SEPTEMBER 19, 2017


The following is a non-verbatim transcript of the BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING OF SEMINOLE COUNTY, FLORIDA, held at 7:30 p.m., on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, in Room 1028 of the SEMINOLE COUNTY SERVICES BUILDING at SANFORD, FLORIDA, the usual place of meeting of said Board.


Chairman John Horan (District 2)

Vice Chairman Brenda Carey (District 5)

Commissioner Robert Dallari (District 1)

Commissioner Lee Constantine (District 3)

Commissioner Carlton Henley (District 4)

County Manager Nicole Guillet

County Attorney Bryant Applegate

Deputy Clerk Kyla Spencer


Chairman Horan led the Pledge of Allegiance.



Chairman Horan advised that the Board of County Commissioners does not have any control over the tax levies or budgets of the School Board, the Water Management District, or any of the seven cities in Seminole County. Questions regarding property assessed valuation should be addressed to the Property Appraiser, David Johnson, who is present. The Board of County Commissioners has limited authority over the budgets of the Constitutional Officers of the County which include the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the Property Appraiser, the Sheriff, the Supervisor of Elections and the Tax Collector. Chairman Horan described how the budgets for the Constitutional Officers are reviewed and approved. He pointed out that by Florida law, two public hearings must be held before adopting the final millage rates and annual budget for Seminole County. The purpose of this first public hearing is to hear public comments regarding the proposed millage rates and budget, amend the budget as desired by the Board, and to tentatively adopt the millage rates and budget of the County for FY 2017/18.

Chairman Horan stated the first public hearing was originally advertised for September 13 through the notice of proposed property taxes that was mailed by the Property Appraisers Office in August to all ad valorem taxpayers of the County. In response to the threat of Hurricane Irma, this meeting was rescheduled to today following the guidelines and advertising requirements of the Department of Revenues Emergency Executive Order #17.235.

Edward Bass, Resource Management Director, addressed the Board to display a PowerPoint presentation (received and filed) for the FY 2017/18 Tentative Budget. He displayed the first slide and reviewed Budget Development for the upcoming fiscal year. He explained that the County Manager submitted her proposed budget to the Board in July and two budget work sessions were held with the Board in August. Mr. Bass stated tonight is the first public hearing. It was originally scheduled for September 13, as the Chairman said, but due to Hurricane Irma, it is scheduled tonight in accordance with Emergency Order #17.235 guidelines. Mr. Bass announced the second public hearing is scheduled for September 26 for approval of the FY 2017/18 final millage rates and budget.

Mr. Bass stated proposed adjustments totaling $2,555,636 are being made to the County Managers original proposed budget, which are summarized on page 11 and detailed by fund on page 13 of the First Public Hearing book (received and filed). Adjustments include items discussed with and actions taken by the Board since release of the County Managers proposed budget as well as any updated projections in revenues or expenditures since that time.

Mr. Bass displayed the Millage Rate Summary and advised the proposed FY 2017/18 Budget presented for tentative adoption is based on the millage rates shown on the slide. He reviewed millage rates for the Adopted 2016/17 Budget; Proposed 2017/18 Budget; Rolled-Back Property Tax Rates; and the Percentage Change in the Proposed Millage Rates over the Rolled-Back Millage Rates for Countywide, the Fire Services District, and the Road District. Mr. Bass stated the Proposed Aggregate Millage Rate for all BCC taxing districts is 6.9261 mills, which represents a 10.69% increase over the current Aggregate Rolled-Back Millage Rate of 6.2574. He continued by reviewing slides relating to the 2017 Change in Taxable Property Values and Property Tax Revenue. He announced the General Fund budget is balanced with no use of reserves for FY 2017/18. Mr. Bass stated Fire Fund ad valorem revenue increased by $11.9 million based on the tentative Fire operating millage rate thats presented in the tentative budget. This increase will be used to provide fire rescue services to unincorporated Seminole County, and the cities of Altamonte Springs, Casselberry and Winter Springs. Mr. Bass reviewed the Proposed Budget Summary (totaling $755,454,522) and a pie chart depicting the total proposed Expenditures Budget of almost $500 million by Service Area. Mr. Bass concluded his presentation by displaying and reviewing the 2014 Sales Tax Exhibit C Project Revision slides.


Mike Steinke, 584 Queens Mirror Circle, addressed the Board and stated his concern is the numbers dont mean much to him, but he knows he doesnt like taxes. He encouraged the Board to look into the budget. Mr. Steinke discussed the increase in properties. He stated he doesnt like to see things get out of hand and he is taxed pretty good right now.

Nicole Guillet, County Manager, stated she believes they are going to have some comments on the millage adjustment for the Fire Fund. She opined it may be beneficial if she provides an explanation before the Board continues with Public Participation. Chairman Horan agreed.

Ms. Guillet stated the millage adjustment that is pro_%2_posed _%1_in _%1_the _%_County _%_Manager's proposed budget this year is an _%3_adjustment _%1_to the _%1_mill_%1_age _%1_for the _%1__#_Fire F_%1_Fund_%1_ which _%1_is _%1_a _%1_special_%2_ized _%1_fund _%2_used _%1_solely _%1_to _%1_pro_%1_vide _%1_fire _%1_pro_%1_tection _%1_to _%2_the citizens _%1_of _%1__%1__%3_unincorporated _%1__#_Seminole _#_County_%2_, the_#_ cities of Altamonte _#_Springs_%1_, _%_Winter _%_Springs, and _%1__%_Ca_%1__%1__%4__#_sselberry_%1_. _%1_It is _%1_a _%1_fund _%1_that _%2_experienced _%1_a _%1_mill_%1_age _%2_reduction _%1_in _%2_2008_%1__%1_ in _&!1_re_&"1_sponse _&#1_to the _&$2_econom_&&1_ic _&'1_down_&(1_turn_&)1_. _#_And _&*1_since _&+1_that _&,3_time_&/1_, the _&01__#_Fire F_&11_Fund_&21_ has _&32_largely _&51_been _&62_balanced _&81_by the _&91_use _&:1_of _&;1_re_&<2_serves_&>1_. _&?1__%_She explained _"_this _&@1_year_&A1_, _&B3_revenues _&E1_for the _&F1__#_Fire F_&G1_FFund _&H1_will _&I1_be _&J1_at about _&K7_$58.7 million_&R1_ and the_&S1_ cost _&T3_to _&W1_run _&X1_the _&Y1__#_Fire _&Z2__#_Department _&\1_and _%_Emergency _%_Medical _%_Services is _&]7_$67.4 million_&d1_, so _&e2_they are _&g1_op_&h2_erating _&j1_at _&k1_a _&l1_short_&m1_fall_&n1_. _&o1_It is _&p1_a _&q1_very _&r5_expensive _&w1_op_&x1_eration _&y1_to _&z1_run_&{1__&|1_ and _&}1_a _&~3_crit_&1_ical _&2_service _&1_op_&1_eration _&1_for the _&1__#_Count_&1_y_&1__&4_, arguably _&1_the most important service that the _%_County provides to its citizens because _&3_it is _&1_a _&1_life_&2_-safety _&4_issue_&3_; and the last two weeks have certainly punctuated _&1_the importance of emergency services _%_to _&1_this _&1_community.

Ms. Guillet explained as part of this budget, they put together a proposed revision to the Fire millage rate in order to ensure that they would be able to adequately fund those Fire services at the existing level of service or better for the next ten years, so that's where that increase of .435 mills came from. Staff determined what their expenses would be for the next ten years to provide that level of service. This is a very capital-intensive program, so there are a lot of very expensive items that go into running the Fire services; everything from fire stations to fire engines. It is also the County's largest department from a personnel standpoint. Then they _"_looked at how much _'i1_revenue _'j1__'k1__'l1_they would _'m1_have _'n1_to _'o2_generate _'q1_over the next ten years in order to sustain the level_'r1_ of _'s2_service _'u1_that they provide to the community at _'v1_this _'w1_time_'x1_. _%_Ms. _%_Guillet pointed out _"_it is not an adjustment to the overall millage _'1_for _'1_general _'1_government services_'1__'2__'1_, i_#_t is _'2_specifically _'1_to _'1_pro_'1_vide _'1_fire _'1_and _'1_e_'2_mergency _'2_medical _'1_services to unincorporated Seminole County_'1_, and the cities of _%_Casselberry, _%__%__%_Altamonte _%_Springs_'1__'4__'1__'1__'2__'1_, and _%_Winter _%_Springs_'1__'1__'1__'1__'1_. _'1_Chairman _%_Horan _'1_a_'1_dded t_(@1_he _(A1__(B2__(D1__(E4_.4350 _(I1_of a mill _(J1_that _(K1_is _(L1_pro_(M2_posed _(O1_for the _(P1__#_Fire _(Q1_Fund _(R1_in_(S1_crease _(T1_only _(U3_applies _(X1_to _(Y1_taxpayers _(Z1__([1_in the _(\1_un_(]1_in_(^3_corporated _(a1_areas _(b1_or _(c1__(d1_in one _(e1_of the _(f2_cities _(h1_where the _(i1__#_Count_(j1_y _(k1_pro_(l1_vides _(m1_the _(n3_municipal _(q2_service _(s1_of _(t1__"_fire _(u1_and _(v3_emergency _(y2_medical _({3_transportation_(~1_. Commissioner _%_Constantine_(1__(2__(1__(1__(1__(1__(2__(3__(1__(1__(1__(2__(1_ noted_(1_note _"_the _(1_mill_(1_age _(1_rate _(1_of the _(1__#_Count_(1_y_(1_wide _(2__#_Property _(1__#_Tax _(1_and the _(1_millage rate for the _#_Road _( 1__(1__%_M_(1_S_(1__(1__(1_TU are _(1_not _(1_in_(2_creasing_(1_, they are _(1_re_(2_maining _(1_the _(1_same _(1_mill_(1_age _(1_rate _(1_as they have always been.

Commissioner _%_Carey_(1__(1__(1__(1__(1_ _(1_stated _#__(1__(1__(1_in the _(1__#_Fire _(2_policy_(1_, t_(1_here is a response time goal of five minutes. _%_She asked what would happen to the response time if they didn't increase the _%_Fire millage. _%_Ms. _%_Guillet replied she can't say_%_ exactly_)[1__)\1__)]1__)^1__)_1__)`1__)a2__)c1_ what _)d1_would _)e1_happen_)f1_ to the response time_)g1_ with respect to an incremental decrease_)h1_. _%_However, she can say_%__)i1__)j1__)k1_ _)l1_next _)m1_year _)n1_the _%_County would _)o1_run _)p1_out _)q1_of the _)r1_re_)s2_serves _)u1_that _)v1_they _)w1_have _)x1_been _)y2_using to _){1_balance _)|1_the_)}2_ budget_)2_, a_)2_nd they are pulling _)1_almost _)1_$10 million_)1__)1_ _)1__)2__)2__)1_from reserves to _)2__)1_fully fund _)1__)2_functions _)1_this _)1_year_)1_. _)1__%__)1__)1_Staff will have _)1_to _)1_look _)1_at _) 1_some _)2_serious _)1_level-_)1_of-_)2_service _)2_reduction_)1_s if _)1_they _)1_do _)1_not _)1_sh_)1_ore up _)1_the _)1__#_Fire F_)1_FFund_)1_. _%_She indicated staff has not_)1__)1__)1__)1__)1__#__)1__)2_ _)2_talked _)1_about _)1_what _)1_those _)3_reductions _)1_might _)1_be_)1_, but _)1_they _)1_will _)1_have _)1_to _)1_find _)1_a _)1_way _)1_to _)1_cut_)1_ _)1_ex_)2_pens_)1_es; and _)1_one _)1_of _)1__)2_the biggest _)3_expenses _)1_is _)1_person_)1__)1_nel_)2_, so that's _)1_certainly one _)1_place where _)1_they _)1_would _)1_look_)1_. Commissioner _%_Carey discussed how _%_Station #29 in _%_Oviedo was put on hold due to the rollback in 2008 and the impact that hurricanes have to the _%_General Fund budget. _%_She stated t_+|1_his _+}1__#_Board _+~1_has _+2_worked _+1_very _+1_hard _+1_through the _+1_tough _+1_times _+1_to _+1_make _+1_sure _+1_that _+1_they _+1_ha_+1_d a _+1_structurally balanced_+1__+2_ _+2_budget _+1_without _+2_raising _+2_taxes _+1_to _+1__+2_their citizens _+1_and _+1__+1__+2__+1_they have _+1_gone _+1__+1_as _+1_long as they can_+1_. _+3__+1__+1__#__+1__%_Ms. _%_Guillet noted with respect to the Fire Fund, _"_the _+1__+1__+1_mill_+1_age _+2_reduction _+1_in _+2_2008_+1_ _+2_resulted _+1_in _+3_$54 million less in revenue o_%_ver that _+1_time _+1_period_+1_.

Commissioner Henley discussed how the _%_County has put off purchasing new rolling stock and the need for new rolling stock due to equipment failures. _%__,1_ _%_He agreed with _%_Commissioner _%_Carey that for a number of years they put off _%__,1__,1__,1__,1__,1__,1__,2_stations_,1__,1_ that should have _,1_already _,1_been _,1_in _,1_op_,1_eration_,1__,1_, like _%_Station #29. _%_He pointed out if you _,1_look _,1_at _,1__,1__,1_the millage structure_,1_ _,1_in _,1_Seminole County_,2_, you'll _,1_find _,2_it's _,1_one _,1_of the _,1_lo_,1__,1_west in the _,1_state _,1_of _,1_Florida_,1_; and _,1_that _,2_didn't _,1_happen _,1_by _,1_acciden_,1__,1_t, it happened _,1_as _,1_a _,1_result _,1_of _,1_th_,1_e _#_Board _,1_being _,1_as _,2_conservative _,1__,1__,1_as they could be _,1_and _,2_trying to _,1_stretch _,1_every _,1_dollar_,1__,1_. _%_C_,1_ommissioner _%_Henley stated the _%_County is _,2__,2_trying to _,1_spend _,1_it _,2_wisely _,1_and be _,1_able to _,1_pro_,1_vide _,1_the _,2_service _,1_that _,1_the_,2_ citizens _,1_of _,1_this _,1_community _,1_de_,2_serve_-!1_; and _-"1_as _-#1_un_-$1_pop_-%1_ular _-&1_as _-'2_taxes _-)1_are_-*1_, _-+1_there _-,1_comes _--1_a _-.1_time _-/1_when you _-01_have _-11_to _-21_bite _-31_the _-41_bullet _-51_in _-61_ord_-71_er _-81_to _-92_maintain _-;1_the_-<2_ service _->1_that _-?1_people _-@1_have _-A1_come _-B4_accustomed _-F1_to _-G1_in _-H1_this _-I1_count_-J1_y_-K1__-L1_.

Commissioner _%_Dallari_-}1__-~2_ stated _"_public _-1__"_safety _-1_is _-2_the _%_Board's_%_ _-1__-2_primary _-1_job_-1__-1__-1_. _-1__-1__%_S_-1_ince the rollback in 2008,_%_ _-1_staff _-1__-1__-1_has _-1_been _-2_looking _-1_at _-1_the_-2_ budget _-1_year _-1_after _-1_year_-1__-2_ _-1_for _-4_efficiencies. _%__%_Ms._%_ _%_Guillet _.Z1_explained _#_s_.Z1_taff _.[1_knew _.\1_that _.]1_the_.]1_ _.^1_day _._1_was _.`1_going _.a1_to _.b1_come _.c1_w_.e1_here they w_.f1_ould_.g1_ _.h1_have _.i1_to _.j1_make _.k1_a _.l1_tough _.m1_decision _.n1_about _.o2_funding _.q1_the _#_Fire F_.r1_Fund _.s1_or _.t2_addressing _.v1_levels _.w1_of _.x2_service_.z1_. _%_Her_.{1__.|1_ recommendation _.}1__.~1_is the_%_y _.1_fund_.1_ to the _.1_level _.1_that _.1_will _.2_allow _.1_them _.1_to _.1_continue _.1_to _.1_pro_.1_vide _.1_the_.1_ same _.1_level _.1_of service that _.2_they have _.1_been _.1_pro_.2_viding_.1_. _%_She stated they looked at the_#_ _%_Fire _%_Department about three years ago. _%_They _.1_did _.1_a _.3_management _.2_audit _.1_and _.1__.1__.1__.1_look_.3_ed at _.1_all of the _.1_op_.2_erations _.1_there _.1_and _.1_where _.1_they _.1_could _.4_improve efficiencies_.1__.1__.2__.1_ and where _.1_they _.1_could _.1_pro_.1_vide _.1_the_.1_ same _.1_level _.1_of _.2_service _.1_but _.1_do _.1__.1_it in _.1_a _.1_more _.1_efficient_.1__.1_ _.1_and _.1_more _.1_cost_.3__.1_-conscience _.1_way_.1_. She expressed they_.1__%_SShe have _.1_made _.1_a _.1_lot _.1_of _.2_changes_.1_ _/11_and everyone has pulled together to try to improve efficiencies within that department. _%_T_/11_hey have saved about $1 million in personnel costs in the last year through the efficiencies that have been developed within that department.

M_/1_s. _%_Guillet stated if they don't fund these services at adequate levels, it will have a detrimental impact _/1__/1_on _0!1_th_0"1_e community; _0#1_and _0$1_she _0%1_think_0&1_s that _0'1_they are _0(1_at _0)1_the _0*1_point _0+1_where _0,1_they _0-1_are _0.1__0/1_running _001_a _011_very _021_tight _031_ship._041_ _053__081__#_They _091_have _0:1_done _0;1_very _0<1_de_0=2_tailed _0?1_pro_0@2_jections _0B1_for _0C1_their _0D1_needs _0E1_for the _0F1_next _0G1_ten _0H1_years_0I1_ including _0J3_an_0M3_ticipated _0P2_personnel needs and anticipated capital _0R1_needs_0S2_, and they have _0U2_identified _0W1_all of the major_0X1__0Y1__0Z1_ _0[2_capital _0]2_projects. _0_1__#__0`2__%__0b2__0d3__0g1_She confirmed for a number of years they didn't _0h2__0j1_buy _0k1_fleet _0l1_in _0m1_an _0n1_attempt _0o1_to _0p1_save _0q2_money_0s1_; but they _0t1_are _0u2_finally _0w2_getting _0y1_back _0z1__0{1_to _0|1_where _0}1_they _0~1_need _01_to be _01_to _01_have _01_a _01_fu_01__02_lly working_01_, fully adequate, complemented fleet_01__01__02__01_. _01__#_They _01_want _01_to _01_continue _01_to be _01_able _01_to _02_maintain _01_their _01_equipment_01__01__02_, facilities _01_and _0 2_staffing _01_at _01_a _01_level _01_that _01_pro_01_vides _01_the_01_ best _02_service _01__01__01_to the _02_citizens _01_in _01_the county_01_.

Ms. Guillet discussed the significant capital investments in the Fire operation that dictated a ten-year outlook. She indicated staff has gone through a number of scenarios with the Board and run every possible number. She added she did not come up with a round number because she did not want to ask for more than they need. Commissioner Constantine reiterated they are not talking about a countywide increase in millage rates, they are only talking about the Fire millage for unincorporated Seminole _%_County and the cities of _%_Winter _%_Springs,_%_ _%_Casselberry and _%_Altamonte _%_Springs.

Matt _%_Collins, 1733 _%_Willow _%_Circle, addressed the _%_Board and stated he is the _#_Executive _#_Director_2L1_ of the _%_Seminole _%_Committee for _%_Government _%_Accountability and they are opposed to any tax increase on this matter. Mr. Collins opined the government has been underfunding the _%_Fire Fund but at the same time millions of dollars in irresponsible spending, waste, fraud, abuse, pet projects and crony_2w1_ism h_2w1_as also gone on. He discussed how this increase hurts hardworking families, lower income families and families on a fixed income. He talked about the Republican platform and how Republicans oppose tax increases. Mr. Collins stated the County needs to be better stewards of the taxpayers money before they try to raise their taxes.

Shaun Kunz, 670 Venture Court, addressed the Board and opined the _41_idea _41_of _41_a _41_tax _41_hike _41_after the _41_year _41_of _42_spending _41_frivolously _41_that _41__41_the _%_County had _42_planned _41_is a bit audacious. He discussed the destruction from Hurricane Irma and how raising taxes right now is bad timing for many citizens. He commended the heroism of firefighters and claimed they do not show up to work to create revenue for anyone. Mr. Kunz noted the medical marijuana industry would increase sales tax organically.

Doreen _%_Freeman, 705 _%_Mellonville _%_Avenue, addressed the _%_Board and stated she was glad to hear and relieved that _61__%_Sanford _61_is _61_not _61_one _61_of the _61_a_61_reas _61_that _61_is _61_going _61_to _61_be affected by the increase; however, she would still be opposed to it. She expressed the penny sales tax was supposed to suffice and increase revenues to where taxpayers wouldnt have to do property taxes, but here they are increasing property taxes. Ms. Freeman stated she is tired of corporate welfare.

Upon Commissioner Careys request, Ms. Guillet explained the penny sales tax and discussed what it may legally be used for.

Erica _%_O'Connor, 844 _%_Brightview _%_Drive, addressed the _%_Board and stated _%_s_61_he doesn't understand the correlation between increasing property taxes a_61_nd funding the _%_Fire _%_Department. _%_She opined a wise person would_%_ have started scheduling for a_61_nd _:4_accommodating _:1_to the F_:1_Fire Department_:1_De _:2_correctly _:2_instead _:1_of _:2_taking _:1_t_;#1_axpayers _;$2_money, _;&1_which _;'1_t_;(1_hey _;)1_work _;*1_very _;+1_hard _;,1_to _;-1__;.1__;/1_achieve. She agreed that due to Hurricane Irma, this seems to be bad timing for taxpayers. She suggested the Board consider the increase for next year since constituents have a lot of property damage right now. She questioned levels of service and Chairman Horan replied the Board tries to set the taxes at the lowest rate that will provide enough revenue for an adequate level of service in all of the Countys service functions, keeping in mind that the taxpayers dont have limitless sources. Ms. OConnor asked if there have been complaints against the Fire Department. Chairman Horan answered there are standards in terms of response time and so forth that the County tries to meet to maintain certifications.

Commissioner Constantine confirmed with Mr. Bass that for a $200,000 home, taxpayers are looking at an increase of approximately $65. He pointed out of the $755 million proposed budget for all budgets, it is an increase of $6.8 million countywide, which is less than 1%.

Lois _%_Fairbrother, 973 _%_Stonewood _%_Lane, addressed the _%_Board and stated she is representing herself and many ladies who are over 70. She expressed as she has suffered from taxes on everything, she has had to make concessions. She discussed cutting down on shopping and pest control. She discussed previous Commissioners salaries, retirement and pensions and suggested some of that money could go to the Fire Fund.

Nicole _%_Ouellette, 1417 _%_South _%_Oak _%_Avenue, addressed the _%_Board and thanked her fellow citizens for taking the time out of their day t_AY1_o be heard tonight. She stated she is really upset with what she is hearing: fear mongering and business-as-usual excuses for why the County cant make the community better. She discussed why people move into unincorporated areas and accountability. Ms. Ouellette suggested coming up with better ways to make the community safe and feasible. She stated she is a medical massage therapist and she had clients who couldnt afford her rates for their health care, so she cut her rates in half. She expressed everyone needs to step up and the Board needs to be the leaders and step up first to show everybody how it can be done. She discussed the need for citizens to take care of the property they are living on.

Alice V_%_Van _%_Wye, 2824 _%_Magnolia _%_Avenue, addressed the _%_Board _Dx1_a_D1__D1_nd noted she is a _D1_baby boomer on a fixed income and her food and healthcare costs are going off the charts. _%_She explained if the _%_Board raises the taxes, that money is going to be taken out of food or medicine. _%_She hoped_%_ the _%_Board can find something to reduce so they don't have to raise the millage. _%_She e_EO2_xpressed she is _EQ1_very _ER1_dis_ES3_appointed _EV1_that _EW2_t_EW2_he _%_Board is _EY2_using _E[1_the _E\2_typical _E^2_politician _E`1_scare _Ea3_tactics_Ed1_.

Steven _E1__%_Edminsten, 1047 _%_Reading _%_Court, addressed the _%_Board _E2_and stated he is _E1_here _E1_as _E1_a _E3_taxpayer _E1_and _E2__E1__E1_as _E1_a _E1_lieutenant _E1_with the _E1__#_Fire _E2__#_Department _E1_so _E1_he can _E1_speak _E1_intelligently on both aspects of this. _E1_ _%_He pointed out if people look at their_%_ _E2_tax sheet, they are probably _E2_paying _E1_less _E2_taxes _E1_this _E1_year _E1_than _F!1_they _F"1_did _F#1_last _F$1_year_F%1__F&1_. _F'2__%_H_F1__F1_e explained Seminole County _F1_is _F1_an _F1_all_F1_-ha_F1__F1_zards _#_Fire _F4__#_Department_F1_. _%_H_F1_e is a lieutenant on the _%_Special _%_Operations team. _%_Citizens do not _F1_re_F1_alize _F1_what _F1_all _F2_goes _F1_into_F1_ a _F1_fire _F1_truck _F2_pulling _F1_up t_F1_o _F1_a_F1_ _F1_house_F1_. _%_He discussed the need for _#_Station _F1_#29_GU1__GV2_ and _%_Station #39. _GX1__%_He opined those need to be built_GX1_, therefore _G`1_the_Ga1_ mill_Gb1_age _Gc1_in_Gd1_crease _Ge1_needs _Gf1_to _Gg1_happen _Gh1_to do _Gi1_that. _%_Mr. _%_Edminsten described all of the different duties of the _%_Fire _%_Department and noted that is what taxes pay for. _%_He stated he supports the millage increase_HO1_ because the _%_Fire _%_Department is basically living off of a savings account. _%_He described the safety concerns due to not being able to upgrade or replace essential equipment._H2_ _%_Mr. _%_Edminsten expressed_%_ while _H1_he _H3_doesn't _H1_like _H1_to _H1_pay more in taxes, h_H1__H1_e understands _H1_the _H1_importan_H1_ce of _H1_it_H1_.

_%_David _%_Williams, 110 _%_Sisso _%_Cove, addressed the _%_Board and n_I51_oted he works_%_ with the _%_Fire _%_Department. _%_H_I51_e stated in the _IS1_past _IT2_couple _IV1_of years, _IW1_there's been a number of tax-_IW1_saving measures that have been brought forth to _%_Fl_IW1_orida residents _%_that _IX1_have im_IY2_pacted _I[1_t_I[1_he _I\2_budget. _%_H_I|1_e d_I|1_iscussed the proposed _I}2_homestead _I1_exempt_I1_ion rate_I2_ and opined that is going to tax t_I2_he _%_County even worse. _%__I2_He agreed with _%_Mr. _%_Edminsten that taxpayers are actually _I2_paying _I5_less _I1_next _I1_year _I1_than _%_they are this year. Mr. Williams detailed how public safety is an essential service and outlined the workload of the Fire Department. He stated they have been working with a reduced budget since 2008 and they have worked hard to do significantly more with a lot less than they need. Mr. Williams implored the Board to adopt the proposed Fire millage rate increase to ensure that the Fire Department can continue to provide the services to the citizens that they have grown to expect.

Commissioner Carey asked out of the 72,000 calls the Fire Department has had this year, what is the mix of medical versus fire. Mr. Williams answered 70% of calls are EMS related. He explained what it means to be a single-tier system and how it is more cost-effective than the two-tier system. Commissioner Carey stated it is important that the County tries to educate the citizens on what services are available.

Chairman Horan reiterated many peoples taxes will actually go down next year. He stated the _O1_reason _O1_that _O2_t_O2_hey are _O2_looking _O1_at _O1_im_O2_posing _O1_the_O2_ increase _O1_to the _O1__#_Fire F_O1_und _O1_this _O1_year _O1_is _O1_because _O1_the_O1_ var_O1_ious _O2_taxing _O1_authorities _O1_act _O2_knowing _O1_what _O1_the_O1_ other _O2_taxing _O1_authorities _O1_are _O1_doing_O1_. _O1__#_This _O1_year_O1__O1_ the one _O1_mill _P!1_that _P"1_was _P#1_lev_P$1_ied _P%1_by the _P&1__#_School _P'1__#_Board _P(1_three _P)1_years _P*1_ago _P+1_is _P,1_coming _P-1_off _P.1_of the_P/1_ tax _P01_roll_P01_s_P11_. _P21__%_He added they are _#__Pj2__Pl2_trying _Pn1_to _Po1_im_Pp1_pose _Pq1_what _Pr1__Ps1_they need _Pt1_not when_Pu1__Pv1__Pw1_ _Px1__Py1_they need _Pz1_it _P{1_but _P|1_whe_P}1_n it _P~2_actually _P1_has _P1_the _P1_least _P1_effect _P1_on the _P2_taxpayers_P1_.

Blaine _%_Darrah, 1624 _%_Cheery _%_Ridge _%_Drive, addressed the _%_Board _%_a_P1_nd stated _P1_now _P1_that _P2__P2_he has listened _P1_to _P1_t_P1_he _P1_discussion _P1_tonight_P2_, it's _P1_clear _P1_the_P1_ predominant_P1__P1__P1_ tax increase is _P1_on _P1__#_Fire. _P1__%_He opined the_%_ _%_County has done an amazing job at budgeting and operating over the last several years_Q51__Q61__Q72__Q91__Q:1__Q;1__Q<1__Q=1__Q>1__Q?1__Q@1__QA1__QB1__QC1__QD2__QF1__QG1__QH3__QK1__QL1__QM2__QO1__QP1__QQ1__QR1__QS1__QT1_. _QU1__%_He _QV1__Qb1__Qc2_looked _Qe1_at _Qf1_his _Qg2_taxes from 2010 when the flat rate was set _Qi1__Qj1__Qk1__Ql1_and _Qm2_looked _Qo1_at _Qp1_h_Qp1_is _Qq2_taxes _Qs1_now, _Qt1_and _Qu1_h_Q1_is _Q1_tax _Q1_bill _Q1_this _Q1_year _Q1_is _Q1_down _Q1_$1.29_Q1__Q1__Q1__Q1__Q1_. _Q1__%_He thanked the _%_Board f_R+1_or _R,1_doing _R-1_a _R.2_continuing _R01_out_R12_standing _R31_job_R41__R51__%_.

_%_Dan _%_Goodman_R51_, 2616 _%_Reagan _%_Trail, addressed the _%_Board _R61_and n_R61_oted he is not in an _RC1_area _RD2_that_RF1_ is going _RG1_to _RH1_get _RI2_taxed_RK1_. _%_He_#_ stated he comes _Rq1__Rr1__Rs1__Rt1__Ru1_from _Rv1_California _Rw1_which is over_Rx1_tax_Ry1_ed_Rz1_ and over_R{1_pop_R|2_ulated_R~1_. _#_It has _R2_turned _R1_into _R1_one _R1_of the _R1_worst _R1_states _R1_to _R1_live_R1_ in and that's why _%_h_R1_e moved to _%_Florida _R1_as _R1_h_R1__R1_e saw _R1_an _R1_opportunity _R1_to come _R1__R1_to _R1_a _R1_state _R2_that_R1__%_ is progressive in doing all the right things. _R1__R1__R1__R1__%_He opined nobody wants to get rid of their services; and he doesn't think anyone believes _R1_that_R1_ if t_R1_hey don't raise the taxes, t_R1_hey are going to lose those services._R1__R1__R3__R1__R1_ _%_He suggested the _%_Board find other ways of raising money and not put it on the backs of just the taxpayers. _S]1_ _Su1__%_Mr. _Sv1__%_Go_Sw1_odma_Sx1_n stated he is not a marijuana _Sy1_fan, _Sz1_but_S{2_ the places _S}1_that _S~1_have _S3_adopted _S1_that_S2_ _S2_are doing pretty good now. _S1_The _S2_taxes _S1_are _S1_coming _S1_in_S2_ _S2_and it's _S1_something _S1__S1_that's _S1_going _S1_t_S1_o _S1_happen _S3_at some point. _%_He discussed driver safety and how that affects the _%_Fire _%_Department. _%_He suggested figuring out a _#__S2__S1__S1__S1__S1_way _S1_to _S1_teach _S1__S2_drivers _S1_how to drive better so there are less calls to the _%_Fire _%_Department. Commissioner _%_Dallari commented _%_Mr. _%_Goodman _T1__T1_made _T1_some _T1_excel_T1_lent _T1_points _T1_and _T1_h_T1_e can _T2_assure _T1_h_T1_im _T1_that t_T1__T1_he _%_Board is _T2_trying _T1_to _T1_address _U!1_d_U#1_river safety issues.

_%_Joel _%_Greenberg, _%_Seminole _%_County _%_Tax _%_Collector, addressed the _%_Board and asked t_S1_he _%_Board to not_U1__U1_to not _U1_blame _U1_his _U1_office _U1_for _U1_the_U1__U1__U1__U1__U1_ increase. _%_He mentioned an email that was sent out that stated the _%_Tax _%_Collector's _%_Office and the _%_Clerk of _%_Court and _%_Comptroller's _%_Office were responsible for the increase_V#2__V#2_. _%_Mr. _%_Greenberg_V#2_ opined that is not fair, it is disingenuous and dishonest._V#2_ _%_He stated if they are going to_%_ be honest about what needs to be done, they need to stop with the politics _VC1_and _VD1_address _VE1_the_VF2_ issue _VH1_as _VI1_to _VJ1_why _VK1_it _VL1_needs _VM1_to be _VN1_done _VO1_and _VP1_not _VQ1_blame _VR1_other _VS4_offices _VW1_for something that they really have nothing to do with.

Commissioner _%_Carey stated the _%_County has been t_V1__V1_alking about how they can cut funding or do things differently. _%_She asked _%_Fire _%_Chief _%_Mark _%_Oakes to present his thoughts on the issue. Chief Oakes addressed the Board and stated_%_ _V2_it should _W"1_be _W#4_noted _W'1__W(1__W)2__W+1__W,1__W-1__W.2__W01__W12_that their service _W31_de_W41_liver_W51_y _W62_demands _W82_have been increas_W:1_ing. _#_This _W;1_year _W<4_alone their demands _W@3_increased by 13%_WC1_. _WD1__%_They _WE1__WG2_service _WI1__WJ1__WJ1__%_county residents and_WK1_ also workers and visitors to _%_the c_%_ounty._Wh1_ _%_In regard to service_%_ calls, _"_he explained t_Wn2_hey fluctuate 60% a_Wn2_nd 70%_Wp1__Wq1__Wr1__Ws2__Wu1_ between _Wv1__#_Fire _Ww1_and _Wx1__%_E_Wy1__Wz1_MS _W{1_calls_W|1_. Chief_W1__%_Chief _%_Oakes commended the _%_Fire _%_Department for the work they do. _Xw1__Xx1__Xy1__Xz1__X{1__X|1__X}1__X~1_ _%_He stated_X1__X1__X1__X1__X1__X1_ there _X1_is _X1_no _X1_other _X1__#_Fire _X2__#_Department _X1_that _X1_has _X1_done _X1_more _X3_efficient _X1_service_X1_ _X1_de_X1_liver_X1_y _X1_than _X1_th_X1_e _%_County's _#_Fire _X2__#_Department_X1_. _X1__%_T_X1_hey _X1_have _X3_utilized _X1_their _X1_first _X1_re_X1_sponse _X2_system _X1_and _X1_their _X2_merges _X1_to be _X1_fisc_X1_ally _X1_responsible _X1_and _X1_pro_X1_vide _X1_the _X1_high _X1_level _X1_of _X2_service _Y"1_that _Y#1_the County _Y$1_receive_Y%1_s now_Y&1_.

_Y'1_ _%_In regard to Station _Y(1_#29_Y)1_, Chief_%_Chief Oakes explained _Y*1__Y+3__Y.1__Y/1__Y01__Y>1_that station wo_#_uld _Y?1_norm_Y@1_ally _YA1_require _YB1__YC1_the _%_County to _YD1_staff _YE1__YF1_16 _YG1_people_YH1_. _%_The _%_Fire _%_Department is _YI1__YJ1_only _YK2_asking _YM1_for 11 _YN2_addition_YP1_al _YQ1_firefighters because _YR2__%_Chief _%_Oakes is _YT1_re_YU3_allocating _YX1_a _YY2_rescue _Y[1_truck from _Y\1_the _#_Wint_Y]1_er _Y^2__#_Springs _Y`1_area as _Ya1_part _Yb1_of _Yc1_a _Yd1_merge _Ye1_to _Yf1_balance _Yg1_the_Yh2_ service _Yj1_de_Yk1_liver_Yl1_y_Ym1_. _Yn1_That_Yo1_ is _Yp1_an _Yq2_effect_Ys1_ive _Yt1_and _Yu3_efficient _Yx1_use _Yy1_of the _Yz2_taxpayer_Y|2_s' money_Y~1_. _Y1__%_He stated they _Y1_have _Y1_gone _Y1_through _Y1_th_Y2_e _%_Fire budget _Y1_over the _Y1_last _Y1_few _Y1_years _Y1_and _Y2_they are _Y1_as _Y 1_"lean _Y1_and _Y3_mean_Y1__Y1__Y1__Y1_" as they possibly _Y1_can_Y1__Y1_ be.

_%_Chief _%_Oakes indicated _"_any _Y2_reduction _Y1_to the _Y1_level _Y1_of _Y2_service _Y1_will _Y1_result _Y1_in _Y1_a _Y1_high_Y1_er _Y1__%_I_Y1_SO_Y1__Y1_ rate_Y1_. _%_That means taxpayers will either _Y1_pay _Y1_high_Y1_er _Y2_taxes _Y1_as _Y1_pro_Y2_posed _Y1_now_Y1_; or _Y1__Y2_if they have to reduce the _Y1_level _Y1_of _Y2_service_Y1_, the taxpayers will _Y1_pay _Y1_insurance _Y1_companies_Y1_. _Y1__Y1__Y1__Y1__Y1__Y1__Y2__Y1__Y1__Y1__%_If they have to reduce the level of service, they must notify _%_ISO of the reduction of service. _%_The _%_Fire _%_Department is _%_currently an _%_ISO 2, striving to become an ISO 1, which will help reduce insurance rates. _#_If they reduce any level of service moving forward, the department would fall back to a 3 or 4, which will result in a higher insurance cost to everybody; residential and commercial properties.

Commissioner _%_Dallari asked if there were any deficiencies_%_ in services or equipment during _%_Hurricane _%_Irma. _%_Chief _%_Oakes explained_"_ as part of the $54 million reduction that _Za1_the department _Zb1_had _Zc1_over the _Zd1_years_Ze1_, _Zf1_they have _Zg1_put _Zh1_off _Zi1_or _Zj1_de_Zk2_layed _Zm2_projects _Zo1_such _Zp1_as _Zq1_the _Zr2_radio _Zt2_project_Zv3_. _%_T_Z|1_heir minimal staffing is _Z}2_129 _Z2_positions _Z1_per_Z1__Z1_ shift and they _Z1_have 3_Z1_3 _Z1_shifts_Z1_. _#_They _Z1_share _Z1_all _Z1_of _Z1_th_Z1_e e_Z2_quipment_Z1_, so _Z1_it's not individually given to every firefighter. _#_When a new firefighter comes on in the morning, they transfer over their_Z2_ radio _Z1_and _Z1_their air packs and other _Z1_e_Z2_quipment_Z1_. _#_That _Z1_port_Z1_able _Z1_ra_Z1__Z4_dio is now upwards of $7,000 _Z1_and _Z1__Z1_they have de_Z2_layed _Z1_this _Z2_purchase _Z1_for _Z1__Z1__Z1__Z2__Z1__Z1__Z1_almost five_Z1_ years_Z1_. _%_T_Z5_he radios have been _Z2_broken _Z1_or _Z1__Z1__Z2_damaged _Z1_on _Z1_calls _Z1__Z1__Z1_and they are no longer getting repaired. _%_So when t_Z1_he department _Z1_had _Z1_to _Z1_put _Z2_addition_Z1_al _Z2_units _Z1_in service, they did not have enough equipment. _%_There is some critical infrastructure, new generators for the fire station and other equipment that they use, that hasn't been replaced or has been delayed because of the loss of revenue.

Commissioner _%_Carey thanked Chief_%_Chief _%_Oakes for sharing_%_ some factual information about the operation and _[=2_commended the department for_[?1__[@1__[A1__[B1__[C1__[D1_ _[E1_doing _[F1_more _[G1_with _[H1_less _[I1_over the _[J1_years.

With regard to public participation, no one else in the audience spoke in support or in opposition and public input was closed.

Speaker Request Forms and Written Request Forms were received and filed.

_%_Commissioner _%_Henley_[d1_ _[g1_s_[1__[1_tated Seminole County _[2_citizens _[1_and _[1_taxpayers get _[3_a_[1_ _[2_barga_[1__[1_in for the amount of money they pay. _%_T_[1_hey _[1_pay _[1_some _[1_of the _[1_low_[1_est _[1_mill_[1_age _[1_in the _[1_state_[1_, yet _[1_they _[1_live_[1_ in _[1_a _[1_count_[1_y _[1_that _[1_has _[1_one _[1_of the _[1_low_[1_est _[1_crime _[1_rates _[2_in the state_[1_ _[1_because _[1_of the _[1_quality _[1_of their _[1_law _[1_en_[2_forcement_[2_ _[1_. _[1__%_They _[1_have _[1_a _[1_top_[1_-notch _[1__#_Fire _[2__#_Department _[1__[1_in spite _[1_of the _[1_needs _[1_that _[2__[2_the _%_County is trying _\"1_to _\#1_take _\$1_care_\%1__\&1__\'1_ of with this small increase. _\(1__%_He pointed out the _\)1__\*1__\+1_park_\,1_s_\-3_, recreation_\01_al _\11_areas _\21_and trails that _\31_are _\41_paid _\51_for _\61_by _\71_their _\82_taxes_\:1_. _\;1_One _\<1_of the _\=1_top _\>1_school _\?2_systems _\A1_in _\B1_th_\C4_e country _\G1_is _\H1_paid _\I1_for _\J1_with _\K1_their _\L2_taxes, _\N1_and the _\O1_road _\P2_system _\R1__\f2_is _\h1_one _\i1_of the _\j1_best _\k1_road _\l2_systems _\n1_in the _\o2__#_Central _\q1_Florida _\r1_area_\s3_. _\v1__%_T_\v1_hey _\w1_have _\x1_a _\y1_count_\z1_y_\{1_wide _\|2_library _\~2_system_\1__\1_ paid for with t_\1_heir taxes. _%_He opined _\2__\2__\1__\1__\1__\1__\2_quite often _\1__\1_people zero _\1_in _\1_on _\1_one _\1_thin_\1_g and _\1_for_\1_get_\1_ about _\1_all the _\1_other _\2_things _\1_that _\1__\2_taxes _\1_pay _\1_for. _%_H_\1_e _\1_think_\1_s that when _\1__\1_he talks about _\1_all of the_\2_ things _\1_that_\1__\2_ are avail_\1_able _\1_to _\1_taxpayers _\1_and the _\1_quality _\1_of _\1_life _\1__\1_that _\2_exists in the_\2_ county, t_\2_axpayers are getting a good bargain for the amount of taxes that t_\2_hey pay.

_%_Commissioner _%_Henley stated he_\1__#__\1_ _\3_appreciates _\1__\1_t_\1_hat the citizens came out tonight and _\1_he_\1_ _\2_encourages _\1_t_\1_hem _\1_to _\1_continue to come _\1_out _\1_and _\1_voice _\1_t_\1_heir _\1_opinion _\1_not only at the_\1_se _%_Budget meetings once a year but _\2__\3_at _\1_any _\1__#_Board_\2_ meeting. _\1_ _#_He announced he _\1__\1_will _\1_be _\2_supporting _]!1_this _]"2_budget_]$1__]%1_ in spite of the tax increase.


Motion by Commissioner Dallari, seconded by Commissioner Henley, to adopt the FY 2017/18 countywide tentative millage rate of 4.8751 mills.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Motion by Commissioner Henley, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to adopt the FY 2017/18 Fire MSTU tentative millage rate of 2.7649 mills.

Under discussion, _%_Commissioner _%_Constantine_]*1_ _]+1_stated he has been _]42_struggling _]61_throughout _]71_this _]81_process _]91_in _]:2_trying _]<1_to _]=1_find _]>1_the_]?1_ best _]@1_number _]A1_that _]B1_would _]C1_work _]D1_for the _]E1_long term_]I1_ and he has had some spirited discussions with _"_the _%_County _%_Manager _]1_about _]1_that_]1_. _%_He reiterated what _%_Chief _%_Oakes explained in regard to the _%_ISO rating. _%_He discussed the _]1_penny sales tax _^R1_that was voted on _^S1__^T1__^U2__^W1__^X1_by the _^Y1_people_^Z1_. _^l1_ _%_Commissioner _%_Constantine explained_#_ _^m1_one _^n1_of the _^o1_reason_^p1_s that _^q1__^r1__^s1__^t1__^u1__^v1__^w1__^x1__^y1_the _^z1_tax _^{1_bill_^|1_s are _^}1_going _^~1_down _^1_is _^1_because _^1_the_^1_ millage_^1_ _^1_rate _^1_that _^1_the_^1_ _#_School _^1__#_Board _^3_previously _^1_had _^1_pass_^1_ed _^1__^1__^1__^1_is _^1_being _^5_eliminated_^1__^1_.

Commissioner Constantine stated if the $25,000 homestead exemption doesnt pass next year, he has been assured by the County Manager that she is going to propose a decrease for next year. He explained the homestead exemption will take money out of the Countys budget and tell taxpayers that theyre getting a tax decrease. It will put the burden on the local governments to find answers. He expressed that he suggested 2.65 instead of 2.7649; however, he is going _a.1_to _a/1__a03_support _a31_the _a41_staff _a51_recommendation. Commissioner Constantine stated they are doing everything they can to ensure that they have the very best budget. He is supporting this tonight with the assurance that if the homestead exemption increase does not go through, they will be able to decrease this proportionately.

In regard to the Republican platform, Commissioner Carey stated she voted against the budget when she was Chairman, she fought against new stormwater fees that were recommended by former County Managers, and the whole Board has done so much to try to make sure that the County is fiscally responsible to the community. She explained when the County had to cut 280 jobs, the prior Board had the foresight to build up those reserves; and the current Board has lived off of the reserves that were planned for by doing financial forecasting and making sure that the budgets remained structurally balanced.

Commissioner _%_Carey explained there are_c1_ 13 _c2_versions _c1_of _c4_questions _c1_to _c1__c1__c1__c1__c1__c1__c1__%_Resource _%_Management that _c1_said _c1_what _c1_if _c1_they _c1_did _c1_this _c1_much_c1_, how much _c1_would _c1_that generate and how much would it impact taxpayers. She explained people dont realize when the homestead exemption appears on the ballot, people are going to support that; and even if it isnt supported in the county, if it passes statewide, the taxpayers will get it here. That would be a $9 million annual impact to the General Fund budget. If it passes, the Board will be prepared. If it fails, the Board has committed that they would roll back the rate to the rate that it needs to be, the lesser amount based on the 13 assumptions. She pointed out the 2.65 that Commissioner Constantine suggested would only be a $2 difference. They have received a lot of information, they have put the staff through the paces, asked questions, pushed and pulled. They have done everything that they can. She indicated this is one time that she feels like she has to support the recommendation of staff. She discussed how providing public safety is a primary function of local government. Commissioner Carey commended staff for the great job that theyve done putting the budget together and explained the budgeting process.

_%_Commissioner _%_Dallari _g.1__g/2_stated public _g;1_safet_g<1_y is _g=1_t_g=1_he _%_Board's _g>2_primary _g@1_concern_gA1_. _%_Over the last 10 years, t_gA1_hey have been looking at the _%_Fire _%_Department and right-sizing it and even did a management audit. _%__g1_They_%_ looked at this more _g2_ways _g1_than _g1_anyone _g1_could _g1_possibl_g1__g1_y _g3_imagine_g1_. _g1__g1__g1__g2__g1__g1__%__g2_H_g1_e stated they _g1_have _g2_worked _g1_hard _g1_at _g1_this_g1_. _g1_If _g2_there was _g1_any _g1_other _g1_way _g1_around _g1_it_h!1_, they _h"1_would _h#1_have _h$1_done _h%1_it_h&1_. _h'2__%_H_h'2_e thinks planning _h)1_for _h*1_it _h+1_over the _h,1_last _h-1_ten _h.1_years _h/3_is the _h21_right _h31_thing_h31_ _h41_to do _h51_to _h61_make _h71_sure _h81_that t_h81_hey _h91_are _h:1_the right _h;1_size. _h<1_ T_h=1_T_h=1_hey can say _h>1_that t_h>1_hey have been through _hC1_the_hC1_ _hD2_budget _hF2_several _hH2_different ways _hJ1_and _hK1_it is about as lean and mean as it can get. He thanked staff for putting the county first during Hurricane Irma.

Commissioner Carey submitted her ex parte communications (received and filed).

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to adopt the FY 2017/18 Unincorporated Road District MSTU tentative millage rate of 0.1107 mills.

District 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


At the request of Chairman Horan, Mr. Bass read the established millage rates into the public record as follows: The tentative countywide General Fund property tax rate of 4.8751 mills represents a 6% increase over the rolled-back millage rate of 4.5991 mills. The tentative County Municipal Fire Services District property tax of 2.7649 mills represents a 25.77% increase over the rolled-back millage rate of 2.1984 mills. The tentative Unincorporated Road District ad valorem tax rate of 0.1107 mills represents a of 5.73% increase over the rolled-back rate of 0.1047 mills. The proposed aggregate millage rate for all BCC taxing districts is 6.9261 mills, which represents a 10.69% increase over the current year aggregate rolled-back millage rate of 6.2574 mills.


Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to approve and authorize revisions to Exhibit C, Project List of the 2014 Interlocal Agreement among Seminole County, the School Board of Seminole County, and the Signatory Municipalities Pertaining to the Shared Distribution and Use of the One-Cent Local Government Infrastructure Sales Tax.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Motion by Commissioner Constantine, seconded by Commissioner Carey, to adopt the proposed budget for all funds for FY 2017/18 as presented to the Board of County Commissioners by the County Manager in official capacity as Budget Officer and subsequently adjusted as the tentative budget of the Board of County Commissioners.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Motion by Commissioner Carey, seconded by Commissioner Dallari, to approve the second public hearing to take final action on the millage rates and budget for FY 2017/18 to be advertised for September 26, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in the Board of County Commissioners Chambers, and authorize staff to advertise the tentative budget and public hearing pursuant to Florida Statutes, Chapter 129 and 200.

Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 voted AYE.


Chairman Horan thanked everyone for being a part of the discussion. He stated one of the blessings of liberty is the right to petition elected officials. They take very seriously the discussion of the public as it is presented. Chairman Horan reminded that the final public hearing to adopt the FY 2017/18 millage rates and budget is scheduled for September 26, 2017, at 7:00 p.m.


There being no further business to come before the Board, the Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 9:37 p.m., this same date.