectively with each other, that they are going to advance the technology in a way that would be reasonable and commercially reasonable, and that every time they want to make things easy doesn't necessarily mean they have to trample on Home Rule rights. He believes that is the problem that seems to be cropping up session after session after session because it is easier to go up to Tallahassee and to get a rule that basically guts the authority of local governments than to deal with the local governments. That is not the way that checks and balances and divisions of authority and power work in the state and under the state constitution.

With regard to the cell tower bill, Commissioner Dallari asked Ms. Lung what happens if the pole they are putting the equipment on is not structurally sound. He questioned who is responsible then for the operation and maintenance of the pole. Ms. Lung replied her understanding is the County is. Ms. Guillet stated she is not sure if the County has to reinforce the pole if the pole cannot support the equipment. She advised they will double check it. Commissioner Dallari directed staff to make sure they look at the wind loading criteria because the wind loading criteria in the state of Florida has changed over the past several years. Ms. Lung reported that they do have to pull permits. Commissioner Dallari responded that he does understand that but reiterated that staff should make sure they look at the wind loading capability of the pole because the wind loading criteria has changed per State statute.

With regard to the additional $25,000 homestead exemption, Commissioner Dallari stated the part that concerns him is what is not being told to the general public, which is that this county, as well as many other counties, become donor counties to 28 additional counties who are fiscally constrained. So if this gets approved, Seminole County's tax money is now going to other counties to help them financially. He reiterated that if this does pass, the ad valorem tax money from Seminole County will be distributed to other counties that don't have the wherewithal because now it is called Socialism.

Commissioner Carey pointed out there are certainly plenty of pots of money in the State of Florida. If state lawmakers wanted to reduce taxes, they had the option to do so. They could have reduced the penny sales tax from 6% to 5.5% or 5%. There are lots of different pots in Tallahassee that they control. She emphasized that they did not cut their spending. They cut the County's ability on their ad valorem tax. She thinks they cannot just sit back and act like everything is fine and nothing really happened. She believes they have to educate their voters. Commissioner Carey reiterated what Commissioner Dallari stated, Seminole County becomes a donor county. Out of 67 counties in the state, 28 of them are bumping up against their 10 mil cap. When they did the $50,000 worth of homestead exemption, they wiped out most of their population. Now, if you go to another $25,000 worth of homestead exemption, it takes off a whole section of housing in Seminole County; and people that own homes that are $100,000 or more are the ones that will pay the toll for this. She stressed that people need to understand what is going to show up on the ballot in 2018, and the people in Tallahassee need to stop messing with the County's Home Rule. She added that they don't seem to respect it anymore, which is pretty disheartening.

Commissioner Constantine stated that he is not going to reiterate everything that was said because his feelings are the same. He reported that he received an email five minutes after the agreement was made between the Senate president and the Speaker of the House from the Speaker of the House lauding the fact that he just saved you $650,000 million. They all know why that happened. This is a vicious shell game. The fact that somehow money is going to come from heaven and that you are not going to pay for the services is crazy. He added that it is going to be incumbent on all of them to understand that this is a constitutional amendment, that it will take 60%. Commissioner Constantine noted, as Commissioner Carey stated, the $83 billion budget did not go down; it went up. But they are trying to tell everyone that they are trying to save money when what they are really doing is bumping down the tough decisions to the County. Unfortunately, the biggest budgets in any budget locally are usually police and fire. That means you have to make some hard decisions.

Commissioner Constantine pointed out that it is easy for them to sit here and say isn't it horrible; but the fact of the matter is when their State Representatives and State Senator come back home and get in front of the Chamber of Commerce and Woman's Clubs and say look at what we did, we cut your taxes, they should call them on it and tell them the truth, that you did not do this. They simply shifted and played a vicious shell game and shifted the issue back down to the local government. He reiterated that it is incumbent they not let them have a free pass and that they should let people know the State did not give anybody a tax cut. They simply shifted taxes to those most vulnerable. If you play out this scenario, the people that own homes are the more likely to not need the extra $100 to $150. It is the elderly that are living in assisted living or the young that are living in the rentals. With regard to the commercial business, which will have an increase in the ad valorem taxes, you will just pay more at the retail level; so nothing is going to change.

Chairman Horan noted that they have a number of very good people from the eastern rural areas and Geneva area here in attendance today. He added that they had a brush fire out there a few days ago. They saw helicopters. They saw a lot of expensive equipment and law enforcement and public safety and firefighters. Chairman Horan pointed out that the $11 million that the County will lose to their General Fund, if this particular constitutional exemption is passed, hits that particular public safety directly. It hits law enforcement. It hits firefighters and that helicopter that was dumping water and saving homes. That is where it comes from, right there. He suggested that they call their friends and neighbors and explain to them that the Legislature didn't cut your taxes; they just cut the County's revenues.

Commissioner Carey remarked that sometimes if it sounds too good to be true, it is. That is what people need to stop and think about. She stated that she promises that the legislators will come home, and people will not understand the whole situation, just like many things that happen in Tallahassee. They rarely get called out on it. And they will run for whatever comes next and then go back and do it again. The fact is there is no respect for Home Rule. They will get punished in this county because of other counties' misbehavior. Seminole County has one of the lowest tax millage rates out of the 67 counties and they are in the top ten millage rates. They just talked about building a new fire station. It costs a million dollars a year to staff Station 29. If $11 million comes out of the budget next year because of this amendment, where will they go to get that money? People need to really stop and understand what is going on here. She stated she didn't want this Legislative Update to pass without the Board actually saying what the issue is.

Commissioner Constantine discussed the last constitutional amendment regarding homestead. He stated that not only is Seminole County needing to look at its budget tightly, but because they are going to protect those fiscally constrained smaller counties, counties like Seminole County all of the way to counties like Dade (40 plus counties) are going to have to pay also for those other counties. It is a double taxation there. He remarked the good news is that he thinks the citizens may just be smart enough to catch this. It passed with 64% the last time. Maybe they can get another 5% to see the difference there.

Commissioner Constantine pointed out that they want the counties to act like businesses all of the time. They talk about governments acting like businesses. However, regarding a $170 billion perceived potential windfall profit for four or five conglomerate companies, wireless companies, concerning this new technology for the cell towers, they take the side of the wireless companies and tell the taxpayers that we, the taxpayers, are going to have to subsidized the cable companies and only charge $150. Other counties in other states are receiving upwards to $2,500. $1,500 is the average. $2,500 is high. He does not understand. Chairman Horan stated that the right‑of‑ways belong to the local taxpayers and basically the state government appropriated them for the purposes of the cell phone companies so they could go ahead and facilitate their installation of the new 5th generation technology. He added that they are all in favor of advancing that technology but they are just looking to be paid; pay the taxpayers who own the right‑of‑ways. He stressed that it is the Board's job and his job to protect the assets of the taxpayer. Commissioner Constantine stated if they wanted to cut taxes, that would be a great way to cut the taxes.

Ms. Lung explained that on that particular bill, there were many people that spoke out against it. She added there are many localities within Florida that are getting $2,000 a pole. They have contracts. The cell tower companies reached out to them, not the other way around. Commissioner Constantine stated that it is interesting that the sponsor of the bill represents The Villages and The Villages got exempt. Chairman Horan stated it is also interesting that the State Legislature exempted all of the State's right‑of‑ways.

Chairman Horan emphasized that the reason they are going into this tirade is so the camera understands and the people understand that it is not a free lunch out there. Basically, what the Legislature has done is not cut their own taxes but cut local revenues, revenues needed for public health, public safety and to do the kinds of things that they do on a day‑to‑day basis. That being said though, he stated he wanted to laude in a very, very difficult environment the work of their legislative staff and their lobbyist. He sent out a special thank you to Senator Jack Latvala, who was a great friend of the County this year and really supported their initiatives in the Florida Senate.


Chairman Horan stated that normally they would go on to District Reports but he does know there are people here who would normally speak at the end of the meeting. He asked if there are any objections to hearing from those people now. No objections were voiced.

ITEMS FOR FUTURE AGENDA (Nygren Buggy Collection)

Don Epps, 144 Peacock Drive, addressed the Board to state that he first wants to recognize some staff members who have put in a tremendous amount of time putting this effort together; the former museum coordinator, Kim Nelson, and the current coordinator, Bennett Lloyd. Mr. Epps stated that as president of Seminole County Historical Society, he is here to advocate for the acceptance of an offer made by Mr. Bill Nygren to donate a collection of buggies to the Museum of Seminole County History. He added that Mr. Nygren's generous donation of these historically significant artifacts will become part of a new active-learning and STEAM-learning exhibit unique in this region and designed to complement the museum's current push for programs geared toward CPALM curriculum standards in order to satisfy a void left by the dissolution of the student museum. Mr. Epps asked all of the audience members who are here in support of Mr. Nygren's offer to stand.

Mr. Epps began a PowerPoint presentation entitled "The Bill Nygren Buggy Collection" (copy received and filed). He displayed the What Is It slide and described 3 of the 18 carriages that were selected from Mr. Nygren's extensive collection and showcase the technological innovations of personal transportation prior to the introduction of the automobile. Mr. Epps next explained why the collection is important and pointed out that this facet of Seminole County's industrial and transportation heritage remains largely untold.

Mr. Epps displayed How Will We Tell the Story and discussed the sketches, which give an impression of the kinds of activities and space they wish to create. He added that in conjunction with the school programs already in development at the museum, they will work with the school system to customize student visitor experiences to meet curriculum requirements for a variety of CPALM standards.

Donna Bundy, Chairman of the Seminole County Historical Commission, addressed the Board to continue the presentation. She displayed and reviewed What Progress Has Been Made and pointed out that it was concluded that the best solution would be the complete rededication of the warehouse at 302 Eslinger Way for this exhibit. She discussed the Plan of Curation, which was submitted and approved by the Historical Society and Historical Commission in December of 2016, and advised that the next two months involved careful study of the probable costs entailed in retrofitting the building to specifications by the Leisure Services Department. In March, the Seminole County Historical Society and the Seminole County Historic Commission passed a joint resolution authorizing expenditures of their own of up to $50,000 in line with the estimates generated by the Leisure Services Department study, should the plan proceed forward.

With regard to the Next Steps, Ms. Bundy explained that a six‑month time frame for evaluation of the potential Nygren donation began in October of 2016 and is now complete; and they must give the would‑be donor an answer. She stated that those of the Seminole County Historical Society and the Historical Commission recommend that the Board give the go‑ahead for transfer of the use of Building 302 to the Museum of Seminole County History in accordance with the parameters established in the submitted Plan of Curation (received and filed), and in line with the current feasibility studies completed, so this essential component of Seminole Countys development is not lost. By creating active learning opportunities at their cultural institutions and by preserving their historical identity, the citizens of Seminole County, their students, and their heritage will be well served. She asked that the Commission say yes.

David McDonald, 153 Whitcomb Drive, addressed the Board to state he is the president of the Geneva Historical and Geological Society. They own and operate the Museum of Geneva History and Fort Lane Park. Mr. McDonald advised that at the museum they have many unique items that are on display. They bring the second and fourth grade students from Geneva Elementary School to the museum and teach them not only about Geneva history but also what it was like throughout time to live in this area. He advised that he has known Mr. Nygren for quite a while and is probably one of few people that has been able to see his entire buggy collection. He then relayed some details about the collection and emphasized that he thinks it would be a tremendous asset not only to Seminole County and the residents but also to the visitors that come to the area to study this buggy collection. In representing the Geneva Historical Society of over 150 members, he recommended that the County approve this so a lot of other people, not just a select few, can view this collection and keep it for many, many years into the future.

Kim Nelson, 124 Krider Road, addressed the Board to state she is the former museum coordinator of the Seminole County Museum and is here to speak as a private citizen and also in her former capacity. Ms. Nelson advised that she was the one that initiated this project because after seeing Mr. Nygren's collection, she was "knocked out" by its sophistication and just had to have it. She knows that the museum, a nonprofit organization, has a history like so many other nonprofits of not supporting itself; it never will. She has been in the nonprofit administration sector and arts administration sector and has yet to see in 40 years a nonprofit organization in the arts and cultural arena be self‑sufficient.

Ms. Nelson thanked the Commission for supporting this museum, and she wanted to come with hands open to see if they would take her advice and look at this from a tourism and business perspective. The museum could use some help. This exhibit that is being offered has so much potential and is a world class exhibit. She then discussed the only other carriage museum in Florida, which is located outside of Ocala in Weirsdale. Ms. Nelson stated she did a marketing survey before proposing this to the Commissioners to obtain Building 302 as a potential for this exhibit and then reviewed the benefits that she believes Seminole County will reap from this new plan. She discussed how this exhibit will generate more income for the museum and reviewed the admittance fees for other carriage museums in the country.

Ms. Nelson stated that during her tenure in the museum, she tried to work with the Convention and Visitors Bureau with very little success. They did work together back in 2013 for the Centennial, but she never got any traction there. She thinks that is a shame and wanted to bring that to the Commissioners attention because if they do this, she thinks that they can help spread the word and increase the visibility of this donation at the museum's location. Ms. Nelson concluded by stating this is a completely unique and different collection; and because of its uniqueness, she thinks that the Board should proceed with the approval of Building 302 as a home and turn it into something they can be proud of and something that will shine a light on their cultural commitment and historic preservation role in Seminole County.

Commissioner Carey asked Ms. Nelson how many people a year go to the Weirsdale Museum. Ms. Nelson replied that they would not disclose that information. Ms. Nelson explained that the marketing information is in the packet (copy received and filed), which she is submitting today. Commissioner Carey referred to the Carriage Museum of America and asked if there was a reason why they didn't house the collection there where a lot more people could see it. Ms. Nelson advised that the Carriage Museum of America does not have its own location; it has no bricks and mortar.

Desta Horner, 652 Forest Cove, addressed the Board to state she is a member of Seminole County Historical Society, the vice president of the Oviedo Historical Society, and docent of the T.W. Lawton Museum in Oviedo. For 32 years, she was a history teacher in Seminole County so history means a lot to her and children mean a lot to her. She discussed a slide presentation on the history of Oviedo that she makes every year to ten elementary schools in Oviedo. She talked about how interested the children are in history and how tactile the 4th grade children are; they like to touch and they like to see. Ms. Horner pointed out that by providing this collection at the Seminole County Museum, it would attract parents to bring their kids there to come and see three dimensionally the carriages that she shows them on the screen.

Ms. Horner discussed Mr. Nygren's collection and stated that it is amazing. She added that now they need to have a place to put them. They will not fit into the museum that they already have, so they will need a place to put them. She advised that they, in the Historical Commission, have agreed to raise $50,000 to finish the inside. If they have this carriage display at some other building ten miles down the road, it wouldn't serve the best purpose. They need the collection in a building right next door to the large and existing museum; it should all be together. Building 302 is right where they need it to be. Ms. Horner stated that the Seminole County Commission can make this happen by letting them have the use of Building 302. It is as simple as that for children of Seminole County and for the visitors to Seminole County. They encourage the Board to accept Mr. Nygren's generous gift and make it possible for them to put it there by arranging for this building to be the location of the collection.

Imogene Yarborough, 186 First Street, addressed the Board to state she moved to her house on October 26, 1949. Ms. Yarborough stated she is one of the fortunate who has been all through Mr. Nygren's beautiful collection. She has also seen the collection in Weirsdale. As a teacher, she has been taught that if you want to teach someone something, you have to tell them that something at least three times. The Board has been told twice today by these last two speakers of the necessary reasons that they feel this is an important gift. They do desperately need Building 302. She added they lost The Senator but they have got a lot of The Senator in different ways. This would definitely give Seminole County another something to come and see and learn from. Education is so important to these children.

Commissioner Constantine stated that as the representative to the Historical Society, the last time they broached the subject, he was asked to take back a request to put together a business plan. He believes they did that, and he believes that the County Manager accepted that and then came back with some information. He believes the next step is to find out what staff has done.

Ms. Guillet stated that Mr. Epps brought her the curation plan last week, so they sat down and starting going through it. It was very detailed and very interesting and she appreciates all of the effort that went into it. She advised that what staff did after they got the plan was take it to their facilities folks and some of their other building folks who are more involved with respect to the cost of retrofitting. The issue is not so much the use of the space but rather what it will take to get that space where it needs to be and then the ongoing cost associated with managing the exhibit if the Board was to choose to move forward. Chairman Horan added there is also the cost of moving what is in the building.

Ms. Guillet stated the building is a used building and they have Telecom and Information Services equipment stored in there, things that they need to use. She advised they have looked at clearing out what they can clear out but a lot of it they need to maintain and it has to be in a climate-controlled environment. They would have to move that equipment out of that facility and into another facility. They have another place they can move it to but that would require renovating the new space to provide a climate-controlled environment so the equipment is safely stored.

Ms. Guillet stated that they went through some of the numbers that were included in the curation report and the business report and there were things that were not considered. Staff has given the Board some updated numbers. After consulting with the Fire Department, they determined that if they moved the exhibit into Building 302, it would have to be "sprinkled and alarmed," which is another $30,000 to $40,000 expense. Ms. Guillet reported that staff believes the cost to upgrade the building to get it in an exhibit condition would be about $110,000 initially plus another 40‑some‑odd thousand dollars to move the equipment and upgrade another space for the equipment that would need to be moved out of Building 302. She summarized that they are looking at about $150,000. Of course, they would do their best to keep the costs down. Ms. Guillet pointed out that the Historical Commission and Historical Society have committed to contributing $50,000 towards that cost. They determined that the ongoing cost to keep this exhibit running and promoted would be somewhere between $30,000 and $45,000 a year because they will have to upgrade staffing, which involves taking a part‑time person and making them full time and giving them benefits.

Ms. Guillet stated she thinks if the Board had asked her what her recommendation would be regarding this two weeks ago, it would have been different than what it might be today when they are facing an $11 million hole in two years in the budget. With respect to moving forward regarding the way they look at expenditures in the County, she has directed staff to have no new expenditures that they may not be able to sustain in two years and that they should focus on essential services; public safety, keeping the roads safe, keeping the waterways clean. Those are essential to the mission at the County, not that arts and culture are not important; they are. They are a very important part of the fabric of the quality of life in Seminole County; but from the County's standpoint, the mission is essential health, safety and welfare. That is what she has directed staff to focus on moving forward as they start to prepare budgets and get prepared for this potential hit of $11 million to the budget.

Ms. Guillet stated this is certainly a worthwhile endeavor. She noted there was a lot of discussion about education with regard to the exhibit and she doesn't know if there have been discussions with the School Board or the School Board Foundation. She does not know what is available there and doesn't want to spend their money for them. She remarked that space is not the issue so much as the startup costs and the ongoing costs. In the grand scheme of the budget, it is not a lot of money; but she thinks that it speaks to bigger policy questions that they need to address moving forward, such as what are they going to focus their revenues on, what are they going to focus their expenditures on. She noted she would not want to be in the Commissioners' shoes having to make this decision because she believes this is a very worthwhile project. With regard to when the Board needs to make a decision, Chairman Horan acknowledged that Mr. Nygren needs to know so he can move on and look at other possibilities.

Commissioner Dallari wondered if the fire sprinkler system needs to be a wet system; and if it is a wet system, will it hinder the display or not. Ms. Guillet replied she does not know. Commissioner Dallari asked Mr. Applegate if they have an agreement on the table of what it takes to accept this donation and whether it is on loan or a permanent gift. He stated he has a lot of questions legally about accepting this and just wants to know what is on the table. Mr. Applegate replied that his office hasn't been asked to draft anything on the subject. Chairman Horan stated they obviously have to insure it; and if you insure it, you will pay a certain rider. Ms. Guillet reminded the Board that they are self‑insured. Upon inquiry by Commissioner Carey as to whether the buggies are stored in air conditioning, Mr. Nygren explained that the buggies in the living room are and the others are not. He added that the reason he is doing this is because he can't keep up with maintaining them properly.

Commissioner Carey remarked that she thinks Mr. Nygren has been very generous to offer this to the County and agreed it is an important part of history. She voiced some of her concerns, such as if the collection is given to the County and three years from now when the County is redoing Five Points and that space is needed as part of the Master Plan, what happens then. What happens if they spend $150,000 to build out a building to get it prepared to house something only to find that when their Master Plan is finished, it needs to be moved? Timing is everything many times. With the $11 million hit that they will probably end up taking and with the other hits that they haven't talked about yet because the other $11 million is such a big hit, the County's focus does have to be on essential services.

Commissioner Carey pointed out that if Mr. Nygren needs and deserves an answer now, they should try to give him an answer. She advised that she cannot support taking a facility that they may need in their Master Plan, which they haven't seen yet. She talked about what a great place the museum is but noted that they have 2,000 people a year that go to the museum. Even with The Senator and other activities and important displays that they have just recently had out there, she does not think the participation has gone up markedly. Commissioner Carey reiterated that as one Board member and knowing they are ready to start the budget discussions, she just can't in her mind justify making a commitment for something like that at this time.

Commissioner Dallari stated that he was informed there was a potential old fire station in Geneva. Ms. Guillet replied that there was. She advised that they are working under a deadline; and if they did not have a deadline, they could continue to work. Commissioner Carey stated there are multiple museums. Ms. Guillet stated there are several facilities that are not climate controlled; so if it is an issue of storing them until they can figure something out, they have the opportunity to do that. She added it is the investment to get the exhibit up and running. They would certainly be willing to work with the Historical Society and the Historical Commission to look for grant opportunities and to try and find some other ways to help fund this. She reiterated if they need to store the buggies, they have a couple of different places where they can store them that are not climate controlled and they are willing to work with them. She mentioned the situation that they find themselves in from a fiscal standpoint and pointed out this is not the only worthwhile organization that has asked the County for help; they are all great causes but they are back to making tough choices.

Chairman Horan wondered what avenues of philanthropy have been looked at and what grants have been looked at and are out there. He talked about when the airport stepped up to help fund the history book.

Commissioner Constantine advised that he has met Mr. Nygren and has heard the discussions at the Historical Commission. He stated he thinks Mr. Nygren is frustrated because he never thought giving away such a wonderful exhibit would take so much work. Ms. Guillet remarked that you want to treat it with the respect that it deserves, if you take it. Commissioner Constantine agreed with Ms. Guillet but stated they have also seen the extent of the passion of the individuals here. He does not think they are alone in their passion for this. Commissioner Constantine agreed with what Ms. Yarborough said, that you have to see something to save it. He pointed out the buggies are outside. He stated the thing that he does not want to do at this point is deny the opportunity. $50,000 to an organization that hasn't raised a lot of money in the past is a lot of money. As the County Manager requested, he would like to have a little bit more time to put everything together. If Mr. Nygren has waited this long, he will wait a little bit longer. The County Attorney said today that he hasn't even looked at it. Obviously, there are a lot of questions that have to be answered. He would like to put it on the agenda at some point in the future with the opportunity for the County Manager to come back with a full report. Ms. Guillet stated the use of Building 302 is not the issue here and wondered if they could find a way to underwrite the cost of uplifting and moving the equipment that is in the building and covering the recurring costs; actually being able to use the building is not something that is the bigger challenge. Mr. Applegate added that working out an agreement would be the easy part of this whole thing so he is not too worried about that; it is the other issues the County Manager has raised.

Commissioner Carey discussed her concerns regarding changes that might need to be made in the future when the Master Plan comes to the Board. She added they have so many things working at Five Points right now that are unknown and that the Board is waiting on staff to bring back, like the Master Plan. She wondered if there is a place in Geneva where the collection could be stored or if maybe some other people in the community have some air-conditioned warehouse space where they could help store the collection until such time that the Board could settle on what is going to happen. The County has a limited amount of space at Five Points and they have to think about what happens 20 years from now in the county when the waterfront has been developed into something else or when they don't have parking for the courthouse and have to move the courthouse. They are looking at moving the County Services Building. Ms. Guillet agreed that space is an issue for the County right now. Commissioner Henley pointed out that that is why they have a space study underway as to what the needs are going to be over the next few years. He concurred with the point that Commissioner Carey made from the standpoint that after accepting something like this, which has historical significance, are they going to able to sustain it and if so, how long with all of the unknowns that are out there. He does not want to end up being the bad guy by destroying something that someone has spent a lifetime accumulating.

Commissioner Henley reminded the Board that they have been asked by the CEO at the zoo for $600,000 because the zoo is struggling. They don't own the zoo but yet they have helped them for a number of years. He advised that when they look at all of the requests that come to the Board for aid and he thinks about all that has happened already with the $11 million dollar cut in the budget and knowing they are going to have expenses increasing that they are obligated for, it is not a good situation to be confronted with now, this request to assume the collection and to be able to make it work. Commissioner Henley stated he thinks they may be taking on something that they cannot sustain. Chairman Horan stated that is his concern. He would love to say yes but he just does not know. Discussion ensued between the Commissioners, the County Manager, and Mr. Nygren as to how much time will be needed for the County to review this and be able to give a certain answer.

Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to authorize the County Manager and her staff to further investigate the Bill Nygren Buggy donation and come back to the Board with ideas and recommendations as soon as possible.

Under discussion, Chairman Horan advised Mr. Nygren that if Seminole County cannot properly curate this particular collection, it would be a sin to accept it. He added that he would love to keep this collection here in the county and he knows Mr. Nygren's desire is to keep the collection in the county. Chairman Horan stated that he thinks they need to explore this and he would like to empower and authorize the County Manager to look at what avenues of funding and grants are out there. They are talking about $160,000 to outfit this and then $50,000 a year. If there are grants and some kind of support out there, he recommended that they find out if they can do it.

Commissioner Carey stated it is only fair that they "fish or cut bait." She added that Mr. Nygren needs to know because if Mr. Nygren cannot keep it here in Seminole County, she would hope they would try to come up with other facilities that might be interested in taking the collection if they knew it was available.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


District 5

Commissioner Carey announced that Lauren Rowe, former Channel 6 WKMG news anchor, has taken a position at the Sanford Orlando International Airport as a communication director. She added that K‑9 Poeki, who was the airport's drug and explosives sniffing dog, retired and is being replaced with 2‑year‑old Guinness.


Commissioner Carey thanked everyone that participated in the Bookertown Community cleanup, which was held on the 29th of April. She reported that staff and the SER volunteers did a wonderful job. Waste Pro provided three roll‑off dumpsters and recycle bins for everyone in the community. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission was there to talk about bears and the Sheriff's Office participated. Commissioner Carey advised that a total of 32.5 tons of trash was collected. She also announced there will be a Community Resource Fair day on May 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and explained it is a health screening provided by the Seminole County Health Department with representatives from various vendors.

District 1

Commissioner Dallari reported that per their concession agreement with the Sports Commission, the Hilton runs the concession out at the Sports Complex. Per their agreement with the County, they work with not‑for‑profits to help them raise money. This past weekend, they worked with the Winter Springs High School football team, who volunteered their hours working at the concession stand, and they actually raised $4,000. He noted it is nice to see the concession folks giving back and working with the nonprofit. He commended Frank Cirrincione and his group for doing that and commended the County's group for constructing an agreement to do that.


Commissioner Dallari requested an update regarding Jetta Point/Rolling Hills. Ms. Guillet reminded the Board that the County was given seven conditions from the State that they had to comply with. They are continuing to complete those. Some of them are done. The biggest one right now is to address the environmental issues. She advised they believe they are going to be in pretty good shape. Commissioner Dallari asked if they will be fine for the closing. Ms. Guillet responded yes, that they are moving it along and she believes they will stay on schedule. She reminded the Board that they did get an extension recently for due diligence. Commissioner Dallari stated he knows they got an extension but just wants to make sure they are going to be within the time period of the extension. Ms. Guillet advised they will be. She added that in addition to the environmental issue, Mr. Applegate's office is helping resolve the deed restriction issue and is making good progress on that as well.

District 3

Commissioner Constantine reported that on April 26, he and the County Manager attended a CareerSource retreat in Seminole County. He added that later that week, he met with both the Springs Landing Homeowners Associations regarding taking ownership of over 100 bear‑resistant containers and with Wekiva Hunt Club Association regarding their interest in pursuing the bear‑resistant containers and their interest in what is happening with the Public Service Utility.


Commissioner Constantine congratulated Commissioner Dallari and everyone at Kids House for their Gala this past week. He announced there is a Leadership Seminole luncheon on May 19 where they will be celebrating the life and service of Congressman Mica. Commissioner Constantine reported that he had the pleasure of welcoming 32 Division 2 tennis teams from around the country at Route 46 on May 8. He congratulated the County's Parks & Recreation staff in conjunction with the Central Florida Sports Commission, who brought the teams together. The national finals are being held at Sanlando Park. Commissioner Constantine announced that Charity Challenge will be on May 20 at Camping World Stadium. He hopes to raise a good deal of money for charity.


Commissioner Constantine reported that he was in Tallahassee on May 8 representing Seminole County before the Public Service Commission along with the County's attorney, Bill Bilenky, who is with Manson Bolves Donaldson Varn, PA. He stated he believes it was a good start. They won't know the outcome until August 2. He advised they discussed the consolidation of the rates of those 12 utility companies that are owned by Utilities, Inc. and consolidation in this case means subsidy; Seminole County's people subsidizing other people. By statute, the Public Service Commission is to formulate a rate that is fair, just, reasonable, and not unfairly discriminatory. With Sanlando customers subsidizing the rest of the 11, that certainly would be unfairly discriminatory. Commissioner Constantine stated he is specifically requesting silos of service or breaking it up into areas. With 12 services and 9 counties, if they put those silos of service together, Seminole County's people would not only be more fairly regulated, but also there would be less of an increase in this $7.4 million request that Utilities, Inc. is making. Commissioner Constantine then read Mr. Bilenky's email (copy received and filed) into the record.

Chairmans Report

Chairman Horan reported that as the Board knows, they get a lot of requests for proclamations and resolutions; and of course, they can't grant all of them. He advised there is a lady by the name of Jo Howard who has been the head of the perinatal program at Children's Home Society in Seminole County for 25 years, and they have asked for a proclamation. He stated he would like to do a letter for her on behalf of the Board that basically tells her how much they appreciate what she has meant in the lives of thousands of children.

Motion by Commissioner Dallari, seconded by Commissioner Constantine, to approve and authorize the Chairman to execute a Letter of Appreciation to Jo Howard with the Children's Home Society.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Chairman Horan announced the Boys and Girls Club "Be Great" Gala will be on May 13 at the Hansla estate, the home of Carl and Barbara Hansla. He stated that if someone is interested in going, he has the information and it is also on their website.


Chairman Horan reported that he met with Helen Miller, who is the regional director of Senator Nelson's office, and talked about outreach in Seminole County. On May 23, the first outreach is going to be here at the County Services Building from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Ms. Miller will be present for anybody who would wishes to talk to her, either constituents or staff, regarding outreach on federal programs.


Chairman Horan reported that the Regional Affordable Housing workshop, which is the first in a series of affordable housing workshops, will be on May 19 in Orange County at the County Administration Building. He stated he knows they will have some representatives there as indicated by Valmarie Turner and advised that he has the agenda. The Chairman added that Seminole County is pursuing their own affordable housing initiatives through some private developers here; and if anyone is interested in an update regarding that, it will be on May 19 in the morning.


The following Communications and/or Reports were received and filed:

1.      Letter dated April 24, 2017 from Senator Bill Nelson to Chairman Horan re: David Bass letter.


2.      Letter dated April 24, 2017 from Patrick Sacbibit, Branch Chief, Engineering Services Branch, Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, to Chairman Horan re: flood determinations for Pond A at the intersection of SR-46 and Hickman Drive.


3.      Letter dated April 24, 2017 from David and Kimberly Kuketz to the Board of County Commissioners re: MSBU Program for Horseshoe Lake North.


4.      Letter dated April 25, 2017 from Hatem Aguib, Project Manager, FDOT District Five, to Property Owner re: Notice of Public Information Meeting for Wekiva Parkway (SR-429) to be held on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, from 5:30-7:30 p.m., at Lakeside Fellowship United Methodist Church, 305 S. Orange Boulevard, Sanford.


5.      Letter dated April 26, 2017 from Dennis Baker of Florida Veterans Foundation, Inc. to Seminole County Commissioners re: request for a budgeted annual donation of $10,000.



Nicole Guillet, County Manager, reminded the Board that one of the issues that was raised at the last meeting was the issue of the City of Longwood sending out a letter discussing water connection and annexation, and they had some citizens that were very concerned about that. She stated there was a public community meeting on May 3 and she and Mr. McMenemy attended. The City has indicated that they are going to do a survey to try and better gauge what the desires of that community are. They are also giving serious consideration to doing a sewer project and allowing hookups without the requirement of annexation. Ms. Guillet stated that is the latest information she has regarding that issue and she will keep the Board posted.


Ms. Guillet stated that the other item the Board requested follow‑up on was the Heritage Park project that they received from Sanford. The Board wanted some additional information with respect to incentives and the scheduling of the project. Ms. Guillet advised they met with the City Manager, the Deputy City Manager, and some of their consultants following the last Board meeting. Sanford provided some information which was distributed to the Commissioners' offices. She noted Sanford is going to refine some of that information to provide a clearer idea on both incentives and scheduling. The scheduling plan was not included. Ms. Guillet added that they will keep the Board updated on the information. The most important thing she learned from the meeting is that Sanford is initiating a parking study for Downtown Sanford which they expect to take about 30 days. The County has asked them to be sure to include parking needs for the courthouse and the library so the County's facilities are taken into account. She reiterated that staff will continue to work with them on that and following the study will bring back a recommendation for a solution with respect to parking at the County's facilities downtown.


Upon inquiry by Chairman Horan, Ms. Guillet advised there is a community meeting scheduled on the Lake Monroe Loop on June 7.


Bryant Applegate, County Attorney, announced that Deputy County Attorney Lynn Porter‑Carlton has been invited to join the Seminole Inns of Court, which is a big honor. Paul Chipock has been appointed by the Florida Bar to serve on the Continuing Legal Education Committee that oversees CLE requirements and questions that come up. Desmond Morrell is the incoming president for the Florida Paul C. Perkins Bar Association. Mr. Applegate stated he is very proud of these accomplishments and also believes it is a reflection on the Board for allowing the attorneys to be involved in these activities.


Sharon Lynn, League of Women Voters, addressed the Board to state she is here today not just as the Natural Resources chair for the League of Women Voters of Seminole County but also as the Solar chair. Ms. Lynn stated she has lived in Seminole County for 20 years, grew up in Florida, and loves this county. She thanked the Board for passing the fertilizer ordinance, which to her knowledge is the most stringent one in the state of Florida. Ms. Lynn stated she believes solar is a natural addition for the county. Sustainability and renewable energy are creating jobs. Ms. Lynn introduced Deirdre Macnab, who is the State Natural Resources chair and is heading the solar initiative in the state of Florida.

Deirdre Macnab, League of Women Voters, addressed the Board to state she would like to bring the Board up to date on some things that are very exciting in the area of solar energy. Ms. Macnab advised that 2017 is going to be the solar year for Florida and noted that many in the audience are wearing yellow in support. She reported that in this legislative session, Senator Brandes' bill, SB 90, was just passed and will provide significant tax breaks for businesses that put solar on their roofs.

Ms. Macnab explained that the League of Women Voters has partnered with a group out of Washington, D.C. called Community Power Network. They have two 501(c)(3)s working together and have created an entity called FLSUN (Florida Solar United Neighborhoods). FLSUN information sheet (copy received and filed) was distributed to the Commissioners. Ms. Macnab reported that they have introduced this in nine counties and Miami‑Date has just given the organization $75,000 to hire a full‑time person to do six neighborhood cooperatives. She explained how these cooperatives use the idea of volume discounts so neighbors are partnering with neighbors in order to create anywhere from 30 to 100 households that come together to get the lowest prices that they are now seeing anywhere in America. Ms. Macnab emphasized that Florida is the Sunshine State and the League is determined to make Florida number one in solar. Solar experts say that Florida should be number one on the east coast and among the top three in the country.

Ms. Macnab stated that the Legislature has made some exciting moves this session; and as the Board knows, citizens passed Amendment 4 by 72% and sent a resounding "no" to the utility amendment in November, which they spent $26 million to pass. She stated they are here today to announce that next week they are having a press conference and launching Seminole Co‑op so that the citizens of Seminole County will join their fellow counties (Sarasota, Miami‑Dade, Orange, Broward, and Alachua). She noted that Mayor Theresa Jacobs just put solar on her roof using the co‑op. This is a grass roots way to educate the citizens of Florida about how they can significantly reduce their energy costs. She talked about putting solar on her house last year and noted that her last three months bills have been $10, $14 and ‑$1.

Ms. Macnab stated that she, Ms. Lynn and the rest of the League members are volunteers and are here for no other reason than to get Floridians to lower their energy costs by harnessing the sun. She invited all who have time to come to Northland Church and express support for solar energy and support for FLSUN in Seminole County. They will only be open for three and one-half months. It is an opportunity for citizens to see some of the lowest prices anywhere in the country. Ms. Macnab gave an example of someone who has put solar on their roof.

Ms. Macnab stated they are here today because they want the County's support and want to recruit them into this effort. They have been very fortunate to get the support of commissioners and mayors all across the state. She stressed they are not asking for funding but are asking for their support and for them to come and learn more about how solar can work for Seminole citizens to help them reduce their energy costs and keep that money working right here in Seminole County and in Florida using Florida‑grown energy. She offered to send the PowerPoint that she was going to show today to the Commissioners or show it another time. Chairman Horan suggested Ms. Macnab send the PowerPoint to the County Manager and she will distribute it.

Upon inquiry by Commissioner Dallari, Ms. Macnab stated the meeting will be at Northland Church next Thursday at 11:00 a.m. She noted that Dr. Joel Hunter has been a superb supporter and is going to encourage his congregation to learn about solar. The press conference is on Thursday and there will be meetings all around the county. She suggested if the County would like to offer any of its venues for the meetings, they would gratefully accept. Commissioner Dallari stated he sees no reason why they dont allow them to use the Extension Services Auditorium. Ms. Guillet stated they will check with Extension Services regarding scheduling.

Ms. Macnab stated that the Board has really shown a reverence and a stewardship for Florida's natural wonders. They set a great example for the surrounding counties and the rest of the state. With regard to the Legislature, she stated there is nothing better than people who have served at the county commission and city level to serve in Tallahassee and who understand the consequences of the decisions they make up there. She encouraged all who are listening and those at the dais to think about running for a legislative office.

Commissioner Carey stated that the League does have a very powerful opportunity to help educate people and she hopes that they will try to educate the voters about this amendment that will be on the ballot in 2018. It sounds good but it definitely has consequences. Ms. Macnab agreed with Commissioner Carey and stated they are putting the burden on local government now for additional taxes in order to cover the services that the citizens have grown to expect. She stated the League has a speaker corps all across the state that goes to Rotaries and all different kinds of groups and talk about the amendments and explain them to people so they are informed voters. They are not just about turning out the vote; they are about turning out an informed vote.


There being no further business to come before the Board, the Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 3:51 p.m., this same date.